Columbia Regional: Game Three (Mizzou 1, Hofstra 0) - Quotes - Hofstra



May 18, 2013

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Columbia Regional - 2013 NCAA Division I Softball Championship Missouri (37-11) 1, Hofstra (44-12) 0 - Quotes - Mizzou


Opening Statement....
"Obviously I'm happy that we got the win. It was an enormous feat for us. Going into tomorrow, it gives more rest time for Chelsea Thomas. So in order to win this regional, we are going to have to play a lot better than we did today, especially as it relates to offensive production. I felt like there were too many popups and not enough ground ball approach, so our hitters have done a good job this year in making adjustments, so hopefully you'll see some of that tomorrow."

On getting the bats going....
"I don't know if this has much to do with me, to be honest with you. The girls got to play the game and they know what the Hofstra pitcher is going to throw. It's just that they have to execute. What you saw was a kid throwing rise balls and we were swinging up at them. And if you look at the physics of that, the rise ball is going up and you swing up, you only have one chance to hit it. It's just physics. So we have to swing down."

On Chelsea Thomas...
"Chelsea pitched us out of every jam we got into today. She talked about her competitiveness and that extra gear. I would like to think it is a controlled extra gear. You don't need to throw in that fifth gear the entire game, but when somebody gets in scoring position, the ability to shift down, and throw a little harder, spin a little tighter, something they haven't seen before, that can be very effective. That is what I hope she is really doing, instead of just being competitive."

On the Hofstra pitcher...
"She's shut down a lot of really good teams. I have a lot of admiration for that kid. She's not a physical specimen. She's not the 5'10" lanky premier pitcher that you see in these top conferences, but she does a lot with what she has. She pitches with a lot of heart. She is extremely competitive. She locates, she spins it, she throws hard enough to get good hitters out. I was not surprised in any way, shape or form. Perhaps our hitters were. Maybe they were taking her lightly because she is from a mid-major conference."

On narrow victory...
"I don't know if there are softball gods or not, but I do understand his [opposing coach] feeling of frustration because they were the better team today. "


On throw...
"It felt pretty good. Can't seem to throw the ball around in the infield, but got it in the outfield. I just got myself in position where I could throw that girl out. I felt like it was a pretty good throw when it left my hand. "

On playing left field....
"Outfield has always came pretty naturally to me, so it's not all that nerve-racking. Any chance I get the opportunity to play, I'm going to take that. "

On Hoftra's pitcher...
"She's really good. She has really good movement. She throw's a knuckle-ball change, which is something I'm not sure I've ever seen before, so that was different. She threw a really great game today."

RS SENIOR P Chelsea Thomas

On how she is feeling...
"I feel pretty good today. Very fortunate that we got the `W' and only had to throw one today and I'll be ready for tomorrow."

On strikeouts when runners on base....
"When there are runners on-base, I tend to shift to a different gear."

On her arm....
"I'm not going to get into any specifics with it, but I will be ready tomorrow."


On hitting...
"Just trying to relax and keep having fun. If I think too much, then things usually don't happen for me as well. So I just try to stay relaxed and just keep playing the game. It was a good game for my teammates."

On patience at the plate....
"It really depends on each at bat. I try not to think about the last at bat, at least I try not to. I just try to go up there and I want to get on base for them, because I know if I get on base, I'm confidence they can hit me around. So that's my thought process to get on base. "

On changing anything for tomorrow....
"Nothing. Just keep playing. I just want to come out here every day and do well for Chelsea because she does so much for us. Just keep playing. "

Columbia Regional - 2013 NCAA Division I Softball Championship
Missouri (37-11) 1, Hofstra (44-12) 0 - Quotes - Hofstra

Opening Statement....
"I need more than a five-minute cooling off period. Great game. It shows you how really cruel this game can be sometimes. Everyone played great. We had the one miscue, and then they got the hit when they had to have it. We had runners in scoring position all day. We just couldn't get the key hit to bring them in. And we did have the opportunity [to score]. We had a runner thrown out at home plate and under those circumstances, I would send that runner a hundred times based on what was going on earlier in the game. I really thought we were getting great, great swings out of everyone. Eight hits against Chelsea Thomas--I'll take that any day. One of the premier pitchers in the country, certainly and I got one here, too. "

On timing....
"This game is all about timing. We talk about the timing of it, the game within the game. It's not about how many hits you get, it's when you get them. It's not how many errors you make, it's when you make them. It's not how many strikeouts you get, it's when you get them. It's all about timing, so you can have quite a nice team like we did today, maybe against Missouri, but they got the win. Kudos to them. They made all their plays."

On regretting waving the runner in from third in the first ..........
"She didn't get a real good read on it. It was exactly the same timing scenario as the runner in the sixth inning. She was in exactly the same spot as the runner in the sixth inning was, and I had to hold her there because it was so early in the game and I felt we had the opportunity to come home. You don't have to do that so many times early in the game and had to take some chances late in the game. If she would have run right off the bat, we probably would have sent her. She was reading it and watching it and reading it and reading it. She got a late jump on it and she was sitting third just about the time the outfielder was picking it up."

On Chelsea Thomas..........
"All the great one's do [have an extra gear]. Just like Olivia can do, Chelsea can do it. All of the great pitchers can take their game to another level when the game is on the line. Chelsea's a great one."

On the game...
"It's a tough loss, and we're all kind of frustrated just because we couldn't get that key hit like Missouri did in the third. So it is frustrating. We did out-hit them. We out-played them, so we have to come back and win the other game today."

On confidence going into the next games...
"A game's a game, but I thought this game, I hadn't seen my team compete like that in a long time. We wanted that so bad. You could see that in our eyes. We're not done yet. I have faith that we're going to beat the team that wins this next game and then we have two against them tomorrow and we just have to play our guts off and know that and have faith."



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