Tigers Meet With the Media

The Tigers will have another Media Day on Wednesday, October 24 at 3:30 p.m.

The Tigers will have another Media Day on Wednesday, October 24 at 3:30 p.m.

Oct. 18, 2012

The Mizzou Women's Basketball team met with the media on Wednesday, here's a peek into what all was said on the court.

Freshman Guard, Lianna Doty

On expectations as a freshman...
"I definitely feel like I need to be contributing to the team. I am going to work really hard in practice to get in the games. Definitely put up some assists and points."

On expectations of the team... "Well we are really young. We have some really good athletes and some really good shooters. So, I think we are going to be a fun team to watch because we can really get up and down the court and spread the floor with our shooting. It is going to be fun. I think it is going to be a learning process for this year, but I think we are going to turn some heads and people are going to look and say, `wow' because I think that we have a lot of players with a lot of heart and they work really hard and if you bring that same kind of energy that you bring everyday in practice into the game then we are going to have some great stuff this year."

On signing into a program in the rebuilding stages...
"I saw what the coaches were trying to build here and in high school I was part of a building program there and it's just a really cool experience. I really believe in everything the coaches are trying to do here, all they need to do is to get players. I was able to see where they were coming from and how they wanted to build this program and I could be an intricate part of that."

Sophomore Guard, Morgan Eye

On expectations from herself this season...
"I want to bring a level of consistency especially with my shooting and things like that. I want to be able to shoot the ball and stretch the defense and bring that along. That, and leadership, being a strong voice for the freshman."

On helping the new players transition...
"I think other than just telling them what to do is if I was to also to go out there and show them and lead by example. So if I am giving them advice, I am also doing what I am trying to tell them to do."



On working in the off-season...
"This off season, we practiced everything really. But as far as shooting goes, I want to make my shot a lot quicker. Coach P talked about how girls are going to be guarding me a lot tighter now, so I need to be able to read screens better and make myself get open. So, I worked on making my shot faster, but I also with the defense come flying at me I want to be able to pump fake and go to the hole."

Senior Guard, Sydney Crafton...

On working in the off-season...
"I really focused on my shot. I know that is something I lacked last year, I would be wide open and not shoot it, so I made a point that this year if I was open that I would shoot it."

On senior year being different...
"I guess it makes you grow up. Your freshman year, your like well I got three more years so maybe this year won't be my bust-out year but I have three more years. It's senior year. You got one year and that's all you got. Its now or never."

On team's capability...
"I think we just have to come out here everyday and give it everything we got. Coach talks about no off-days and if we are having a bad practice we can't just go home. No, we have to come here everyday and give it everything we got. There are teams out there just like us, same thing, so we have to go that extra level and the things that they aren't willing to do. I think if we do that, everything will just take care of itself."

Head Coach Robin Pingeton

On practices so far... "Well I would say overall, I am really pleased at where we are at considering again how young we are and how inexperienced we are. With 12 or 13 players playing a year or less it really has to be a record out there somewhere nationally how young our team is. With that being said, it's just a fun group to coach. Their focus has been really good. The intensity in practice, the players are hungry, they love the game and chemistry is outstanding. I think we continue to get better everyday and we still have a lot of work to do."

On having a team that was almost fully recruited by Coach Pingeton's staff...
"Our thoughts here when we first took over here at Missouri, we re-recruited all the players that were already here and I think those relationships were really important. It's hard when you go through a coaching change as a player. We considered them our recruits even though we didn't technically recruit them, but I definitely think when you go through the recruiting process and to recruit kids that fit your style of play it really helps."

On adjusting to SEC play...
"Again, it's a work in progress. We are just so young, and whether we are in the Big 12 or the SEC we have challenges ahead of us. We are still in the early years of turning a program and changing the culture. Typically, I think this is going to be a good year, a growing year for us. We are all really encouraged by what we have seen on the court but the fact of the matter is we are very young and I think you are looking at the Big 12 top to bottom as awfully tough conference. Some people think they are the best in the country and some would say the SEC but you have the top tier teams in the SEC that are all playing good and they are established programs and I think you have that middle tier and that lower tier that are kind of in the rebuilding process like we are. It will be interesting, but I think the hard thing about joining a new conference, we have to, you know our third year going into the Big 12 or even the second year you get a pretty good feel for style of play and personnel and for philosophies and now we have to start all over again. We haven't played these teams in the past. We'll get there but there is going to be a learning curve."

On the team shaping...
"We have a lot of different weapons and again I talked earlier about I think we are going to play a lot different than we played a year ago because of the personnel. This is a good problem to have. We have more depth then we have ever had here and we have a deeper team than we had in year one and year two so I think there is some real competition for starting line ups and rotations. But I do think especially early on in our non-conference, we will go a lot deeper than we have in the past."

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