Meet Molly Bear



July 27, 2010

Freshman Molly Bear joins the Missouri Tigers from Glendale, Arizona where she attended Mountain Ridge Highschool. Keep reading to hear about her first weeks at Mizzou:

Hey guys! I'm about to finish up my summer school session here at Mizzou, and so far I have been having an awesome time! Every day I spend at the school and with the girls makes me love being here more and more.

Missouri is a lot different than Arizona in so many different ways. It is so green here and I don't think I have ever seen so many trees in my lifetime. Everyone here is so nice and hospitable; for instance, we were driving the other day and I rolled down my window while I was singing. The person next to me rolled down their window because they thought I needed help, it was so nice!

I'm sure if you read the other girls entries you know that I have squirted ketchup all over Danielle Nottingham's shirt, I scooter to class with Domi Richardson, quote "Step Brothers" like it's my job, and participate in many dance practices with strobe lights! However, my favorite memories while being here so far are how awesome the other freshman are! Alyssa Diggs is by far the funniest person I have ever met in my life, she looks exactly like Michelle Obama so she likes to tell us stories about her "husband," Mr. President. Danielle Nottingham is so awesome, she is so easy going and gets along with everyone, even though she doesn't like my "Step Brothers" quotes. Alex Charlebois has many different sayings because she's from Canada, but her dance moves have definitely been improving since she moved to the States. McKenzie Sauerwein is the mom of our freshman class. This is partially because she drives us all everywhere in her mom-like SUV and partially because she keeps us on schedule. I always tell Mckenzie that I "like fresh fruit in the morning, and chocolate chips in my pancakes, cause she's mom now." ("Step Brothers")



Then there is Domi Richardson, she has become my partner in crime since day one because we share the same love for quoting "Step Brothers;" we are pretty much the same person. We both enjoy riding our scooters through the dorms and around campus! We went to see the movie "Salt" the other night and now we practice our karate in the dorm hallways regularly. We also share a fun, children's toy that we call "Flarp." "Flarp" makes some funny noises, and it is interesting to see how people react to them.

I think the seven of us make up a perfect mixture of people, and I am so lucky to have this opportunity to come here and spend all day every day with each and every one of them. We are always laughing and having a great time together, even when we are just sitting in the dorms!

The older girls are so amazing too! We bonded a lot when we went to the lake for the weekend and when we hang out with them outside of soccer. Jessie Crabtree comes to the dorms a lot because she completes the singing group of me, Domi, Alex, and Alyssa; we perform "Lady Marmalade" and "Seasons of Love," it sounds pretty fantastic too.

Practices have been hard work, it is a completely different level than club soccer, but I feel myself improving especially with Alysha Bonnick, Krista Kruse, and Kari Adams leading the team this year as captains, you could not find better leadership than with those three.

After my short time here I am more positive now than I have ever been that this is the place for me. I cannot wait to see all that we accomplish this year as a team!

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