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Nov. 8, 2011

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Head Coach Robin Pingeton
Opening Statement...
"Thanks for coming out tonight, we have a lot of work to and a lot of areas we have to get better at and that is what the exhibition games are for. We look forward to going back to work tomorrow and watching some film and helping these girls break it down, they get better in the process. I thought BreAnna Brock had a nice game for us inside and Tori Niemann certainly took advantage of some big minutes out there. I thought Kylee Simmons did a nice job running the show played a lot of minutes, again, she plays with a lot of heart, a lot of toughness and these are all things that we can build on."

On Christine Flores not playing tonight...
"I can tell you that we are laying a foundation and there are certain expectations and certain standards we are going to run our program by. We are not going to waiver. We have certain rules and regulations and expectations and that is all a part of the process. We will handle that internally and certainly look forward to having her back this weekend."

On BreAnna Brock's Game tonight...
"We expect that out of her and it is a nice showing, it's darn right that is what her stat line should be. She has really had a nice offseason for us and we talked about this in the preseason. I think she is one of our most improved players, she has a great work ethic and she has invested a lot of time in the offseason and this is what we need from her. We have talked about this pretty point blank, and for us to go this year she needs to be consistent with a double-double so certainly a lot of good things but still room for improvement from that standpoint too."

On effort reaping reward, especially with Tori tonight...
"She is a kid that is a tireless worker, she knows the limitations she has and what she brings to the table and she has really worked hard. She has always been a good shooter but she has worked hard at being more consistent from that three-point line. She is a great teammate, she has got a great attitude, it's a 'whatever I can do for the good of the team' attitude, and 'whatever my role is I am going to be the best I can at it'. We have had some tough conversations with her, and while everyone wants more minutes and I want them to want more minutes ,I think at the end of the day it is about our program. She certainly took advantage of her opportunity today and she is a kid that has worked hard for us"


BreAnna Brock
On the offensive game.......
"I just think that the confidence that I have with my teammates (I've been more comfortable with my teammates)o helps me to know that I can depend on them to get me the ball as long as I do my job down there. Its due to everybody working together and getting more comfortable with each other."

On How she feels after a game like this.......
"I'm not satisfied. That work was good but at the same time I do know that I have some things to work on and as a team we have some things to work on. So I'm definitely not satisfied."

Kyley Simmons
On How she's improved so far.......
"I guess I would just say knowing where my teammates are. That's a big thing right now. Feeling the court and feeling my team. From the first game to the second game I guess that's noticeable."

On looking for her shot.......
"In the first game I was just trying to get used to everything, taking advantage of the team. I looked for my shot a little bit tonight, but that's why we have Tori (Niemann) here. Good Job Tori."



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