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Jan. 9, 2014

Recap |  Box Score |  Photo Gallery  Mizzou Head Coach Robin Pingeton

Opening Statement...
"Big for our team. I am really proud of just our poise and toughness that we have played with throughout the game. We started off a little bit rocky. We had some shots that for a split second I thought `oh no not tonight...' We moved on and said we were not going to get deflated and we were going to move onto the next play consistently for forty minutes. I think that is collectively what we all did. The stat line that really impresses me the most is just having eight turnovers. We had a couple early and we were going down a bad road with that but we regrouped and did a tremendous job in the second half taking care of the ball. I think we only played with two turnovers in the second half. We finished with eight. Just a lot of key plays from our entire team and Lindsey Cunningham and her coming in and having so much poise in the first half and doing a great job of just running the show in the first half. Kayla McDowell came in and played with some great toughness and Lianna Doty in the second half. I think she had all seven of the assists in the second half. Bri Kulas, obviously continues to do what she does. I think collectively we can't get a win like this without the chemistry that we have in that locker room and it is not just about the players who got a chance to play, but the ones who didn't get a chance to play they impact our team in a huge way. So, this was truly a great team win for us."

On what this win over a ranked team can do for a team's resume...
"For us and where we are at for our program, I know we say this all the time, but it is truly about the process. I think with a young team you are going to have some highs and you are going to have some tough, tough losses. I think you are going to see a little bit of we are not there yet. But it is definitely a step in the right direction. You look at Georgia and they beat us by 31 last years at Georgia and they did graduate a couple of key players and they just continue to reload. Andy has been there for a long time and he has a phenomenal program. This is a big win and I know we are really disappointed that we let one slip through our fingers at our home court against Arkansas. I am really proud of our girls for their resiliency and again it is just a group that is really committed to the front of their jersey. We know we are still going to have some challenging times in front of us, but it is about the process. One step at a time and we want to be better today than what we were yesterday. That is our mindset every day."

On whether this a defining win for edging Mizzou up the ladder in the SEC...
"We just really focus a lot on us. People might evaluate it one way or another but our focus in on us and I felt the thing that I was most proud of was number one the way we took care of the ball and number two the points that we played with. Again, we just want to get better. We are not going to get too high and we are not going to get too low after a loss. We are just going to stay the course and try to get better every time."

Mizzou Player quotes

Senior Forward, Bri Kulas
On feeling like the game was won by Mizzou's defense...
"Yes, I think defense did help us win this game. I think that we were communicating a lot and that really helped us."

Junior Guard, Morgan Eye
On keeping emotions in check during the game...
"We had some really exciting moments. I know when Morgan Stock hit that and-one and we all get fired up, but it is always that mentality of next play. It is getting together and tight huddles and reminding each other of what we have to do on our defensive end and all of our assignments. That quick excitement and we are fired up, but then we lock back in."

On the 2-3 zone being effective tonight...
"I think that our communication was really on point. They are really athletic girls and everything and we were able to pass around the shooters and communicate that way. Whenever they were driving, we were able to play inside out and clog up the lane and making them take those three pointers."

On players coming off the bench and being effective...
"I mean that just goes to show that our girls whether you are on the bench or not they were ready to come in and do their jobs. They didn't know how long they would be in there, but they came in and did their job. I know Maddie and Morgan are so effective with their long arms in the zone. Lindsey with her voice out there she does a great job as well. It was just a great team win tonight."

Freshman Forward, Kayla McDowell
On what led to her good play tonight...
"I think that at first I came out a little bit timid, but Coach P. is always reminding me that you have to get going and you have to go strong to the hoop and you can't play like a freshman. So, after those first two missed layups, I really just said it is all or nothing and I have to do this for my team."

Georgia Head Coach Andy Landers

On the Lady Bulldogs' eight-minute scoring drought...
"I think it was some of both (Missouri's defense and Georgia's lack of scoring) as I recall. I'm not always totally accurate with this stuff. We actually got five or six stops, maybe five in a row. It seemed like we had a couple of turnovers in their back end after we had secured the ball. We didn't turn the ball over a lot, nor did Missouri, but as I recall, that's where we turned it over. We needed to take care of it. We were reckless and as I said, even 90 feet away from the basket somehow someway managed to lose the basketball not once, but maybe even twice. They guarded us well. I thought during that period we turned it over and rushed a shot or two."

On expecting Missouri's zone defense...
"They spread it out and they're big, bigger than we are, so it's hard to navigate it. The problem there is that in the first half Merritt Hempe started off playing pretty well. She scored our first two baskets, or four early, but she gets in foul trouble, she gets two fouls. We put Washington in and then Washington gets two fouls. So basically we played the vast majority of the first half with little people, so that's what made the zone even more difficult. At that point we're playing guards in the forward position and our call sheet in terms of our offense got a lot shorter because those kids don't know how to run the same things."

On bouncing back...
"I think we have to want to get better. We have to want to prepare for games better than we have prepared for games lately. Pretty simple."



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