Ashton Bodenstab's Journal Entry

<i>Tiger sophomore checks in with a weekly update.</i>

Tiger sophomore checks in with a weekly update.

July 21, 2011

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's been a great week so far with workouts and playing doubles to say the least. This week, with the hot weather happening this time of year, it's really made me appreciate our nice air-conditioned indoor facilities we have with being an indoor sport! But that doesn't mean we haven't been working hard in those facilities though. This past week our team did some AMAZING work in the weight room. I think almost everyone PRed in something, whether it be power clean, front squat, or pull-ups. Some of us even hit some Big 12 standards, which is even better! Next week we have testing and that's where we will see who's been putting in the most effort in getting stronger and faster this spring and summer. I'm looking forward to seeing all of us breaking out some even bigger PRs!!!!!! We are looking mighty strong with our season quickly approaching! It's hard to believe that our Black and Gold game comes a month from yesterday! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! I have a huge smile on my face right now!

It's been a couple weeks since the freshman have gotten here and they are doing great!!! Everyday I go to workouts and I learn something new about each of them, and I see them getting stronger. They're all really loving here at Mizzou already. With Molly being back and the freshman all here we are a full team now and we have really meshed and became one. It's getting to that time of year where you realize all the hard work we put in during off season is going to pay off when we get on that court come the first practice and leading into the first game. Our team, I believe, is one of the hardest working teams around, not to mention one of the most talented. This season is going to be unlike any other! It's a brand new group of girls and we're confident in each other and our abilities to make this season nothing less than a complete success! MIZ-ZOU!!!

SEE ALL OF YOU AUGUST 19th!!!! Get ready for an exciting season!

Ashton Bodenstab #7



P.S. I believe the Gold team is in the lead in Tiger Challenge points!! SHOUT OUT TO MY FELLOW GOLD TEAM MEMBERS! (Pip, Paige, Lindsey, Emily, Katie, Jade) DOMINATION!
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