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Nov. 12, 2012

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Chicago State Head Coach Angela Jackson

Opening Statement...
"Good win for Missouri, huh? I thought they were aggressive. They played hard, they played well, Missouri did. I wish we could have taken a chapter out of their book and you know played with some intensity for 40 minutes. I think in the second half we played a little bit harder. We still have to minimize some of our mistakes that we're making, but that's why you play these games. You play these big guys so you're ready for your conference season and just improve as the season goes on."

On playing with a young team...
"You expect some mistakes. It seems our learning curve has been huge. We have to do a better job in my opinion of listening. That's one thing. And then you know sometimes when you play in high school, you're not used to making adjustments from game to game and we played one defense in our first game and tried to do some things differently in this game because we knew they had a bunch of three-point shooters. I think my freshmen were still at the last game, but it's a learning process. It's a huge learning curve when you've played high school basketball and then jump to a big time arena. University of Missouri is a big time arena so I'm sure some of the nerves got to them as well."

On the Missouri defense...
"Well, we knew the two-two-one was coming. We expect it. You know it's a man to man run and jump. They didn't do that as much tonight as the two -two-one, but we expected it. You know that defense is mainly not to make you turn the ball over, but it's just to kind of slow you down and I think they accomplished what they set out to do in that two-two-one zone. It was just to slow us down. I would have liked to see us attack it a little bit more and be more aggressive, but you know again when you only have one day to prepare and a lot of things or a bunch of young kids and sometimes our stuff doesn't carry over in one day. That's why the season is long. Hopefully in the next few weeks or so those things will become natural for us."

On halftime adjustments...
"Well we went smaller. We didn't play our bigs as much in the second half. We picked it up a little bit in the full court to try to slow them down because they were kind of having their way with us offensively and doing what they wanted to, so just trying to put a little bit more pressure. I told them at halftime I'm going with the kids that are going to give me energy. Whether they had played before or not, we were just going to go with the kids who were going to give us energy and effort."

On conference level differences...
"It's still a big difference. Hampton is a very athletic team. I mean we played them last year and my goodness those guys are athletic down there. I think that's why you throw the ball up. On any given night, anybody can be beat. If you put together the right game plan and your kids believe in what you're doing and you go out there and you execute it, yes you can be beat. But as far as the SEC and the Great West, it's still a pretty good gap in there as far as the talent pool is concerned." __________________________________________________________________________________

Sophomore Morgan Eye

On the scoring balance of the Tigers...
"Coach talks a lot about how we have so many people that can score. On any given night, it could be someone else. Syd [Crafton] and I were just looking at how we had four different people in double digits and when people are scouting our team it's going to be really hard for them to decide who they have to guard. Tonight I was able to get a lot of shots up. Tonight it was me, tomorrow it might be someone else."

On bouncing back from her exhibition performances...
"It's just how it goes for shooters sometimes, I guess. But I came to practice the next day and kept shooting, so I guess that's what you have to do as a shooter.

On level of comfort with different guards on the floor...
"I do think that Kyley [Simmons] and I do have a lot of chemistry just because we've played a whole year together. But I do feel like I'm building a little more chemistry with the other girls as well. Maybe as of now with Kyley we kind of read each other a little bit better, but I think in time it'll just keep getting better."

On her comfort level shooting threes...
"That just comes from time in the gym and the repetitiveness and making it muscle memory. When I do that in practice it just makes it easier to do in the game."

Senior Sydney Crafton

On the impact of a strong shooting night from Morgan Eye...
"When Morgan's hitting, Morgan's hitting. It's always nice to have a shooter, but it just opens stuff up so much more. Say she's hitting, so they're going to go out harder on her, and that opens the lane for me to penetrate and kick it back to her and she makes it."

On the defensive game plan against Chicago State...
"Our game plan was to clog up the paint because they weren't really shooters. So we played kind of like a sagging man. We made sure we were in the paint."

On all of the defensive fouls on Mizzou...
"I think we're just used to playing so rough against the scout boys. You come play the girls and it's just a totally different atmosphere. But I like it. I like the intensity. I like the aggressiveness. I keep telling her to keep doing what she's doing. She's going to adjust and figure out what the refs are going to call and what they're not."


Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening Statement...
"I thought the first half was pretty solid for us. I was pretty pleased with both ends of the court. Second half I didn't think we came out with the same kind of intensity, we needed to, that kind of intensity that championship teams come out with. So, a lot of things to learn not only in the locker room but also on the court; we have got to continue to sure up."

On the nights Morgan Eye is shooting well...
"Well I certainly think when we can get their defense extended and it gives more driving opportunities for us. She is a young lady that we have a lot of confidence in and someone alluded to earlier about the exhibition game that she was 0-5 in and I can assure every single one of us from top to bottom has confidence in her taking the next five shots and she is a kid that gets in the gym a lot and she's awfully consistent in practice and just has that mental toughness and that's what shooters do they keep shooting."

On having a balanced scoring attack...
"I think our balanced scoring attack is certainly going to be one of our strengths this year and on any given night you don't know which kid is going to step up. We talked about that as a team too. I don't think we are going to have a player that going to consistently average 20 points per game. I think its going to be pretty balanced and on any different night, different kids are going to be able to knock some shots down for us, but its nice, definitely to have that depth on the perimeter."



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