Mizzou 56, Mississippi State 61



Feb. 10, 2013

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Mizzou Women's Basketball
Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013 - Mizzou Arena
Mizzou 56, Mississippi State 61
Postgame Quotes

Mizzou Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening Statement...
"I am greatly disappointed. Man, I thought we had a great turnout tonight and they were just waiting for us to make some big things happen. Just appreciate their support. We had a hard time getting it going tonight. Credit Mississippi State, I thought they guarded us hard. We talked about them coming out with that Bulldog mentality and really making it tough on our cutting and screening action. The thing that continues to hurt us is our turnovers and our unforced turnovers. I thought we had opportunities in that second half to put it away, and then we had some miss layup opportunities. It was just one of those nights that we couldn't get it going."

On the three-point line tonight...
"I felt like we had some good looks. Morgan Eye certainly has the green light. Liene Priede has the green light and has been building her confidence. Certain kids have the green light and we are not going to pull the reigns back on them. I think its not so much how we shot from the three-point line, and I am going to go back to our turnovers and miss layups. That is the story of the game."

On Liene Priede's performance tonight...
"I thought she played extremely well. Collectively, we didn't have that fire in our eyes, but I felt like she absolutely had it. She is one of those that had it coming out of the gates. She played with a sense of urgency and I liked where her focus was on the defensive end. I thought she really did a tremendous job communicating. She stayed in her shot and wasn't afraid to take big shots. I thought she played really well, but I think this is the LP we have been seeing as of late. I couldn't be more proud of her."

Mizzou Senior Forward Liz Smith

On having a short memory after missing an easy bucket...
"That's the hard thing as a player. If you see your teammate doing it you have to remind them, `next play, next play'. Making a mistake on that end and leading to another mistake--it's the compound mistakes that you want to prevent. Everything we do is one possession at a time. You miss a layup? Okay, go down, make a stop and bring it back--recover from it."

On the team's performance following the Tennessee victory...
"We had a great week of practice. All of us girls really committed to the mindset that we were going to get better every day. Maybe we were thinking `Oh, we just beat Tennessee, we can beat [Mississippi State] easily.' Not everyone, collectively, had the mindset that we needed to attack [Mississippi State] from the gates. That just goes with what kind of team we have, but we're going to get better. I think this is just a wake-up call."

On Mississippi State's big offensive put-back with 30 seconds remaining...
"There were a lot of people under [the basket]. I should have had [Alwal] boxed out. But we can't just blame that last play. We didn't have the fight in the last four minutes that we had in the Tennessee or Florida games."

Mizzou Senior Guard Liene Priede

On Mississippi State's perimeter pressure...
"They guarded us hard, but I don't think we were committed to what we were supposed to do: cutting hard, screening, blocking. We could have done a better job of that."

On having the best personal game today...
"I don't have an explanation for that. I guess I just got my confidence back. It was just the mindset."

On embracing her role as a leader...
"I try to. I try to bring energy every day. I just need to stay positive and encourage the other girls."

On Mississippi State's unique defensive approach to Missouri's offense...
"They just tried to get in passing lanes and they were switching. They made it tougher to pass to our team."

Mississippi State Head Coach Vic Schaefer

Opening Statement...
"I'm awfully proud of my players. I thought they played their hearts out today. They took a scouting report from my staff and really just did a great job taking away what Missouri likes to do. Missouri's a fine team. Robin's doing a great job with them. This is now three teams that we have held down scoring. We've had some games where we we've given up 90 or 88. We have had some bad games no doubt, but they keep working at it, this is a very resilient group. Missouri shoots 26 percent the second half; you don't do that standing around in a 2-3 zone. You don't force 20 turnovers, 13 in the first half, without getting out there and playing your heart out, and that's what we've been trying to teach to these young ladies; being competitive and just playing your absolute best representing Mississippi State. I couldn't be more proud of them. I thought they made plays down the stretch when they had to make a play, whether it was on offense or defense. They've really shown some toughness as of late. They are growing up, and I'm pleased for them. You don't know how hard these kids have worked. They worked harder than anyone in the country because that's the only way I know how to do it. I'm happy for them because now we've beaten Arkansas, Missouri, and Ole Miss. It's good for them to see the fruits of their labor. It's hard for them to come back every day and do what we do in practice, and come out and not see the fruits of your labor. Let me tell you 26 percent field goal percentage, holding them to 56 points, that's the fruits of your labor. I'm really happy for these young ladies."

On Mississippi State's Defense...
"We switched about everything one through four. We tried to be there on the pass with her. If you're there on the catch you might be too late. So we tried to be there on the pass, and really guard the arc. I think that's their strength. We worked hard on it; it's not something we do all the time. We don't typically switch one through four. For three days they worked on it, and Morgan (Eye) is a fine player, but I thought our defense started with Katia (May). When you're the other four and you see her working that point guard 90 feet it makes you sit there and go `well she's playing pretty hard I think I'll play pretty hard behind her.' If you are waiting for somebody at the top of the key to pick up then everyone else behind her is probably thinking `well I'll kind of wait on mine too.' That's not my philosophy; it's not how we play defensively. We try to be the aggressor, and again it starts with Katia on the ball. She's really a difference out there with her ball pressure."

Mississippi State Sophomore Forward Martha Alwal

On believing this team would have a turnaround...
"Those first couple of losses were really hard on us, but we just had to buy into the system even more. I think as a team we stayed together even more when we were down. We talked to each other and kept each other up. We believed in each other."

On her 40 minutes of play and double-double...
"It sounds good, but at the same time I had a lot of plays that were for me, and I couldn't finish because of contact. I need to embrace contact, and I think that I'll be a better player for my team if I can learn to just do that."

On Alwal's big offense rebound and put back...
"I think I was just in the right place at the right time, honestly. I missed another put back a couple minutes before that, so I just wanted to make up for it."

Mississippi State Junior Guard Katia May

On what worked on offense...
"We were just patient. We were patient in what the defense was giving us and executing what coach planned for us."



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