Columbia Regional - Game Seven Quotes



May 19, 2013

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Columbia Regional - Game Seven Quotes
Missouri (38-12) 5, Hofstra (46-13) 0

HEAD COACH Ehren Earleywine
Opening Statement....
"I just want to start off by saying how much I know myself and our entire program respects Hofstra and what they did and what they do year in and year out. In particular their pitcher, Galati, we have the maximum amount of respect for her and that program. Secondly, I felt like the difference was we just finally got enough looks at her and it was her fifth game and once we got a few runs, the rest was in Chelsea Thomas' hands and we usually know how that ends. I'm proud of the team."

On his plan for the weekend working out despite being risky...
"It's a tremendous amount of relief, first of all. I could've ended up looking like the dumbest coach in America if we had lost the second game for whatever reason. You have to trust the stats and trust logic. You have to leave your heart and emotion out of it and trust your head and that's what I did. Sometimes that doesn't work, but this was one of those times where it did and I'm extremely thankful for that, not for me, but we've got a really special class of seniors that I would've hated to see go out that way; it wouldn't have been right."

SOPHOMORE 1B Kelsea Roth
On seeing Galati pitch for a third time...
"She's definitely a tough pitcher and the more at bats we got, the more we got to see her and I feel like we felt more comfortable this last game."

On how important it was to get the first run....
"We know that one is usually pretty good for Chelsea but we wanted to get her more just in case. I think five is perfect. We couldn't be happier with that."

RS SENIOR P Chelsea Thomas
On whether or not she was anxious about pitching...
"I wasn't anxious. I liked our game plan going in, and I didn't throw the best going against them the first time so I knew what adjustments I needed to make."

On having to sit through the first game...
"It was tough. The plan was to rest the first game and it came through for us. He [Earleywine] is a genius."

Nicole Hudson
On the pressure of having to pitch in the first game...
"I wanted to go out - we had a plan and the plan actually worked out perfectly just like we thought - but I was still going out there trying to win that first one. I just didn't quite have the same kind of stuff I had earlier this week, but it all worked out."

On their mentality after the first game...
"We're all pretty mature as a team and we knew what we had to do. Nobody was freaking out. Everyone was pretty calm and collected and we knew she was going to be tired, so we did what we knew we needed to do."

Opening Statement...
"First of all, I'd like to congratulate the Missouri Tigers. They played a great game today, and Chelsea took her game to another level, sort of the way Olivia did on the first night. We saw two great pitchers go at it today. Between these two [Galati and Hirschbuhl], I am very proud of this team. I congratulate, again, the Missouri Tigers."

On Olivia Galati...
"There are not enough words to describe this young lady. She is without a doubt one of the premier pitchers in the country, and I think she's proven it here and I am so proud of her. I think when you've thrown as much as Olivia has thrown, I don't think she would ever admit she was tired. "

On Jess Hirschbuhl...
"She has been a great leader for us all year long."

On Olivia Galati and Chelsea Thomas...
"I think we know what both pitchers can do when they're healthy and fresh, rested, and have their good stuff. Chelsea had her good stuff today, Olivia had her good stuff on the opening night against them after throwing seven innings the day before. It's sort of blessed to see them both go after it."

On Mizzou's strategy today...
"It was the only thing to do, really. And if I was in that same situation and had the same scenario, I would have done the same thing. I think what happens when you have pitchers that can control the game like both Olivia and Chelsea can do, you sort of set the strategy accordingly. And I am glad that we came out and played the way we played in the first game because it could have backfired against us and maybe they beat us in the first game. But we were determined today and took it to that 'if' game. Anytime you get to the 'if' game and have Olivia on the mound, you have a shot. I think that's what we were hoping for, that we might have more balls hit at us instead of away from us."

On their mark in the tournament...
"We may be a mid-major school, but we play BCS softball. We are right there, and we have been close. People in the softball community know all about Hofstra. They want to play us early in the year because we're an indoor school from the northeast and we don't have football facilities that a lot of the other schools have at practice. But nobody wants to play us late."

On whether exhaustion kicked in...
"I think regardless of how I felt, I wasn't going to give up because I knew my team wasn't going to give up."

SR INF JESS Hirschbuhl
On the team...
"This team is warriors, top to bottom. I am so proud to be here this year, being a redshirt. They fight, they never give up, every single one of them, even 5-0 in a championship game. We could have folded yesterday, but we didn't. I'm honestly shocked, because there was never a doubt in anyone's mind."

On confidence going into the second game...
"I knew it was going to be a battle. That's just a championship game with two stud pitchers going after each other. It just didn't work out for us."



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