Drass, Shire meet with media



April 21, 2010

Missouri Head Coach Rob Drass

Opening statement
"First off we want to thank the University of Florida. I know it's a huge undertaking to host a championship like this. Everything's been fantastic, so great job Rhonda (Faehn) and staff. For Missouri, we are thrilled to be here. It's history in the making for us. This is our first trip to the NCAA National Championships. We're absolutely thrilled to be here and just want to go out and represent our school as well as hit 24 routines. Best of luck to everybody."

On what the past week and a half has been like for the Missouri program...
"We've been kind of on a rollercoaster ride and it's been a great ride. We had the opportunity to host the south central regional and really our goal was to go in, focus on us, keep that energy high, perform for our crowd and hit 24 routines. We felt like if we did that we would have an opportunity to qualify to these championships. It's a storybook kind of thing where we did that and we had some things just line up correctly for us and felt like it was truly a home meet. We had the vault rotation, which is your typical home meet rotation, so it really and truly felt like a home meet to us. We went out and we led from start to finish and it was amazing. The whole way through all we were trying to do was qualify, and at the very end I'm not even sure the girls knew. I told them when we finished that we had qualified, but then it was about 20-30 minutes as there was a tie between the next two teams for one to advance and one not to, and that's always tough. They sat and waited there on the floor exercise and when they heard there was a tie they probably started worrying, "did we make it on the tiebreaker." Then we (coaches) got to watch them experience the winning moment right on the floor. The coaches knew (about winning) but we let them experience it together as a team.
Then just to get ready for this championship, again no one is really talking about us. We're going to do the same thing we did before. We're just going to go out and hit routines and if that's good enough to move on and advance, great. If that gets us 12th place, then we are thrilled to be here and again we just want to focus on the things that we can control. Go out make Mizzou proud and hit routines and enjoy the experience."

Senior Sarah Shire

About the excitement of competing at the national championships...
"I was here as an individual last year and it's a completely different feel being here with some of my best friends and this team that's been working together since august. So it's rewarding and it's exciting and again a completely different feel than being here as an individual. I kind of feel like I'm at home again. I'm not here alone and I'm not afraid nearly as much, so I think it helps boost my confidence. Being a senior and this being my last season, I couldn't ask for a better way to go out."



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