Mizzou Eliminated from NCAA Championships



March 16, 2012

Session Three  |  Session Four 

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Missouri’s three remaining wrestlers at the 2012 NCAA Championships were eliminated on Saturday evening in the round of 12. It marks the first time since 2001 that the Tiger haven’t crowned an All-American.

Alan Waters dropped his fourth match of the year, losing by a 5-2 score to No. 4 seed Jesse Delgado. Delgado landed two takedowns in the final period to separate himself from Waters. At 184, Mike Larson was defeated by Kevin Steinhaus by a 17-2 technical fall, while Brent Haynes was defeated by Joseph Kennedy of Lehigh, losing 10-3.

Missouri finishes the tournament with 20.0 points, which as it stands now, puts them in 23rd place. This will mark the first time in a decade that the Tigers haven’t placed in the top-20. For more information on Missouri wrestling, stay tuned to mutigers.com.

For fans who will be coming out to tomorrow’s sessions, please visit www.stlsports.org for parking information due to the St. Patrick’s Day Run and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Final Results
125: Alan Waters (Record: 3-2; 2011-12 Record: 29-4)
Champ. Round Two: No. 3 Alan Waters (MU) tech. fall Pat Rollins (ORST), 15-0 (7:00)
Champ. Round Three: Anthony Zanetta (PITT) dec. No. 3 Alan Waters (MU), 4-2 (SV)
Cons. Round Four: No. 3 Alan Waters (MU) tech fall. Garrett Frey (Princeton), 15-0 (6:15)
Cons. Round Five: No. 3 Alan Waters (MU) dec. No. 11 Matthew Snyder (UVA), 4-1
Cons. Round Six: No. 4 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) dec. No. 3 Alan Waters (MU), 5-2

133: Nathan McCormick (Record: 1-2; 2011-12 Record: 16-7)
Champ. Round Two: No. 6 Devin Carter (VT) fall Nathan McCormick (MU), 4:39
Cons. Round Three:  Nathan McCormick (MU) dec. Jordan Keller (OU), 5-0
Cons. Round Four: Shelton Mack (Pitt) dec. Nathan McCormick (MU), 6-2

141: Nicholas Hucke (Record: 1-2; 2011-12 Record: 16-14)
Champ. Round Two: No. 1 Kellen Russell (Michigan) dec. Nicholas Hucke (MU), 6-1
Cons. Round Three: Nicholas Hucke (MU) dec. Tanner Hough (Duke), 7-3
Cons. Round Four: Justin LaVelle (ODU) dec. Nicholas Hucke (MU), 6-2

149: Kyle Bradley (Record: 3-2; 2011-12 Record: 25-13)
Champ. Round One: Josh Wilson (Utah Valley) dec. Kyle Bradley (MU), 7-3
Cons. Round Two: Kyle Bradley (MU) dec. Matthew Nerelm (NCSU), 9-5
Cons. Round Three: Kyle Bradley (MU) dec. Christophe Villalonga (Cornell), 4-2
Cons. Round Four: Kyle Bradley (MU) dec. Bryce Busler (BLOOM), 8-5
Cons. Round Five: Steve Santos (Columbia) dec. Kyle Bradley (MU), 5-4

157: Drake Houdashelt (Record: 0-2; 2011-12 Record: 28-7)
Champ. Round Two: No. 2 Derek St. John (Iowa) dec. Drake Houdashelt (MU), 8-1
Cons. Round Three: Corey Mock (UNC) dec. Drake Houdashelt (MU), 5-2

165: Zach Toal (Record: 0-2; 2011-12 Record: 21-11)
Champ. Round Two: Robert Kokesh (NEB) dec. Zach Toal (MU), 4-1
Cons. Round Two: Mark Lewandowski (BUF) dec. Zach Toal (MU), 3-1

174: Dorian Henderson (Record: 2-2; 2011-12 Record: 24-11)
Champ. Round Two: Dorian Henderson (MU) dec. Kyle Czarnecki (BU), 4-0
Champ. Round Three: No. 1 Ed Ruth (Penn State) fall Dorian Henderson (MU), 1:26
Cons. Round Four: Dorian Henderson (MU) dec. Greg Zannetti (RUTG), 6-3
Cons. Round Five: Peter Huntley (Navy) dec. Dorian Henderson (MU), 3-1

184: Mike Larson (Record: 3-2; 2011-12 Record: 24-6)
Champ. Round Two: No. 1 Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming) dec. Mike Larson (MU), 9-4
Cons. Round Three: Mike Larson (MU) fall Kevin Radford (ASU), 6:09
Cons. Round Four: Mike Larson (MU) fall No. 11 Ben Clymer (Hofstra), 4:26
Cons. Round Five: Mike Larson (MU) dec. Grant Gambrall (Iowa), 5-3 (SV)
Cons. Round Six: No. 5 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) tech. fall Mike Larson (MU), 17-2 (6:52)

197: Brent Haynes (Record: 2-2; 2011-12 Record: 24-8)
Champ. Round Two: No. 6 Brent Haynes (MU) dec. Max Huntley (MICH), 5-0
Champ. Round Three: No. 6 Brent Haynes (MU) dec. No. 11 Micah Burak (PENN), 6-0
Quarterfinals: No. 3 Matthew Wilps (PITT) fall No. 6 Brent Haynes (MU), 7:13 (SV)
Cons. Round Six: No. 12 Joseph Kennedy (Lehigh) dec. No. 6 Brent Haynes, 10-3

HWT: Devin Mellon (Record: 0-2; 2011-12 Record: 19-14)
Champ. Round Two: No. 1 Ryan Flores (AMER) fall Devin Mellon (MU), 4:37
Cons. Round Three: Kevin Lester (Columbia) dec. Devin Mellon (MU), 11-5



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