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May 23, 2013

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HEAD COACH Ehren Earleywine

Opening Statement...
"Well, obviously we're disappointed. I thought Chelsea pitched well enough for us to win tonight. Our offense sputtered the whole game; we were on top of the drop and we were under the rise. We made a couple of defensive miscues that cost us, and in a game against a team like that, in championship play, it's always that one little mistake that costs you. So from here, we've got our backs against the wall and we'll see what this team is made of tomorrow."

On the level of confidence in Chelsea's pitching...
"She seems really confident about it - so I do too. Anytime she says she feels she can do something, I've seen her come through a lot of times. I'm encouraged by what she says. My message to her tomorrow will be: let's focus on winning the first game. Forget about two games, after that we'll see what happens."

On Krebs having four errors in the past three games...
"Fielding is a lot like hitting in that you can get into defensive slumps. In her defense, I haven't played her a lot this year, so she's probably knocking some of the rust off, trying to get comfortable. That being said, those are plays that I think she can make. And I'll have to sleep on it and see what we'll do tomorrow."

On the team's defensive struggle in practice compared to the game...
"It was very similar because a lot stuff we did at practice the other day was just basic fundamental defensive stuff. And that's the way it works; generally you're going to play like you practice, and that was my concern. It is truly about preparation. I'm not sure how much that practice had to do with it, but the errors, the real rustiness of our fundamentals was a concern."

On team's inability to score runs...
"Chelsea probably didn't pitch her best game; she missed her spot a few times and walked that batter in the last inning. We made a couple of errors, but good heavens, we've got to swing the bats. Washington has a couple of good pitchers, not Olympic caliber, but we made them look like that tonight. To me, it really boiled down to we just didn't hit the ball well enough today."

SOPHOMORE 1B Kelsea Roth
On bouncing back from this loss tomorrow...
"I think it gives us even more motivation to come back tomorrow and get on top of it early."

On her error in the eighth inning...
"I misplayed a ball and threw it when I shouldn't have. That's my mistake. That's about all I can say about it."

RS SENIOR P Chelsea Thomas
On her pitching performance...
"I feel like I'm ready to throw two games tomorrow. I felt pretty good out there. I have a lot of adjustments that I can make with these hitters, so that gives me a little confidence going into tomorrow, because I know I'll be better."

On the error made when the Tigers were 3 outs away from closing...
"It is frustrating, but I kind of started the inning off rough myself with that walk, I need to be accountable for that. There's a lot of `what ifs' that could have happened in that game. I think right now it's about learning from what we need to do, make adjustments, and move on from it."

On her confidence of the team tomorrow...
"I actually am very positive right now. After that game was over, I feel that our team will make the adjustments tomorrow. We've got six seniors that aren't ready to be done."

___________________________________________________________________________________ WASHINGTON HEAD COACH HEATHER TARR
Opening Statement...
"I thought it was the game we expected to have. Two great pitching staffs...or a great pitching staff against their great pitcher, and it came down to clutch hitting and we had one more than they did. It was a good fight. I though we played great defense. Things worked out weird for us with our lineup-taking Kaitlin out and Bryana was ready to come in and shut the door and she did a great job.

On winning the first game/Mizzou's pitching situation...
"Missouri's a good enough team to give you everything you don't want even without Chelsea being 100 percent, so we can't worry about what they're going to do. we have to worry about our game and continue to execute and be able to play Husky softball."

On Mizzou's late fielding errors...
"I think Chelsea's going to make you put the ball on the ground and not let you get good barrels, so defensively, if our offense can put pressure on their defense and those things can happen, it's better than a strikeout or a pop-up."

On seventh inning scoring/20 scoreless innings from Chelsea Thomas...
"Well, was it 20 scoreless innings against us? Because that might have been the case, too... I'm just kidding. I think our team is in a good spot and we're just trying to score runs any way they come and it's not a matter of us getting too high because we know that it was a good game and there were some gimmes there on both ends, but I think it was a well-played game all around and somehow we won"

On pitching situation for tomorrow...
"Do you want to flip the coin with me later tonight?"

On lead-off walks...
"A walk is as good as a hit, so I just needed to put better pitches in better spots, but my defense was able to get me out of that."

On winning the first game...
"It's a race to two, it's not just one, so it's great to get the first win, but we still have work to do tomorrow."

On coming in the extra innings on a cold night...
"It wasn't exactly cold--we are from Seattle, so we get a little bit colder weather. It's definitely a nerve-racking situation, but we have an awesome team and a great defense and they've been playing great defense all night, so I just knew that if I put a good pitch in a good spot and let my defense do the work and let them pick me up and fight and compete for them as they will compete for me."



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