WCWS Quotes: Florida 6, Missouri 2



June 2, 2011

Opening comment:
“I don’t have a whole lot to say. I just feel really bad for the girls, sad for the program. We’ve tried so hard to win here and haven’t been able to do that yet. I know how disappointed I am so I know they have to be even doubly so themselves; just really hurtful.”

On this loss being more difficult than the previous four at the WCWS the last two years:
“Yeah, I just feel like the frustrating part is that we’re good enough physically to do better than what we’ve done and that’s the saddest part for me. We don’t know how to get over that hump. These players are very talented physically and they’ve proven that for the last three years. But for whatever reason when we get to the College World Series they don’t allow themselves to play the way they are capable of playing. We had some really good opportunities with runners in scoring position and the right people up, and just looked like we were from a different planet; almost unrecognizable.”

On what tricks he plays with his team before Saturday to help turn things around:
“If I knew that I would have played them tonight. Again, I’m thinking ‘Do we need to go practice tomorrow?’ I’m thinking, ‘No, because it’s not physical.’ And, what do you do? How do you get kids to play like they normally play? How do you get them to stay relaxed? As a coaching staff, we acknowledge that that’s the issue we’ve been facing. And so we’ve done everything we can to stay loose ourselves; less intensity and trying to minimize the situation. So I don’t know what to do.”

On if this is one of the few times in his career he feels he’s at a loss:
“Absolutely. I don’t know what to do. Even if it’s wrong, I usually have a plan. I don’t have one.”
On her first-inning thoughts:
“I was ready the first inning. They jumped on every one of the change-ups I threw. Those were the only hits they got were all my change-ups in the very first inning. That is usually my strike out pitch or the pitch to get ahead. For them to come out and sit on my change-up was unexpected, I think. I didn’t think that after the first inning that things would have gone the way they did.”

On her third-inning thoughts:
“They are a good hitting team. If you look at their stats, they’ve all got a really high home run count. The pitches that they hit were fairly decent pitches. Sometimes you have those days, I guess.”

On nerves prior to the game:
“I feel like we were all comfortable coming into the game. They had a couple hits in the very beginning and we had an error; just some things we aren’t usually faced with. We don’t make those types of errors. It was abnormal for our team to play like that.”



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