Single-Game Public Parking

Policies & Procedures

There are several options for those wishing to park in close proximity to Memorial Stadium on a single-game basis.

There are seven on-campus garages available for game day parking. Most of these garages are free with the exception of the Maryland Ave. Garage located at the corner of Tiger/Maryland Ave. and Hospital Drive, and the new Parking Structure #7, located at the corner of Monk Drive and Virginia Ave. The fee for these two garages is $25 per game.

Public Parking

Public Parking Map

For those wishing to park in open-air parking lots, there is parking available in the small lot to the immediate south of Truman's Landing on Research Park Drive, as well as in the Dalton Parking Lot located to the north of Truman's Landing on Research Park Drive. These lots will fill quickly and are available on a first come, first served basis for a fee of $25.

Both the on-campus garages as well as the two open-air parking lots are reserved for passenger vehicles only. RVs and Buses will not be allowed to park in these areas. For more information on RV/Bus Parking, click here.

On game days, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the Missouri State Highway Patrol prohibit parking on the shoulder of either side of Providence Rd, from Stadium Blvd south to Reactor Field. Cones are placed on the prohibited areas to facilitate pedestrian walkways to the stadium on Providence Road.

Family-Friendly Lots

Family Friendly parking is available in the VA Hospital parking lot located on the corner of Stadium Blvd. and Monk Drive. This lot is monitored as an alcohol-free zone and is meant to prevent the presence of open containers.

Parking in the VA Hospital parking lot is available for donation of $25 per vehicle.

*Please Note: The Athletic Department does not control this lot. This is a private parking lot run by the Columbia VA Employees Association and all funds go to that organization.