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Dec. 19, 2011

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Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening Statement...
"Well I think after nine days of from a game certainly we were a little rusty in the first half but I thought there were positive things that happened in the second half. I think it really plays with our assists tonight, 19 assists on 28 field goals. I think that speaks volumes about the unselfishness of our team. Christine and BreAnna, I thought, did a nice job for us inside, and at times in the second half, I thought you saw some flashes of L.P. (Liene Priede) getting back to her game. Sydney Crafton had a nice couple of takes there in the second half. Our biggest challenge is consistency and playing 40 minutes. We talked about it in the locker room, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 35 minutes is not going to be enough from here on out. We have an awfully tough team coming in here on Thursday with Memphis. They are playing well and we just need to get more consistent and we need to get better."

On Sydney Crafton back in the starting lineup...
"It is a hard one, I mean its Sydney Crafton's mark this year, she gets an earful everyday and continues to take it, but we have to get her more consistent. I said going into the season, our big three really needed to be BreAnna Brock, Christine Flores, and Sydney Crafton, and she has got it in her. She absolutely has greatness in her and the challenge for her is to empty her tank day in and day out and she doesn't. She takes possessions off sometimes on the offensive end sometimes on the defensive end. When she is engaged and she lets it all hang out, she is an awfully talented young lady and we need some more production out of that position. Bailey does a tremendous job from a leadership position and she gets it and she is a great teammate, but we thought we could get more production on the boards and offensively than we are getting. We felt it was time to make that adjustment and we just needed to get Sydney to play the way she can."

On BreAnna Brock's confidence growing over the past two years...
"I think her work ethic, I think when you get in the gym and you put extra time in the gym and you come to practice everyday and you roll up your sleeves and you work hard. That is the only way for you too build confidence, so you have got to earn it. She has done that in the off-season and during the course of the season thus far. I think part of it is having people who believe in you, that can challenge you and also build you up. A positive environment is really important for our staff and to our players and we talk about family within our team and how I know family is a lot of tough love, a lot of accountability, a lot of discipline. So everyday we are very honest and real with our players and to where they are as players and what our expectations are, but we also give them the tools to get better and we coach them. That is what we are here to do."


Senior Christine Flores

On the advantage the team has when she and BreAnna Brock play strong together...
"When you have two post players that can consistently play well and play together, it opens up three-point shots for one of the best three point shooters in the nation (Morgan Eye). We need three point shots, and when we can play consistently inside it is going to open up those shots. So, it helps them out and when they are hitting shots, it opens us up. It is all around team effort. We could not do it without the guards and they could not do it without us."

Freshman Morgan Eye

On using Flores' and Brock's strong play to her advantage...
"It is very helpful. As we are able to hit shots, it frees us up to get it to our posts and whenever they are doing their thing, it really opens it up for us and that helps a lot."

Senior BreAnna Brock

On what helped her earn a career-high 25 points...
"My teammates kept me in it. You may not have seen it, but I had a couple of mental breakdowns early on and my teammates and our coaching staff just kept pushing me. But it is really not about me, it is about the team."

On playing with a new level of confidence this year...
"It is about realizing that I am going to make a mistake, and I realize now that I am not going to be perfect. Before, I did not have the experience and I am starting to get that experience now. Just knowing that I am going to mess up and it is not going to be a perfect game. In the end, I can depend on my teammates and I know they are going to push me to the best of my ability, so that boosts my confidence knowing that they depend on me."



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