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Brittney Brimmage

Feb. 19, 2014

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Former Mizzou volleyball standout Brittney Brimmage is continuing her professional career, playing volleyball in Switzerland. She caught up with to fill us in on life overseas! See he letter below.

Hello! I am playing in Neuchatel, Switzerland, for Sagres NUC. This is one of the French speaking cities so I do not know what they are talking about at all lol. Neuchatel is sitting right next to a huge lake and it is just a pretty little town. I started to understand a little German and thought that they would be speaking German here as well - NOPE!

Everyone on the team does indeed speak English so that is always awesome. I am playing with two other Americans. One played with Lindsey Hunter in Puerto Rico and college at Arizona and her name is Tiffany Horton. The other is Ashley Lee who played in Hawaii; she's our setter. There is also another girl on the team who played on the Colombian nation team with Poala Ampudia :). One of my teammates from Iowa Ice, Kelsey Petterson, played here for a month or two last season. Volleyball is such an amazing sport with everyone knowing someone who knows someone :). GOTTA LOVE IT!!

This weekend we had a mini practice with young kids like we used to in college and a lot of the kids did not speak English. That was a huge task to try to use body language and sounds to talk to them :) but I got the job done and it seemed as if the kids enjoyed it.

The photos in which we are celebrating - that was the quarter finals I believe and we made it to the Swiss Championships Cup. We are currently 4th in our league right now and are shooting for the 3rd spot. Our current wins are 12 and losses are 10. These are some very competitive teams that were are playing against and we often have long rallies.

The last picture is an article on me as the new incoming American player and other things in French lol. Hope all is well on the ZOU end!!!!




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