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Dec. 16, 2012

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Mizzou Forward Sydney Crafton

On the variety of scorers on the team...
"We've got multiple advantages. We've got shooters, we've got jump shooters like LP (Liene Priede), you've got people that can take it to the basket, then we have our post players. It's like an all-around team; we have every kind of scorer that you would need."

On whether or not she is surprised by the offensive output during the homestand...
"No not really, because I see it every day in practice. I see them lining up or Liz having a great game, it's just a matter of us doing it all at once, and that was tonight. We all kind of shined in our own way."

Mizzou Forward Liz Smith

On the advantages of getting late minutes in the game...
"I think Coach P emphasizes when you're on the bench being ready to go, and there's not a person on the team sitting there thinking, `why haven't I gone in yet?' - everyone's really focused on `what's position am I, where can I score, what can I do?', observing the game and learning from that.

On her current `good place' on the team...
"I guess part of it is just coming into practice and everything and just try to mentally prepare. If there's one area I messed up in the day before, that's what I want to focus on and work on. Lately I guess a lot of it has been put on visualization that I've done before the game. I just try to put myself in the game, see myself boxing out other people and doing what we've done on the scouting report. I'd say that's the difference that I've done lately, that helps.

Mizzou Guard Maddie Stock

On her "hot hand" and points in the second half... "No, I didn't even know. But I think it came mostly from the people who were playing, and me getting to sit on the bench and watch the game and see how it was going. And I feel like everybody who was actually in the game was really into it and doing so good - it was bringing out the energy on the bench so when I got in, I was ready to go."

Mizzou vs. Southern Illinois- Coach Pingeton Quotes

Opening Statement...
"Really pleased with our win today. I thought we did what we were supposed to do. I just think we are playing very unselfish basketball right now with a lot of kids shooting the ball really well right now. I thought we played a lot with our defense and our defensive intensity. I love that we are able to switch up our press at different levels of the floor. Kids are playing really unselfish right now. It makes it real easy when you have kids coming off the bench playing as well as they do. I think it's really hard in games like this because when you have a lead like that it's really hard to maintain that intensity. It seems like as of late, we have really been able to do that with kids coming off the bench and give them a ton of credit."

On Liz Smith's impact on perimeter shooting...
"I think it is huge for us. It's not only Liz, who is playing a lot, but I just think more confident as of late and more experienced. We talk about confident, you need to get experience and she just didn't get a lot of minutes last year. What she is able to do and with the rotations with Darian (Saunders) and Michelle (Hudyn), coming in at that five-spot too, too be able to get what we are getting out of that position. I think it is so important. I thought Southern came in with a game plan of taking away our perimeter shot and I thought they did a very good job of that in the second half. Liz, I thought she made them pay for that out of the gates and hit some big shots for us and showed her range a little bit. I think if she can do that consistently, she can continue to help us and it's going to continue to change the way people defend."

On confidence that the offense will carry over into the SEC play...
"I am a realist. I think this is what we are supposed to be doing in non-conference and there is no doubt about it. This is good for our team this year. I think we are building confidence. We are building toughness. We are getting a lot of people a lot of minutes, and we are seeing different rotations from different players. When we go into the SEC, there is no doubt about it is an athletic conference league and for us to think that we are going to score a 100 points in the SEC is unrealistic. It's nice to see that we have a lot of different weapons and we can score a lot of different ways. We have more depth than we have ever had in the last couple of years here. I definitely think that is something we can do is knock down shots, but shots aren't going to be easy to come by in the SEC because of the athleticism."



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