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Dec. 17, 2004

Karen Bauer
On Pride Points
We had some great performances and we never gave up. We were a very talented team, but were just very unlucky; despite that we never used it as an excuse not to perform.

Speaking On the Team
The girls are incredible. You will find some many genuine, fun people along the way. They are also extremely talented and you will have the chance to have many successes at the program. The coaches are also great people and extremely understanding and supportive.

On Personal Growth
I learn so much every year here, but I think that most of all you learn how to be a good person through successes and defeats. The team is constantly maturing and evolving...I know that they will have learned from the experiences this year in order to improve upon this year.

Lacy Moore
Speaking on Mizzou
Here it is a lot more than just soccer. Mizzou Soccer is about you as a person, a teammate, a student, and a soccer player.

On the 2004 Season
Soccer has been my life for the past 16 years, so from this season seeing as things did not go as planned, I have learned there are other things to enjoy besides just playing soccer. Such as being with your teammates at dinner, pillow talk on road trips, and just enjoying every touch I get on the ball. This was a hard year for us soccer wise but I think it helped our chemistry. We played against some of the best teams in the country and did well, so I also think our confidence has grown and we know we can play with the best because this team is one of the best when we want to be.

Kristen Heil
On Overcoming Adversity
I am so proud of how our team stuck together this season. Even when we were at one of our lowest points, we were able to come together and pull out a big win against Texas A&M.

On Mizzou Family
If I could tell recruits one piece of advise, it would be to join a soccer program that treats their members like family. If that is what they're looking for, Missouri soccer is the place to come.

On Being a Senior
I have grown over the past season in that I have truly realized what it has meant to be a part of this team. I didn't realize how much Missouri soccer was a part of my life until this year, until I was a senior.

Jennifer Nobis
On Adversity
I am so impressed by the way our team came together and defeated top rank teams. I am inspired by how the team connected towards the end of the season even though we had a hard loss. I believe overcoming adversity helped strengthen our friendships and deepened our respect for each other.

On the Mizzou Program
The one thing about the Mizzou program that separates us from other top programs is that we are a family. We play for each other on the field and make each other stronger. We win, lose and play together.

On Team Relationships
During the season I learned that playing for my teammates and strengthening relationships off the field is one of the greatest components to a team's success. Creating chemistry off the field can only improve a team's chemistry on the field.

Our team has grown so much over the years, experiencing both good times and bad. We have seen each other at our worst and our best and being there for each other has made our team strong and passionate to play for one another.



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