Jan. 15, 2003

This Tiger's Mizzou nickname is ... the first three letters of her first name.

An interesting fact about this athlete's family is ... she has four sisters.

One of the things her teammates enjoy most about this athlete is ... her "bubbly" personality and her ability to joke around.

An interesting habit this Tiger has is ... she signs the cross if she is worried or intimidated by doing a skill.

Some of the words this athlete's teammates use to describe her are ... amazing, goofy, shy, hidden, determined, funny, graceful, entertaining and Wonder Woman.

One of the surprising facts about this Tiger is ... she comes across as shy, but deep down she has an outgoing personality that is waiting to break out.

Some of the animals this athlete's teammates associate her with are ...
a butterfly, because once you get to know her, she comes out of her cocoon.
a gazelle, because she is quiet and very graceful.
a mouse, because of her small facial features.
a deer, because she is graceful in everything she does.
a donkey, because she has a great donkey kick!
a fish, because she does the lip face.

A bizarre talent this Tiger has is ... she can cross one eye and look straight ahead with the other.

An interesting fact about this athlete is ... she broke all the records on her high school gymnastics team.

Something the Mizzou team enjoys about this Tiger is ... her smile and unique facial expressions.

Some of this athlete's unique habits include ... runway walking, singing, eating corn and sleeping.

A distinctive element in this athlete's repertoire is ... a front aerial on beam.

One of this athlete's bizarre affections is ... she likes long toenails.

A special talent this Tiger has is ... entertaining her teammates with the "lip face."

Something that sets the athlete apart is ... she did 43 pull ups and holds the team record.




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