SEC Media Day Quotes: Robin Pingeton

MUTIGERS.COM Robin Pingeton at SEC Media Day
Robin Pingeton at SEC Media Day

Oct. 25, 2012

2012 Tip Off - SEC Basketball Media Days

Robin Pingeton - Missouri

Advice you wish you had been given in your first year of being a head coach:
"I'll be honest with you. I feel like Bill Fennelly at Iowa State gave me really great advice. He said, 'surround yourself with the most loyal people that you can find and job descriptions will take care of themselves.' It's a tough position to be in and you've got to be surrounded by assistant coaches that are very loyal, that are going to work as hard as you do, and have the same discipline and attention to detail as you do. I've always felt like that was great advice for me, and I've been very blessed because my entire staff has been with me for going on 10 years now."

The challenges of switching to the SEC:
"Going into year three in the Big 12 is certainly different than going into your first year at a conference because you get use to styles of play, philosophy. You spend so much time breaking down film, spending time really studying tendencies from players in the league, so as we leave the Big 12 and we go into the SEC you're looking at learning 12 new systems. So it really takes quite a bit of time, but you know that's fun too, that's part of putting the puzzle
together. We certainly enjoy that part of it. In regards to how challenging it's going to be to join the SEC, I'll start off by telling you how much respect I have for this conference, for its office, for the teams in this league. I think it's got some outstanding coaches, some great traditions within this league and the universities in this league. But we're in an awfully tough situation regardless of what conference we're in. We took over the program two years ago at the University of Missouri, a little dysfunctional, really at rock bottom. So to build a team, not only at a division one level, but in the best conference in the country takes some time. It's going to take a lot of hard work, a lot of perseverance, a lot of persistence, some patience, which is not my strong suit, but I think I'm in a place that we can be very successful at. We want to certainly build a program and not just have a team, and so we've worked really hard at laying that foundation."



A young team in a new league:
"I think they don't know what they don't know, and you come in with a freshness, maybe a little bit of a different perspective. I think that can definitely be a positive, I also think it allows us as a staff to continue to mold and help them grow and mentor them over the next several years."

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