Quick Digs With Sarah Meister



March 11, 2014

As of this past Wednesday, spring practice has officially begun. Our first two practices have been on point. Everyone has been working their tails off to make this new unit one that will continue to triumph come next season. After the season we had last year, we have everything to prove. We know we are a force to be reckoned with, as teams will begin to prepare for Mizzou in the coming year. We need to be ready for the vengeance and we need to be ready for a fight. Losing any teammates is always hard, especially those who were as impacting and influential as Molly and Lisa.

As we look forward however, we have to understand that although we might not be the team we once were, we have the same goals, the same drive, and the same vision to recreate a season like the last. This unit is very special as we continuously make strides to reach our potential. We know that every day is an opportunity to get better. We continue to grow as both individuals and volleyball players. Our various opportunities have humbled us, and our ambitions drive us as.

Practices have already started off on great foot. It is apparent how hard everyone is willing to work in practice. The coaches are pushing us, which is only making us become better players by reinforcing the importance of mental toughness. Where some drills might be easy for others, it can be a challenge for some based on position. It's such an incredible feeling when you see people working through fatiguing drills, pushing themselves physically even at their toughest point. It takes a kind of mental capacity to keep moving forward, something every single one of our teammates possess. Not only does that help us develop better skills as players, but allows us to enhance our mental conditioning. When you know others are working hard around you, it makes it just as easy to work harder for them. The unity within our team is unparalleled, and it's a joy to see how everyone is finding their place within their new roles on the squad.



As the only setter on our team at the moment, Loxley is learning to come into her role and play with confidence and conviction. From a player's standpoint as I'm sure coaches would agree, it's awesome to see her take control and find her own niche, and unique style of play.

Wayne was more than pleased on the strides we've made thus far. He emphasized how we don't want to start from scratch, to completely rebuild a new team. Instead we want to stack the layers, continue where we left off and keep moving forward as we develop our own original taste with a new team. I've heard people mention that we have big shoes to fill next year. Although that might be true, I believe we just are getting started. That wasn't a lucky season, that wasn't the all tell season, that season began the lead for Mizzou volleyball, to set a standard for generations to come as we grow into a program that has created a new entity for success. We set the foundation for success last year, but we are just beginning our reign. We have a drive, vision, and foundation to make this team great.

"Greatness is sifted through the grind, therefore don't despise the hard work now for surely it will be worth it in the end." -Sanjo Jendayi

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