Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Tailgating FAQs

When is the Tiger Walk?
Tiger Walk – when the football team arrives at the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex and walks across the Pedestrian Bridge and down the south tunnel to its locker room – occurs two hours before kickoff.
Can I park in the Truman Veterans Hospital lot? When does it open? How much does it cost?
While this lot is designated as "Family-Friendly", the Athletic Department does not control this lot; it is a private lot run by the VA Hospital, and funds go to that organization.
Please explain the donor parking lot opening times on game days.
The Department's standard parking lot opening times are: a) 8:00 am for games that kick off before 6:00 pm; b) 10:00 am for games that kick off at 6:00 pm or later.
Why are some games only offered on Pay-Per-View TV?
It is ALWAYS the desire of the Department to have games shown on network TV for maximum exposure (and revenue generation). The Department pursues Pay-Per-View options only after the Department of Athletics is informed that a game will not be "picked up" by network television (per the Big 12 Conference TV contract). Once the league's TV partners pass on a game, the only two options are either "no TV" or PPV. With demand for the Tigers at an all-time high, it is the desire of MU to make the game available to as many fans and alumni as possible across the country. If a game is chosen for PPV telecast, information will be posted to mutigers.com. Fans and alumni may also call your respective cable operators or satellite providers for more information on availability in your viewing area.
What is the size restriction policy for items brought into Memorial Stadium? Why was it implemented?
It was recommended for security measures and fan comfort that the size of items being brought into Faurot Field not exceed 18" x 16" x 9". Eighteen inches is the average seat width at Faurot Field. Mizzou Athletics must discourage the use of oversized chairback seats as they can often impose on other fans' seat widths sitting nearby.
What is the gameday tent policy?
  • Tents should not exceed 10' x 10' and should be placed immediately in front of or behind your vehicle so as to not impede traffic flow.
  • Tents will only be allowed in parking lots (and adjacent grass areas) from those with parking passes in those respective lots. In other words, fans may not erect tents in lots in which they do not purchase a parking pass.
  • All parking lots at MU are student parking lots until the morning of the game. In addition, as game day approaches the Athletic Department works diligently to prepare the lots for our 60,000+ anticipated guests each Saturday (including mowing, clean-up, temporary restroom placement, etc.). These practices have been impeded by advance tent set-up in previous seasons. Tents may not be set up in advance of game day and not until the lots open on Saturday.
  • Parking spaces and tent locations are first-come, first-served for those holding the proper parking pass hangtags in each lot once the lots open on game days, not before.
  • All donor parking lots are now secured (i.e. blocked off) on Fridays beginning at 7pm. Cars are not allowed in the lots before the designated Saturday opening times after this time. Cars that are left in the lots overnight on Fridays will be towed. RV's are the only exceptions and are allowed in designated pass-holder lots beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays.
Why did Mizzou develop a plan for responsible tailgating?
Tailgating and picnicking before Mizzou athletic events has enjoyed increasing popularity over the last several years and we anticipate that it will continue to grow in the future. Increased participation has led to more safety concerns and damage to the campus. The plan for responsible tailgating was developed to help ensure that the game day experience remains friendly, fun, safe and family-oriented activities celebrating a day of athletic competition.
What are Open Access sites?
Open Access Sites are any tailgating areas that are outside of the 15-feet distance from designated parking lots and are not tied to parking privileges. Tailgating is not permitted in these areas.
What kinds of safety concerns relate to tailgating?
With the increasing number of fans enjoying tailgating activities on game day, there are increasing concerns about pedestrian safety, fire safety, sanitation, and the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.
What steps should I take in setting up my tent/canopy?
Tents and canopies (should not exceed 10’ x 10’) should be anchored appropriately (e.g., sandbags, water barrels, stakes.) Unanchored tents/canopies easily can blow over and present a safety hazard as well as causing damage to property. Please help ensure that tailgating and picnicking remain friendly, fun, safe and family-oriented activities for Mizzou Tigers of all ages.
Can you explain the purpose of the alcohol-free zone and tell me where it is?
The VA Hospital lot on the corner of Stadium Blvd. and Monk Drive is monitored as a alcohol-free zone and is meant to prevent the presence of open containers. We have increasing interest in the team and pregame activities and want to keep areas as "family-friendly" as possible.
May I use a generator?
Generators are allowed in public parking lots and permit parking lots, but not in University Campus Parking garages.
If I am not allowed to use a generator, what are my options?
We suggest marine batteries or inverters.
What size pit/grill may I use?
Large pits are not allowed in tailgating areas. As a general rule, if it takes more than 2 people to carry it in, it will be too large for the area. Our goal is to have as many Mizzou fans as possible enjoying the unique atmosphere of tailgating. The rationale for the rule regarding the size of pits/grills is as follows:
  • The size and weight of the rigs has caused damage to both the greenscape and trees, particularly in inclement weather.
  • The movement of large rigs in and out of green spaces causes a risk to pedestrians in the area, whether the rigs are moved by individuals or University employees.

** Grills are not permitted in parking garages on campus.

How should I dispose of hot coals?
Hot coals must be doused and properly disposed of in specially designated Coal Bins to prevent fires. Fires built on the ground and open fire pit devices are prohibited.
Where can people with disabilities park and still have easy access to Faurot Field?
Individuals with disabilities may park on the corner of Stadium Drive and Mick Deaver Drive or on the east side of the Hearnes Center for $15.00. Parking passes can only be purchased at the entrance of the lot each game. Shuttle carts run on the east side of the Hearnes Center to the east side of Faurot Field. Due to pedestrian foot traffic shuttle carts do not run west of gate 1. Parking Map
Where are restrooms located?
Permanent restroom facilities are located in the Hearnes Center and Memorial Stadium offers bathroom facilities outside gate 2E and 2W up until 10 minutes before gates open. Portable toilets are located throughout Sports Park.
Whom do I contact if I have questions or concerns about tailgating?
Please direct all feedback to the fan feedback forum on mutigers.com.