Meet Danielle Nottingham



July 21, 2010

Get acquainted with Danielle Nottingham, a freshman coming to Missouri from Frisco, Texas where she played club soccer with Sting '92.

My first few weeks at Mizzou went by really quickly. I started out by setting up my dorm early in the morning with my roommate Dominique Richardson. We probably rearranged our room at least five times before finally settling on the perfect arrangement. It seems crazy to me that I went from living in Texas to being in a dorm room in Missouri the next day, but everyone here was really supportive and helped me move all my stuff in and get settled.

We started off with soccer and fitness. Coming in I was a little nervous, but everyone was really nice and we just played the game that we all know and love. All the practices are run by captains right now, so even though the coaches aren't there it is important to go all out and prove to the team that you really want to play here. As a team we have to show each other that we are there to support one another on and off the field.

Hanging out in the dorms we really got to know all the other freshman girls. We are a little family now (our 6-man wolf pack). Domi and Molly Bear have already become step sisters because they quote the movie Step Brothers all the time. They do it so much you could know the movie just from being around them for an hour.

Even though we have fun in the dorms, it was really good to get out of them this weekend. We went to Jessica Greer's lake house, where we got to know the older girls a little better. It was really fun at the lake; we went swimming and laid in the sun, and really just relaxed as a team. We also played some sand volleyball, which turned out really funny because of everyone's great skills! Overall I'm really excited, and I can't wait for preseason and season to start!



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