Three Tigers Take First at Lindenwood

MUTIGERS.COM Freshman Alan Waters took first in the 125 pound class
Freshman Alan Waters took first in the 125 pound class

Nov. 1, 2010

Lindenwood Open Results

While several Tigers were competing at the annual Black and Gold wrestle-off’s on Saturday, the rest of the team was getting their first taste of action this season at the Lindenwood Open.  Three Mizzou grapplers, freshman Alan Waters, junior Danny Gonsor and sophomore Nick Gregoris took first place in their class, while nine Tigers in all secured medals on the day.

Waters entered the 125 pound class as the No. 2 seed, and coasted through the first two rounds with back-to-back pins, putting Paul Myers (UN-SIUE) on his back in 1:33 and defeating Ben Seglin (WC) in 1:12.  After a 4-1 decision and a 6-0 decision to advance to the finals, Waters pinned No. 4 seed Paulie Hansen (MVC) in 1:00 to take the crown.

At 157 pounds, Gonsor was the top-ranked seed in his class and lived up to the hype, as he dominated his five matches on his way to the title.  Gonsor, a transfer from the University of Virginia, pinned his first three opponents, taking out Kyle Dooley (UN-ILL) in 4:14, Josh Ballard (MCK) in 1:52 and Josh Mccoy (MMI) in 0:53 to advance to the semifinals.  From there, he picked up a 15-0 technical fall victory over No. 4 seed Jake Johnson (LU) to move on to the championship, where he dropped No. 2 seed Jackson Morse (UN-ILL) by a 17-0 score for his second straight technical fall victory, earning him the title.

Nick Gregoris, who entered the tournament unseeded at 165 pounds, took first place with an impressive showing.  After pinning his first opponent, Zack Long (MVC) in 1:11, Gregoris then knocked off No. 1 seed Ryan Moyer (UN-LU) by a 5-2 score.  From there, he picked up a 12-1 major decision over No. 8 Parker Madl (UN-OU), and defeated No. 4 seed Drae Cox (LU), 7-1, to move on to the finals.  Gregoris was crowned champion after pinning fellow Tiger, freshman Phillip Perry, in 1:01.

Perry, who also entered the 165 pound class unseeded, earned his way to the championship by pinning his first opponent in 4:16, and then rallying off two straight 4-3 decision to advance to the final four.  In the semifinals, Perry defeated Zeke Hunt (CU) by an 8-1 final, setting up his bout with Gregoris.

Sophomore Eric Wilson wrestled up to 133 pounds and picked up a fourth place finish for his efforts, wrestling to his seed.  He defeated Jesse Feeler (HLG) by an 18-1 score to start things off, and pinned his next opponent in 6:24.  Wilson then picked up a 10-5 decision to advance to the semifinals, but was knocked off by top seed Bj Futrell (ILL), 10-4.  He advanced to the third place match with a 3-1 win over Dustin Reed (UN-OU), but got pinned in the third place contest to give him the fourth place medal.

At 141 pounds, freshman Simon Kitzis entered as the No. 3 seed and finished in fifth place after going 3-2 on the day.  After opening with a bye, Kitzis defeated Jacob Janes (LU) by an 8-1 decision before beating Craig Chiles (LU), the No. 6 seed, by a 2-0 score to advance to the semifinals.  Kitzis was then upended by No. 2 seed Tyler Holloway (UN-RLC), 2-0, and was edged out in his first wrestleback match, 5-4.  However, Kitzis bounced back in the fifth place match and squeaked out a 3-2 decision over Josh Fiorito (LU).

Sophomore Todd Porter, the No. 2 seed at 174 pounds, took second place in his class.  He coasted through his first three matches, defeating Gabe Vasquez (WC) by a 12-2 major decision, and then secured two straight 9-3 victories, pushing him to the final four.  He then defeated Kyle Hanner (MCK) by a 7-5 score to advance to the finals, where he was defeated by No. 1 Chris Chionuma (LU), 12-7.

A 4-2 day by redshirt freshman James Houchins helped propel him to a fifth place finish in the 184 pound class.  Unseeded, Houchins won his first match 12-5 before beating No. 6 Tony Dallago (ILL), 10-8.  He then scored his second straight upset, beating Jesse Alter (MVC), the No. 3 seed, 7-5 to move on to the semifinals.  Houchins was knocked off by No. 2 seed Kyle Reid (MCK) by a 13-7 score, and was defeated in his first wrestleback, a rematch with Dallago, to send him to the fifth place match.  Houchins was crowned winner of that match when top seed Ben Friedl (ILL) was unable to compete due to injury.

The Missouri wrestling team opens with their first dual next Friday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. CT against No. 10 Illinois in Edwardsville, Ill.  Stay tuned to for more information.

125 Pounds: Alan Waters (Record: 5-0) – CHAMPION
Alan Waters (MU) fall Paul Myers (UN-SIUE): 1:33
Alan Waters (MU) fall Ben Seglin (WC): 1:12
Alan Waters (MU) dec. Efrain Aguilar (UN-RLC): 4-1
Alan Waters (MU) dec. TT Prayther (UN-RLC): 6-0
Alan Waters (MU) fall Paulie Hansen (MVC): 1:00

133 Pounds: Eric Wilson (Record: 4-2) – FOURTH PLACE

Eric Wilson (MU) tech. fall Jesse Feeler (HLG): 18-1 (2:12)
Eric Wilson (MU) fall Jeff Ohnemus (WC): 6:24
Eric Wilson (MU) dec. Willie Essex (UN-MVC): 10-5
Bj Futrell (ILL) dec. Eric Wilson (MU): 10-4
Eric Wilson (MU) dec. Dustin Reed (UN-OU): 3-1
Joshua Chappa (CU) fall Eric Wilson (MU): 0:10

133 Pounds: Taylor Ronan (Record: 0-2)

Taylor Bolin (LU) dec. Taylor Ronan (MU): 6-3
Joshua Chappa (CU) major dec. Taylor Ronan (MU): 11-1

141 Pounds: Jake Cyr (Record: 1-2)
Jake Cyr (MU) major dec. Cody Pierce (UN-MVC): 10-2
Mike Vassar (UN-LU) dec. Jake Cyr (MU): 10-3
Brandon Westerman (MMI) dec. Jake Cyr (MU): 9-3

141 Pounds: Simon Kitzis (Record: 3-2) – FIFTH PLACE

Simon Kitzis (MU) dec. Jacob Janes (LU): 8-1
Simon Kitzis (MU) dec. Craig Chiles (LU): 2-0
Tyler Holloway (UN-RLC) dec. Simon Kitzis (MU): 2-0
Ian Fisher (UN-OU) dec. Simon Kitzis (MU): 5-4
Simon Kitzis (MU) dec. Josh Fiorito (LU): 3-2

149 Pounds: Kellen Bounous (Record: 1-2)
Guy Kirby (UN-ILL) dec. Kellen Bounous (MU): 5-3
Kellen Bounous (MU) dec. Andy Shoultz (CU): 12-7
Daniel Breit (LU) dec. Kellen Bounous (MU): 3-1

149 Pounds: Luke Greco (Record: 2-2)
Luke Greco (MU) dec. Dillon Dennis (UN-OU): 5-2
Trevor Bailey (MMI) dec. Luke Greco (MU): 4-1
Luke Greco (MU) dec. Nick Copeland (WC): 5-0
Santiago Martinez (LU) dec. Luke Greco (MU): 3-2

149 Pounds: Trevor Wiest (Record: 3-2)
Trevor Wiest (MU) dec. Michael Giorgio (MMI): 7-2
Trevor Wiest (MU) fall Devin Patterson (UN-MCK): 1:23
Seth Horner (UN-RLC) dec. Trevor Wiest (MU): 5-3
Trevor Wiest (MU) dec. Santiago Martinez (LU): 6-0
Ryan Jahn (UN-MCK) dec. Trevor Wiest, 3-2

157 Pounds: Danny Gonsor (Record: 5-0) – CHAMPION
Danny Gonsor (MU) fall Kyle Dooley (UN-ILL): 4:14
Danny Gonsor (MU) fall Josh Ballard (MCK): 1:52
Danny Gonsor (MU) fall Josh Mccoy (MMI): 0:53
Danny Gonsor (MU) tech. fall Jake Johnson (LU): 15-0 (5:36)
Danny Gonsor (MU) tech. fall Jackson Morse (UN-ILL): 17-0 (3:15)

157 Pounds: Austin Lindsay (Record: 2-2)
Austin Lindsay (MU) major dec. Cody Bleaken (CU): 10-1
Austin Lindsay (MU) dec. Donald Woods (LU): 8-5
Jake Johnson (LU) dec. Austin Lindsay (MU): 6-3 (SV3)
Kyle Dooley (UN-ILL) dec. Austin Lindsay (MU): 7-2

157 Pounds: Drake Houdashelt (Record: 3-3) – SIXTH PLACE
Drake Houdashelt (MU) tech. fall Adam Osmoe (UN-RLC): 16-0 (2:57)
Drake Houdashelt (MU) fall Alex Kluge (MCK): 4:13
Drake Houdashelt (MU) tech. fall Isaac Ervin (UN-SIUE): 20-3 (6:03)
Jackson Morse (UN-ILL) dec. Drake Houdashelt (MU): 9-8
Kyle Dooley (UN-ILL) dec. Drake Houdashelt (MU): 11-9
Bernard Thomas (UN-MVC) wins by medical forfeit over Drake Houdashelt (MU)

157 Pounds: Joshua Cyr (Record: 1-2)
Joshua Cyr (MU) fall Chip Condon (LWC): 5:45
Jackson Morse (UN-ILL) major dec. Joshua Cyr (MU): 12-2
Kyle Dooley (UN-ILL) dec. Joshua Cyr (MU): 12-9

165 Pounds: Nick Gregoris (5-0) – CHAMPION
Nick Gregoris (MU) fall Zack Long (MVC): 1:11
Nick Gregoris (MU) dec. Ryan Moyer (UN-LU): 5-2
Nick Gregoris (MU) major dec. Parker Madl (UN-OU): 12-1
Nick Gregoris (MU) dec. Drae Cox (LU): 7-1
Nick Gregoris (MU) fall Phillip Perry (MU): 1:01

165 Pounds: Ty Prazma (2-2)
Ty Prazma (MU) dec. Ian Taylor (HLG): 4-0
Ty Prazma (MU) fall Gian Traverso (MVC): 4:52
Zeke Hunt (CU) dec. Ty Prazma (MU): 4-3
Ryan Moyer (UN-LU) fall Ty Prazma (MU): 1:39

165 Pounds: Phillip Perry (4-1) – SECOND PLACE

Phillip Perry (MU) fall Rob Copeland (WC): 4:16
Phillip Perry (MU) dec. Jordan Mckiernan (UN-LU): 4-3
Phillip Perry (MU) dec. Brandon Perkins (MVC): 4-3 (TB2)
Phillip Perry (MU) dec. Zeke Hunt (CU): 8-1
Nick Gregoris (MU) fall Phillip Perry (MU): 1:01

174 Pounds: Jacob Guerrant (Record: 1-2)

Chris Chionuma (LU) fall Jacob Guerrant (MU): 2:23
Jacob Guerrant (MU) fall Gabe Vasquez (WC): 2:37
Jacob Guernsey (MVC) wins by forfeit over Jacob Guerrant (MU)

174 Pounds: Todd Porter (Record: 4-1) – SECOND PLACE

Todd Porter (MU) major dec. Gabe Vasquez (WC): 12-2
Todd Porter (MU) dec. Ryan Rozell (LU): 9-3
Todd Porter (MU) dec. Damon Jackson (MVC): 9-3
Todd Porter (MU) dec. Kyle Hanner (MCK): 7-5
Chris Chionuma (LU) dec. Todd Porter (MU): 12-7

184 Pounds: Dustin Williams (Record: 3-2)

Dustin Williams (MU) fall Slade Madden (CU): 2:35
Dustin Williams (MU) dec. Austin Morehead (RLC): 9-6
Andrew Hairston (LWC) dec. Dustin Williams (MU): 7-0
Dustin Williams (MU) dec. Carl Lawerence (MVC): 5-3
Tony Dallago (ILL) dec. Dustin Williams (MU): 6-0

184 Pounds: James Houchins (Record: 4-2) – FIFTH PLACE
James Houchins (MU) dec. Mitch Burnaugh (HLG): 12-5
James Houchins (MU) dec. Tony Dallago (ILL): 10-8
James Houchins (MU) dec. Jesse Alter (MVC): 7-5
Kyle Reid (MCK) dec. James Houchins (MU): 13-7
Tony Dallago (ILL) dec. James Houchins, 10-4
James Houchins wins by medical forfeit over Ben Friedl (ILL)

184 Pounds: Weston Keleher (Record: 1-2)
Weston Keleher (MU) fall Kyle Frazier (CU): 1:56
Kyle Reid (MCK) dec. Weston Keleher (MU): 4-1
Austin Morehead (RLC) fall Weston Keleher (MU): 4:04

197 Pounds: Johnny Eblen (Record: 1-2)
Johnny Eblen (MU) major dec. Jared Korte (UN-MCK): 22-10
Charlie Gibbs (MVC) fall Johnny Eblen (MU): 2:28
Quincy Mondaine (UN-OU) wins by medical forfeit over Johnny Eblen

Heavyweight: Devin Mellon (Record: 0-2)
Casey Gushleff (MCK) dec. Devin Mellon (MU): 4-3
Jake Gegg (LU) dec. Devin Mellon (MU): 7-4



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