Donor Parking — Football

Donor Parking — Football

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Parking Pass Availability:
Legacy Scholar ($26,907+) 4
Tiger Scholar ($16,555-$26,906) 4
Directors Club ($10,000-$16,554) 3
Gold Club ($5,000-$9,999) 3
Silver Club ($3,000-$4,999) 2
Champion Club ($1,000-$2,999) 2
Varsity Club ($500-$999) 1
Black & Gold Club ($250-$499) 1
Booster Club ($50-$249) 1

The option to purchase season-long, reserved parking passes will be offered exclusively to 2010 TSF donors who also purchase football season tickets (see map below). The maximum number of reserved parking passes that may be ordered is noted below and is based on TSF donor giving levels (not the number of season tickets purchased):

Season-long parking passes will be sold for $115 each, but with no shipping and handling. Lot locations and proximity to the stadium will be based on each respective donor’s TSF priority points total and then by their annual giving membership level.

Season-long RV parking passes will be sold for $400 to TSF donors that qualify. Car passes may not be used for RV’s.

Reserved Parking order forms will be sent to TSF donors in conjunction with season ticket applications in March - June.

TSF Donors receive:

  Donor Lot 2009 Min.
TSF Gift
2009 Priority
Point Cutoff
  VIP $10,000+ Renewal
  A $5,000 875
  J $3,000 654
D $3,000 327
  C $1,500 392
I $1,500 296
G * $1,500 301
  L $1,000 298
  K $750 281
O $750 224
  H $500 115
M $500 96
  O-RV $250 N/A
P $250 68
  Y $100 66
U $100 54
  X/X-RV $50 1
R (New) $50 1
  • As publicized in our 2010 Donor Guide Book, we are losing approx. 120 stalls in Lot G dur to the construction of our new Gymnastics and Golden Girls training facility.

Donor Parking Map

Reserved Parking passes may only be ordered by TSF donors who purchase 2010 Football season tickets. Season-long reserved parking passes are $115 each, but with no shipping and handling. Parking pass orders/requests may be placed at the same time as season tickets are ordered in March - June.

Each donor’s FB Priority Points total plays a critical role in the final allocation of permits. The Priority Points totals listed on page 17 of the donor guide book are the point cutoffs from the 2009 football season. These point totals are listed as a reference for the 2010 allocation of football permits. Meeting this point total does not 100% guarantee allocation in each lot in 2010 (as demand in each lot varies each year).

RV Parking
Season-long, RV parking passes in Lot O (adjacent to Hearnes Center) and Lot X (at the corner of Stadium and College) will be offered and sold in advance exclusively to TSF season ticket holders for $400 based on availability. RV passes in Lots C, G, J, and K will be sold as “renewals only.” Reserved RV passes may not be used for cars. (You must have an RV to enter the RV lot.)

Individual-game RV parking passes in Lot O and Lot X will be sold for $150 per game to donors and non-donors (if availability remains after season-long, TSF-donor RV parking passes are allocated). Single game passes may be purchased beginning in August. Please call 573-882-2449.

Tailgating in Donor Parking Lots
A TSF reserved parking pass allows one (1) vehicle and the associated tailgating activities to occupy one (1) parking space. In order to tailgate, set up a tent in the lot, or use the green space in any of the TSF donor lots, there must be a reserved parking pass associated with that lot.

Please Note:
General Public (non-donor) parking will be available on game days in multiple on-campus locations on a “first come, first served” basis. No TSF membership or season ticket purchase is required to park in these locations. (See GP on map above.)

Shuttle Information

Courtesy shuttles are available from each lot to designated points throughout the stadium. Golf-cart shuttles (G, K, M, O, P) operate 90 minutes before, during half-time, and 60 minutes after the game. Bus shuttles (H, U, X, Y) run 2 hours prior to kickoff and end at kickoff. Bus shuttles to Lots H, U, X, Y do not operate post-game. Shuttles do not go past Gate 1 due to high pedestrian foot traffic on game day.

Handicap-accessible shuttles drop off and pick up at Gate 1 (North end of Stadium in front of trees at ticket office); the Corner of Stadium Blvd. and Mick Deaver Drive; Gate 2E; and the Accessible lot, East side of Hearnes.

The Courtesy shuttles drop off and pick up at 1) LOT G/South end of Stadium: to Gate 6E or 6W; and 2) Lot K/M/O/P to Gate 2E.