Mizzou vs. Illinois Post Game Quotes



Nov. 10, 2012

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Mizzou vs. Illinois Post Game Quotes

Mizzou Associate Head Coach Todd Shulenberger

Opening statement
"Hats off to Illinois, they are a good team. It was a good game. It was a tale of two halves. Knowing I think that we were fighting an opponent and dealing with the wind too, both teams had to deal with it. PK's aren't always the greatest way to go out, but again that's soccer. Our girls fought very hard, we're very proud of this group, these seniors. They had a great year, showed a lot of character and a lot of heart too and we're very proud of this team."

On taking penalty shots...
"It's a coin toss. The goalkeeper's reading the shot, reading the shooter, and whether it's scouted or not it's routine, and sometimes they just don't go in. It's a coin toss, it really is."

On not having Head Coach Bryan Blitz on the sidelines...
"This team is led by a great leader in Bryan. Day in and day out he asks his players to have the freedom on the field and he likes his staff to have the same thing. It's routine, we were just basically out there today, and this team did what they've done from day one. And that's credit to Bryan and the leadership that he directs us. Whether he's there or not, or we are there or not this team moves on."

On the winds effect on the game...
"The first half we won the toss and we chose to have the wind in the second half. It wasn't the reason we gave up the goal, but at the end of the day that's part of the game and it did have an effect. So if we go into halftime down 1-0 we were happy. I think we had six shots in the first half, I'm pretty confident we doubled that in the second half easily. These guys are composed, this conference we play day in and day out, and it puts us in preparation for this. It didn't phase them one bit."

Mizzou Senior Jessica Greer

On the pressure in taking penalty kicks...
"Most players have which way they are going to go and then the goalies are going to guess which way they are going to go. It's kind of a cat and mouse game. It's sometimes confidence, sometimes you get lucky."

On Mizzou's numerous shots that hit the post...
"This is going to be one of those games I will look back on when I'm watching my kids play soccer one day and be like, `oh I remember when we went into PK's against Illinois and it just didn't go our way.' We had a lot of chances near the end of the game and both overtimes and we just kinda got unlucky."

On the season
"I could not ask for a better senior year. Teammate-wise or staff-wise in general. These will be my best friends probably for the rest of my life. To come out and have our first season in the SEC and to have the season we did is one of the highlights of my career. Coming out and play the way we did this year I think we proved a lot of people wrong and that was nice."

Illinois Head Coach Janet Rayfield

Opening statement
"First off, I'd just like to thank Missouri for hosting a first class event - this really was a first class operation. This was probably one of the more exciting games the NCAA has seen unto this point, a hard fought first round NCAA match. A lot of credit to Missouri, they put us under a lot of pressure and with the style they play I told our kids that we would have to weather the storm - we certainly did. This (Illinois) team is special, in the Big Ten tournament we came back from two goals down with ten players, and tonight we fought hard, and defended well to beat a very good Missouri team."

On building a program that can have success in the NCAA tournament...
"We've made the tournament now nine out of 11 years, and that's our goal, to be there on a consistent basis. We talk a lot about culture here, and how a team doesn't have a culture, they're not together long enough in college sports. But a program has a culture and all of our student-athletes have a responsibility to maintain that culture. For us, it's a culture of winning, but it's also about how they do it and the ways in which we go about things. I think if you can instill that culture and then get the student athletes to come in a protect that culture then your doing the right thing."

On the similarities between this game and the 2008 NCAA tournament game in Columbia...
"I was telling one of my assistants that I was having déjà vu out there. I think it was even the same white tents as last time. I don't think I have on the same outfit, which is good, but there were certainly a lot of similarities. I think you have two good teams here but what you really have represented here are two good programs. It was a similar fight in 2008 where we scored first, they tied it, we weathered the storm and then were able to win in pk's. I'm not sure it was quite as windy that night, but what you saw was a battle of two great programs, not just two great teams."

On playing North Carolina in the next round...
"(Laughs) And the déjà vu continues. When we won here in 2008, the place we went to next was Chapel Hill. In college sports going somewhere and playing someone you really respect is the highest honor, and to go and play at Carolina on a field where I have unbelievable memories and a place that helped shape me as a person and as a coach is great. I'm excited to go and show off this team to a state and to a University that I'm very proud of."

Illinois Goalkeeper Steph Panozzo

On the pressure of penalty kicks...
"Honestly, at that point, we've just drilled it so much that there's no pressure. The pressure is on the person shooting the ball. For me, I just try to stay loose and just go for it and read where their body is going. It's great if I make one and if I don't stop it, it's not that bad, so I actually don't find it that much of a pressure situation to be honest."

On reading a PK...
"It's just body language. Reading someone's body as they come up to the ball and we've worked on it time and time again and my goalie coach, Leisha Alcia, has drilled it into me, just reading a person's body language and once you do it enough I feel like it's just kind of easier to read."

On her feelings after the win...
"Pretty fantastic. It's always great to go forward. Well, it's nervous at first through PKs, but knowing that you're going to get through and onto the next round, it's nice just to keep our season going. And as a senior, every win that I get is one more game for me."

On Missouri's game-tying goal...
"Yeah, it was a pretty nice shot, credit where credit is due. It was a rocket so good for them I guess, but it was a very nice shot."



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