Tidbits from Women's Basketball Media Day

Coach Pingeton and the team held a media day before practice on Thursday.

Coach Pingeton and the team held a media day before practice on Thursday.

Nov. 1, 2012

The Mizzou Women's Basketball team met with members of the media on Thursday. Here are a few topics of discussion from the day.

Senior Sydney Crafton

On discussing continuing her career after this season with Coach Pingeton...
"We've talked about having a good senior year and going on somewhere, but it wasn't a deep, in detail conversation. She just said `I know you can do it if you put your mind to it.'"

On her relationship with Coach Pingeton...
"Since my sophomore year, it's always been good. I think we're closer now; we talk more. If I have a bad practice, if something's not right I'll go talk to her. So I'd say closer than last year."

On why she has more shooting confidence...
"I would say just getting in here and shooting, and then doing it in practice. Your teammates having faith in you and coach having faith in you- after a while you start making them and then you have faith in yourself. It just takes practice."

On gaining confidence...
"I just told myself, `you need to shoot the ball. What's the worst that could happen? If you don't make it, you don't make it.' But you can't make it not shooting it, and we need people to score."

Sophomore Kyley Simmons

On playing with Liana Doty on the court at the same time...
"It's definitely different. It's fun at the same time when we're both on the court. It's just fast; we're up the floor in a heartbeat. So it was fun to play with her."

On rotations on the floor with Doty...
"It's the beginning of the year, we're just trying new things out, and we're going to see how it works. I haven't really talked to Coach Pingeton about it, but she always makes the right decisions, so we'll see."

On having another point guard competing for time...
"I've played with other point guards, but I've always been the `one.' I guess the difference is I'd be the `two' and she'd be the `one' when we're on the court together is how I would see it. But I look at it as a big green light. The more we can get up the court, the better we are."



On a change in thought process with Doty on the court...
"It's definitely a different spot, different position. Playing the `two' is way different than playing the `one.' But it's just an adjustment that everybody's going to have to make."

On competition with Doty...
"We get after it in practice. We like to get after each other. But it just makes us better. We go at it every day, and when we step on the court for games we're on the same team, so it doesn't matter at the end of the day."

On Crafton's performance against Lincoln...
"Syd is just one of those players who knows when she steps on the court that she can do that kind of stuff because she can. She's our senior this year, and we're going to need her to do that for us. She definitely has picked it up, and she's going to be a great senior for us."

On Crafton's leadership...
"Syd is more quiet and tries to lead by example. When we need a basket, she's going to do everything she can to get to the hole. She's been running hard on sprints, she's been up there with me this year, I've seen her right by my side."

Freshman Lianna Doty

On playing with Simmons...
"I like playing with her. She's a lot of fun. We both like to get up and guard, so it's nice to have a two pretty-heavy guard defense. I like that, it takes the pressure off me sometimes."

On opening up plays for Simmons...
"It's good in a sense that a lot of our plays have a pick-and-roll on the wing with a `two' guard, and she's playing the `two,' so we have a point guard coming off a screen which is always a good thing."

On competing with Simmons...
"We're both competitive. We're probably two of the most competitive people on the team. We got after it in the summer and definitely in practices."

On learning from Simmons...
"When I came in, she was the first one to our dorms. Her actions shoed us that she really was one of the leaders on the team, so she was one of the first people that we got to know. If we had any questions, she was open."

On differences in style with Simmons...
"I'm not Kyley Simmons, and she's not Liana Doty. That's what our coaches keep telling us. In terms of point guard styles, we play two very different styles of basketball. I'm more of an attacking, scoring point guard in a sense, not that she can't score, she's a great scorer. She's very good at controlling the game, running her team, running through the plays, and setting offenses."

Head Coach Robin Pingeton

On what to take away from the exhibition win over Lincoln...
"I was realistic with where we're at with our team. We talked about how young we were. I anticipated that the first half would be tough just because we calculated rotations that we were going to go with and a lot of new kids out on the court. I was pretty pleased with the second half. I thought we settled in a little bit, we were able to get a little bit of momentum. We didn't look like we had been looking in practice, but I don't know if I was expecting that in our first exhibition game for such a young team. It's one thing to play against these guys in practice, but once those bright lights are on it's a different stage for our kids."

On what to focus on after the exhibition win...
"Some things we need to continue to focus on were obviously our defense. We had way too many fouls, too many breakdowns on our defensive rotations, a couple blow-byes on the drive. Really, most of my concern is on the defensive end."

On Simmons and Doty playing together...
"Maybe here and there. I think it depends on what our needs are for at that point and that particular game and that situation. What they do bring to the court is great toughness from a defensive standpoint, two great kids that love to play defense and that can create some havoc on that end. Time will tell; it's definitely a possibility."

On differences in playing styles between Simmons and Doty...
"I think Kyley, number one, the experience that she has even though she's just a sophomore. I think she averaged 38 minutes per game last year and has been on this stage and has played against some pretty good competition. For being a sophomore, she's pretty experienced. I think she's going to have a calming effect for our team because she's been there, done that. I think she really does a good job of getting us into our offense. Liana, I think, is a little bit more of playmaker. I think she looks for her shot a little bit more. She has the ability to create shots for her teammates a little bit better at this point, where Kyley is going to run our system and then just really work on the execution of our entries. They both bring great value to our team, both are tremendous leaders, and we're really fortunate to have two point guards that have the skills that they both possess."

On Crafton's performance in the exhibition win over Lincoln...
"Sydney, obviously, statistically had a really good game. But we need more from her. When you watch some film breakdown, we still have some things on the defensive end that we are absolutely going to shore up. That's been a consistent work in progress over the last couple of years. She's definitely made some giant strides, you expect that out of your seniors. You expect the toughness, the ability to put the team on their back a little bit. She's playing with a lot of confidence, which you expect out of your seniors. So there were definitely a lot of good things."

On Crafton's leadership style...
"She's the only four-year player in this program. So that alone, it speaks for itself. A lot of times you look to your seniors because they are your seniors and they've been here four years. But the growth that even the players from a year ago have seen in her, it's been very positive. She's got a very contagious personality, people really feed off her. And I don't know if that's something you teach, I think it's just you're born with it. But she does have a very contagious personality that can be a very good thing."

On what made Liene Priede's personality one that Mizzou wanted...
"I think she's very genuine. I think she's very authentic. She's a deep thinker, sometimes a little bit too deep. It's real, she's got a realness to her. She's quick-witted; she's got a funny sense of humor. She's got a smile that can light up a room. She's got energy. She's got bounce, and I really like that."

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