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Dec. 7, 2013

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HEAD COACH Wayne Kreklow

Opening Statement....
"Well I think obviously it was a very competitive match, I thought we had two very good teams playing. A lot of ups and downs for both groups. At the end of the day for us, like I told the kids in the locker room, in sports some days it's your day and somedays it's somebody else's. I was really proud of the way we competed, you know, it was hard to just kind of get things going on a consistent basis for us and you know, somedays it's just not your day and we've had a lot of really good ones throughout the course of the season and it's always tough to finish but there's only one team at the end of the year that's going to finish without a loss. I was proud of the way the kids battled and played, I thought we could have done a lot of things better, I don't think we executed as well as we have in the past, but Purdue's a very good team and they played really, really well. Our goal every time we go out is to make sure that we compete and at the end of the day if we don't come out with the win we want to make sure whoever does had to earn it, and Purdue had to earn it tonight."

On how Purdue's different look caused problems for Missouri....
"We talked several times during the course of the match...this is what makes tournaments really interesting, when you get outside of conference play you don't see teams. Every time you go out you play somebody new and everybody represents different challenges and different style. I thought, often what happens when you're playing somebody new is you're trying to figure out tempo, timing, rhythm, and I thought they did a good job there When you watch really high level volleyball you don't see a lot of hitters hitting balls off the floor anymore, often majority of the kills are coming off blockers' hands or deflections off of defensive players and they did a really good job of swinging high, hard and deep and it just takes time to get into that rhythm and I thought as the match went on we got better but unfortunately at 27-25 you don't get a 5th. It just takes time and sometimes you just run out of time."

On Purdue's plan for attacking Missouri..........
"Sometimes as a coach we like to think we're really clever and really smart, it's not rocket science, you know? We've got a 5'9" hitter on the left side, I wonder who we're going to attack? It's not hard to figure out who the best hitters are, you try to put a lot of pressure on them, you just do that so we knew it was coming. But knowing it's coming and being able to deal with that are 2 different things. Anybody who's going to beat us has to keep us out of system, if we're in system we're not going to lose, and they did a good job of executing."

On how Carly Kan sparked Missouri's rally..........
"She's fearless. She did a great job of just looking for hands and that's what you like to see in a hitter. There's no back down. We talked in one of the timeouts, if you're at the plate you don't want to take the 3rd strike, you want to swing, and Carly did a great job of staying aggressive all the way through."

On the Big Ten Conference..........
"It's tough when you get into the comparing the conference stuff. I do believe that if you go through a whole conference season, I think they'd be really competitive in the SEC. Are they better than Florida, are they better than Kentucky, are they better than us? Tonight they were better than us, but you know, the Big 10's a great conference. Is it that much better? No. I don't think so."

On helping his players cope with the season ending...
"I told them a little in the locker room: that's life. That's sport. That's why you play games. I think at the end of the day you want to make sure that when that happens, whether you're in sport, whether you're someplace else, is that when you're finished, when it's over, you can walk out feeling like `I competed'. We've talked about this all year long is the ability to compete. You can compete really well and not always win, and that's just how life goes, someday it's just not your day. Some days are really good days but at the end of the day, you're just not going to win every day, it's just not going to happen. It would have been really easy to just throw in the towel but they just kept battling tonight. You can tell when a team's beat, you can see it, and I never saw that and so I'm really proud of these guys. I told them, what they did this season...I don't care who says what about who they played, and people can badmouth the SEC all they want but at the end of the day, they beat everybody that they played and that's a hard thing to do. It's a mindset that is really remarkable that at some point during the year they didn't have a bad night, or a bad game, and they just brought it every single day."

On the program moving forward without seniors Lisa Henning and Molly Kreklow...
"That's what happens in a program, it's the next generation. When you've been in it a long time you kind of go through that. You have some remarkable players come through and when their 4 years are done they move on and the next batch comes through and develops over time. Back when Molly & Lisa first came in, they weren't nearly they players that they are now...they had to develop, they had to learn, they had to improve...so I think a lot of these young kids are in the same boat. I'm really excited about what they have, what they're bringing and I really like the attitude and the work ethic. I think over time as they get better and mature as players and people I think they're going to be very competitive and in the thick of things in the future."

SENIOR Lisa Henning

On Purdue's error-free performance...
"They were playing really well tonight and it's frustrating for us as attackers when you go up there and every time you swing they're getting a touch. Not even a perfect dig but it's just a little touch that they happen to get a second swing out of that. I think that's something that they did really well is they didn't really let anything drop and that's really tough to defend against. They were kind of relentless in that way and we were fighting back too but it's just hard to keep pressuring them into making mistakes when they were doing a really good job of getting everything up."

On how Purdue avoided the Missouri block....
"I think they were just being smart on the other side. They're talented hitters, I think our block was a little bit scattered at the beginning but we kind of settled down and I think they were just being smart and kind of going around us."

SENIOR Molly Kreklow

On the 2013 team's undefeated season...
"I think looking back it's all really kind of not sunk in yet tonight but I think a couple years from now we'll look back on this and I think it's definitely been a special year."

On the 2013 team's impact on setting the tone for the Mizzou volleyball program going forward....
"Yes I think so. I think we'd definitely like to feel that we left our mark here and, you know, we'll find out."

On Missouri staying competitive through the entire match....
"I think we had confidence up until the last point and that's what good teams do. We needed the confidence to perform and I think up until the last point we thought we were going to win."

On what caused Missouri's service errors...
"I think we knew going into this match that we were going to have to be aggressive from the service line. I think part of it might have been nerves, part of it might have been just being aggressive, it's just the name of the game."

On player leadership in the final Missouri timeout huddle...
"At that point there wasn't really anything strategic that they could've have told us to really make a difference, it was on us and I think we knew that. I think for the most part it was just us rallying each other."


Opening Statement...
"Thank you everybody for being here. Even before the draw came out, we knew there was a good chance we were going to be sent 390 miles to Columbia. So in the back of our minds, without communicating to our players, we were preparing for Missouri. We watched the tape on them in several SEC matches. We knew they were very good and we knew they were one of the most efficient teams in the country. But, we knew we were going to bring a different style of volleyball they haven't seen. I told our guys when the draw came in, the teams here are not going to know what to do with Purdue defense. They will not know what to we do when we play our style of volleyball; hard aggressive, tough. Whether that's true or not, it gave us something to drive on. It motivated them. I thought our offense was really good tonight. We didn't know if we would be able to shut them down. That is one of the all time greatest wins in Purdue volleyball history, to beat a team that is 35-0 on their home court against a team ranked in the top four seed. We are very excited and looking forward to going to Champagne for the regional."

On whether or not he wanted to face Missouri...
"Any draw is going to be a tough draw. When I got into this 11 years ago, you could get a draw against some not so good teams. It's not like that anymore. We saw we had Missouri and knew they were undefeated, but if we beat them, we all of a sudden get placed in that four seed. You can kind of stay away from some of the juggernauts of college volleyball. "

On what he told his team down the stretch...
"We talked about how Missouri is a team that has been challenged a lot. Florida should have won the last three games, but they didn't finish. Missouri was a team that finished. I told them we have to be a better finisher than them. I think we made some bad choices down the stretch, didn't get the ball to the right matchups. We started pressing and didn't get the ball where it needed to go. "

On how his team matches up against upcoming opponents in the Regional...
"There are three really good teams in our Regional. Each one of those teams will be prepared. When you wrap your whole mind around this tournament, you forget that we are playing next week in Champagne. That's only 120 miles away from us, so we expect to have a big crowd down there."


On stopping Mizzou's offense and their team's preparation...
"I think we have a really good team of people who put together good game plans for us. I think we executed that and it made us successful."

On not making many mistakes throughout the match...
"This is something we focus on in practice and in our game plan. I think when executing a game plan like we have, it means we don't make many mistakes. I think the team that makes the least errors will win the match."



On focusing on serving...
"I think the serving helps a lot. Our assistant coach has been stressing it during practice so we knew we had to serve well together as a group."

On having possibly seven Big Ten teams in the sweet sixteen....
"I think that credit goes to every Big Ten team. When we play, we play Friday and Saturday nights and most times without 24 hours in between. A lot of our matches also go five sets. I think that gets us prepared and gives us valuable experience playing against some of the best teams in the country. Especially this year, every team is so good. It was great preparation for the tournament."



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