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Nov. 29, 2012

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#30 Morgan Eye, Sophomore Guard

On being consistent...

"I think we need to get more comfortable and get in our rhythm. Like Morgan said I think we need to get it together on defense and it will come together."

On team's attitude during adversity before halftime...

"I think we just felt that we were letting up on defense. We weren't talking as much in the beginning so we knew we had to get it started on the defensive end. Once we got that going, we were able to get a few shots to fall and regain our lead again."

On higher rate of play tonight as opposed to the recent trip to Cancun...

"A lot of it is just us being able to run our lanes hard everyday and being willing to do that. I don't know if that was the problem in Cancun necessarily but it's just practicing over and over again and being fundamental. And just doing what we need to do."

On high number of three-point attempts

"Even if I'm missing, I'm still shooting. Other wise I think I'm on the bench."

On being able to limit turnovers...

"I think coach talks about how we have to value each possession. That was something that has been talked about in these last couple days of practice."

#21 Sydney Crafton, Senior Guard

On what needs to happen for more consistent play

"I think we need to get more comfortable, we need to get in our rhythm. Like Morgan said, it's hard for the defense and we get our energy from our defense. Then we can carry that over to the offensive end."

On keys to personal consistency...

"It's just one of those things where it's just the game. I feed off of [the team]. It's not something that I do; it's something that we do. Most of our points came from fast breaks and its not from me, it's from [the team] getting rebounds and me boxing out."

On what was said in the locker room at halftime...

"I know one thing was we said, `Don't let up.' Most of their points came from three's; they didn't come from lay-ups. So we said `Let's get out and guard the three line and let's get it back on defense. Then we'll get it back on offense from there.'"


Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening Statement...

"It sure feels good to be back in the win column, I felt like there were a lot of positives tonight. The lid finally came off the basket for us; I liked our focus and our energy. I was a little concerned coming out of the gates; we have been a little bit flat the last few days in practice. But I was really pleased with the way we took the court tonight. There was a lot of positives, a lot of kids stepped up, certainly have a lot of room for improvement, we gave up 17 offensive boards and we fouled a little bit too much, but considering the week we had and where we are at as a team; I feel it was a great win for us."

On the benefits on the Cancun tournament's benefits...

"I was extremely encouraged after that trip, and losing is hard, but it was a great trip from the stand point of the bonding that took place. We have a young team and that's what road trips are for. You want that bonding to take place. These guys spent a lot of time together. I think that served its purpose. Just the experience of playing on the road, we have a young, inexperienced team, so to play on the road in a tough environment, I think we got our feet wet as to what that is going to be like. The focus that you have to have to play those teams. Also, to play the competition that we played, it was by far the toughest competition we have played so far, and I really feel like that this is a group that we learn from those games, about late game management, some different scenarios and it is great lessons from day one. Win or lose, I love this team and I love coaching them because they are hungry."

On shooting 37 threes tonight...

"It's great; I love it. We get open looks; I think they are good looks. If you have a good look and your feet are set and you're in rhythm you better believe, I think we have a lot weapons from the three-point line. Now, as long as they are open looks. I think there is a difference between a good shot and a great shot. I think there's been times where we took a lot of forced shots, I felt like we had pretty good ball movement tonight and being pretty unselfish on the offensive end. I mean we had 20 assists; I would say that is pretty good on 32 made shots."



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