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Nov. 9, 2012

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Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening statement...

"That was a great win for us. I saw a lot of really positive things. I loved the balanced scoring that we had. I felt like with our rotations we played a lot of kids and I thought that contributed to being able to apply our full court pressure or the majority of the game. I thought we had a couple kids really step up for us, but it was a great team win. We're a young, inexperienced team and this was the first night out and I thought it was a great win, but we still have work to do. We absolutely have a lot of work to do. As pleased as I was about our full court pressure, I was equally concerned about our half court defense."

On officiating...

"No, I think they did the best job they could. Different angles of the game cause different calls. But it's all part of basketball. No one is perfect. We're not perfect, the players aren't perfect, and the officials aren't perfect. It is what it is. I just think we need to do a better job defensively. We're putting those officials in a position where they're seeing something. We've got to clean it up on our end. That is absolutely our responsibility They're going to call the game the way they see it. I don't think they're biased or predetermine what the outcome of the game is going to be. We just have to do a better job of not giving them a reason to make a call...."

On halftime adjustments...

"We just said we had to work a little on containing them better. Rotations, you know, nothing major. Our players just made the adjustment to the style of ball they were playing and I thought we did a little bit better job recognizing who were the shooters, who were drivers. I thought the first half we started to be too aggressive with the kids who were more prone to attack the basket so I just think we did a better job of recognizing personnel."

On scoring...

"I think we've got kids who can get to the rim. For a four-man Bri Kulas has got really good handles, Bree Fowler, Sydney Crafton, Liene, Lianna. There's a lot of kids who can create shots off the dribble and I think Darian Saunders had a heck of a game tonight and she's a kid that's just going to get better and better. Liz is better than what she's playing. I still think she's a little uptight. We've just got to get her to relax a little bit because she certainly has had some very good practices for us.....We're going to be an inside out team..."

On behind the arc shots...

"I thought we should have hit a few more of them, but that's what we do. I've got a lot of confidence in these girls and they know it. That's going to be part of our signature this year is our ability to knock down open shots. They get in the gym outside of practice and get their repetition in and get their shots in and I think they have got a lot of confidence in themselves. We got 36 threes up, but its always nice to see them fall."


Junior Bri Kulas

On hitting her outside shots...
"I think whenever we're open, we're going to hit open shots because that's who our team is. That's one of our characteristics."

On pulling charges on defense...
"I think I was just giving help, giving up my body... I think it gets our team hyped, personally, just to know that your teammate gave themselves up."

Freshman Maddie Stock

On being comfortable behind the three-point line...
"I think the confidence comes from my teammates doing well, and playing hard, and making good plays. Then you just feel like you have more confidence, you're more comfortable out there. So when everyone's playing well it all just comes together and you feel it from outside."


Saint Louis Head Coach Lisa Stone

On Missouri's shooting ability...
"It's been a long time since I've played a team that took thirty-six threes. Their one through three can really shoot it. It's a tough matchup. We tried to get the ball inside and force them a little bit. But you have to pick your poison. You've got matchup issue."

On playing well in the first half...
"I'm really encouraged by what I saw in the first half. We're changing the culture. We have nine bodies who are going to contribute in their own way. Defensively we played well in the first half. We got really good offense rebounds. We've got some people who can really get on the boards."

On turnovers...
"Ten turnovers are too many for the first half. Twenty-two is way too many for the game. Those are things we can sure up. Their half-court trap bothered us. On Missouri pulling away in the second half...
"We went on a scoring drought while Missouri started hitting three's. I didn't care for the way we finished the game. That's something we can learn from. I thought we gave Missouri all we could handle. I'm really excited about what's to come for this team. "

On improving moving forward...
"There are certain things we can control-like traveling, bad passing, and rushing. We'll get better at that. We just had to calm down. [Our team] is eager, they want to learn, and they wanted to go out on the court and play today. I'm proud of their efforts. They're disappointed in there. That's a good sign. The schedule's not favorable but we're going to play and compete every single game."

On playing team basketball...
"I'm excited about how we're trying to play. Team basketball-offensively and defensively. We're not a team that's going to be in foul trouble. Our defense and offense have a servitude mentality on and off the court."



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