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Tiger Football and Professional Football

Tigers In The Pros | Tigers In The Draft

Tigers In The Pros

Name, PositionPro Affiliation (Years)
Bud Abell, EKansas City Chiefs (65-68), Denver Broncos (69-71)
Butch Allison, TBaltimore Colts (66), New Orleans Saints (67), Edmonton Eskimos (67)
Scott Anderson, CMinnesota Vikings (74-77)
Carl Bacchus, ECleveland Browns (27), Detroit Lions (28)
Victor Bailey, WRPhiladelphia Eagles (93-94), K.C. Chiefs (95-96)
Carl Bax, OTTampa Bay Buccaneers (89-91), Birmingham Fire (92), Cleveland Browns (92-93)
Norm Beal, BSt. Louis Cardinals (62)
Mike Bedosky, OGCleveland Browns (94)
Bobby Bell, LBNew York Jets (84), Chicago Bears (87)
Ed Blaine, TGreen Bay Packers (62-63), Philadelphia Eagles (63-66)
Ken Blair, WRPhiladelphia Eagles (81-82), Oklahoma Outlaws (84), Orlando Renegades (85)
Dwayne Blakley, TEKansas City Chiefs (02-03)
Justin Bland, OTCincinnati Bengals (02), Oakland Raiders (03)
Herbert Blumer, TChicago Cardinals (25-33)
Lorenzo Brinkley, DBEdmonton Eskimos (72), Philadelphia Bell (74)
Sam Britts, LBEdmonton Eskimos (72-75), Hamilton Tigercats (76-78), B.C. Lions (78-81)
Jeff Brockhaus, KWashington Federals (84), Orlando Renegades (85), S.F. 49ers (87)
Charlie Brown, RBNew Orleans Saints (67), Hamilton Tigercats (69), B.C. Lions (69-70)
Curtis Brown, RBBuffalo Bills (78-83)
Tim Bruton, TEIndianapolis Colts (91-92)
Ken Bungarda, TToronto Argonauts (79), San Francisco 49ers (80-82)
Harold Burnine, ENew York Giants (56), Philadelphia Eagles (57)
John Carpenter, TBuffalo Bills (47-49), San Francisco 49ers (49), Hamilton Tigercats (50-51), Toronto Argonauts (52-54)
James Caver, WRDetroit Lions (83-84), Baltimore Stars (85)
Byron Chamberlain, TEDenver Broncos (95-00), Minnesota Vikings (01-02)
Dick Chapura, DEChicago Bears (87-89), Phoenix Cardinals (90), Philadelphia Eagles (90), San Antonio Riders (92)
Paul Christman, QBChicago Cardinals (45-49), Green Bay Packers (50)
John Clay, OTLos Angeles Raiders (87-88), San Diego Chargers (88)
Linzy Collins, WRTampa Bay Buccaneers (91), New Orleans Saints (91)
Paul Collins, BChicago Cardinals (45)
Harry Colon, DBNew England Patriots (91), Detroit Lions (92-94), Jacksonville Jaguars (95)
Shad Criss, DBCalgary Stampeders (99), San Diego Chargers (00), Jacksonville Jaguars (01)
Aaron Crittendon, OTKansas City Chiefs (02-03)
Jeff Cross, DEMiami Dolphins (88-96)
Robert Curry, DTBuffalo Bills (85), St. Louis Cardinals (85)
Butch Davis, BChicago Bears (70-71)
Robert Delpino, RBLos Angeles Rams (88-92), Denver Broncos (93)
Earl Denny, BMinnesota Vikings (67-68)
Lester Dickey, LBBirmingham Stallions (83-85)
Dave Doane, QBToronto Argonauts (57)
John Douglas, LBNew York Giants (70-73)
Ken Downing, DBOttawa Roughriders (78-80)
Eric Drain, RBSt. Louis Cardinals (86-87)
Vic Eaton, QBPittsburgh Steelers (55)
Brad Edelman, OGNew Orleans Saints (82-90)
Andy Ekern, OTNew England Patriots (83), Indianapolis Colts (84-85)
Gerry Ellis, RBLos Angeles Rams (80), Green Bay Packers (80-88)
Kirk Farmer, QBSt. Louis Rams (03)
Ron Fellows, DBDallas Cowboys (81-86), Los Angeles Raiders (87-88)
Tauras Ferguson, DBOakland Raiders (03)
Mike Fink, DBNew Orleans Saints (73), Edmonton Eskimos (75-76)
David Frisch, TECincinnati Bengals (93-94), Minnesota Vikings (96-97)
Justin Gage, WRChicago Bears (03)
Tony Galbreath, RBNew Orleans Saints (76-81), Minnesota Vikings (82-83), New York Giants (85-88)
Earl Gant, RBK.C. Chiefs (79-81), Birmingham Stallions (83-85)
Chris Garlich, LBSt. Louis Cardinals (79)
Jeff Gaylord, LBL.A. Rams (82), Toronto Argonauts (82), Boston/New Orleans Breakers (83-84), San Antonio Gunslingers(85)
Andy Gibler, TECincinnati Bengals (83-84), Orlando Renegades (85)
Zain Gilmore, RBTampa Bay Buccaneers (02)
J. Mack Gladden, EChicago Gunners (34)
Conrad Goode, OTNew York Giants (84-85), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (87-88)
Norman Goodman, EToronto Argonauts (80-81)
Red GrahamRochester (38-39), Newark Bears (40), Charlotte Clippers (41)
Mel Gray, WRSt. Louis Cardinals (71-82), Oklahoma Outlaws (84)
Don Greenwood, BCleveland Rams (45), Cleveland Browns (46-47)
Jim Harrison, RBChicago Bears (71-74), San Diego Chargers (75), B. C. Lions (77)
Craig Heimburger, OGGreen Bay Packers (99-00), Rhein Fire (00), Cincinnati Bengals (01), Buffalo Bills (01-02)
Conrad Hitchler, ECalgary Stampeders (63-65)
Jim Hook, QBSaskatchewan Roughriders (56)
Pat Ivey, DTSan Diego Chargers (96-97)
Larron Jackson, OTHouston Oilers (71), Denver Broncos (71-74), Atlanta Falcons (75-76), Green Bay Packers (77)
Ron Janes, FBArizona Cardinals (98), Jacksonville Jaguars (98)
Robert Jeffries, GBrooklyn (42-43)
Jim Jennings, WRGreen Bay Packers (55)
Demetrious Johnson, DBDetroit Lions (83-86), Miami Dolphins (87), San Diego Chargers (88-89)
Herbert Johnson, WRChicago Bears (87)
Lee Johnson, DTBritish Columbia Lions (92-94)
Mario Johnson, DTNew York Jets (92-93), New England Patriots (93)
Mark Johnson, TBuffalo Bills (75-77), Cleveland Browns (77)
Adrian Jones, DBBarcelona Dragons (91-92), Cincinnati Bengals (92), Saskatchewan Roughriders (95-96)
Corby Jones, QBMontreal Alouettes (99-00)
Curtis Jones, TSan Diego Chargers (68-69)
Julian Jones, DBCarolina Panthers (03)
Michael Jones, LBLos Angeles Raiders (91-96), Sacramento Surge (92), St. Louis Rams (97-00), Pittsburgh Steelers (01-02)
Randy Jostes, DEArizona Wranglers (83), Chicago Blitz (84-85)
James Kekeris, TPhiladelphia Eagles (47), Green Bay Packers (48)
John Kelsey, TEHonolulu Hawaiians (74-75)
Gary Lane, QBCleveland Browns (66-68), New York Giants (68), Saskatchewan Roughriders (70)
Danny LaRose, EDetroit Lions (61-63), Pittsburgh Steelers (64-66), Miami Dolphins (67)
Bob Lee, TWashington Redskins (60), New England Patriots
Leo Lewis III, WRCalgary Stampeders (80), Minnesota Vikings (81-89), Cleveland Browns (90), Minnesota Vikings (90-91)
Art Lochiner, BBrooklyn (37), Rochester (38)
James Lockette, NTNew Jersey Generals (83-85), San Diego Chargers (85-86)
Rick Lyle, DECleveland Browns (94-95), Baltimore Ravens (96), New York Jets (97-01), New England Patriots (02-03)
Adrian McBride, WRSt. Louis Cardinals (87)
Russ McCullough, OTNew York Jets (93)
Dan McDonough, LBEdmonton Eskimos (74-75), British Columbia Lions (75-76)
Leonard McGirl, GPhiladelphia Eagles (31-32), Chicago Cardinals (33), St. Louis Gunners (34)
Erik McMillan, DBNew York Jets (88-92), Philadelphia Eagles (93), Cleveland Browns (93), Kansas City Chiefs (93)
Dave McNeel, LBBritish Columbia Lions (83-85), Edmonton Eskimos (86)
Tracey Mack, LBWinnipeg Blue Bombers (86-87)
Mike Magac, TSan Francisco 49ers (64-65), Pittsburgh Steelers (65-67)
Jeff Marriott, NTNew England Patriots (00), St. Louis Rams (01), Carolina Panthers (02)
Henry Marshall, WRKansas City Chiefs (76-87)
Steve Martin, DTIndianapolis Colts (96-98), Philadelphia Eagles (98-99), Kansas City Chiefs (00,01), New York Jets (01)
Damon Mays, WRHouston Oilers (92-93), Pittsburgh Steelers (95), Washington Redskins (96)
Joe Moore, RBChicago Bears (71-74), Edmonton Eskimos (74)
James Morton, BChicago Bears (45), Los Angeles Rams (46), Buffalo (47)
John Moseley, DBHonolulu Hawaiians (74-75)
Leroy Moss, RBPittsburgh Steelers (75), Edmonton Eskimos (75), B. C. Lions (77)
Don Muse, TEEdmonton Eskimos (75)
David Newman, WRToronto Argonauts (80-82), Ottawa Roughriders (83-85)
A.J. Ofodile, TEBuffalo Bills (94), Pittsburgh Steelers (95), Rhein Fire (97), Baltimore Ravens (97-00)
Jason Oliver, DBSan Antonio Texans (95-96)
Brock Olivo, RBSan Francisco 49ers (98), Detroit Lions (98-02)
Gus Otto, LBOakland Raiders (65-72)
Francis Peay, OTNew York Giants (66-67), Green Bay Packers (68-72), Kansas City Chiefs (73-75)
Eugene Pepper, GWashington Redskins (50-53), Philadelphia Eagles (54), Baltimore Colts (54)
Kurt Petersen, OGDallas Cowboys (80-87)
Phil Pettey, OGWashington Redskins (87)
Steve Pisarkiewicz, QBSt. Louis Cardinals (78-79), Green Bay Packers (80), British Columbia Lions (81), Winnipeg Blue Bombers (82), Philadelphia Stars (83), Orlando Renegades (85)
Johnnie Poe, DBNew Orleans Saints (81-88)
Kevin Potter, DBHouston Oilers (83), Chicago Bears (84)
Edward Quirk, BWashington Redskins (48-51)
Pat Ray, DBCalgary Stampeders (90), Miami Dolphins (91)
Wendell Ray, DEMinnesota Vikings (81-82), Birmingham Stallions (83-84), Arizona Outlaws (85)
Tommy Reamon, RBFlorida Blazers (74), Jacksonville (75), Kansas City Chiefs (76), Chicago Bears (77), Saskatchewan Roughriders (77)
Howard Richards, OTDallas Cowboys (81-86), New York Jets (87)
Cameron Riley, DBPittsburgh Steelers (87)
Rob Riti, CSt. Louis Rams (00)
Johnny Roland, RBSt. Louis Cardinals (66-72), New York Giants (73)
Stillman Rouse, EDetroit Lions (40)
Bill Rowekamp, EEdmonton Eskimos (56)
Andy Russell, LBPittsburgh Steelers (63-76)
Taft Sales, LBBirmingham Stallions (84-85)
Jerome Sally, NTN.Y. Giants (82-86), Indianapolis Colts (87), K.C. Chiefs (88-89)
Paul Savage, LBSt. Louis Cardinals (87)
Jim Schnietz, TSan Francisco 49ers (74), British Columbia Lions (75-77)
Michael Scott, OGRaleigh-Durham Skyhawks (91)
Pete Scott, OGNew York/New Jersey Knights (91)
George Seals, EWashington Redskins (64-65), Chicago Bears (65-72), Kansas City Chiefs (72-73)
Warren Seitz, TEPittsburgh Steelers (86)
Doug Seymour, OTBritish Columbia Lions (77-81), Ottawa Roughriders (81-83)
George Shorthose, WRMiami Dolphins (85), K.C. Chiefs (85-86), Denver Broncos (87)
Marshall Shurnas, ECleveland Browns (47)
Bill Siekierski, TOttawa Roughriders (63-65)
Rod Skillman, DTNew Jersey Generals (83-84), Hamilton Tigercats (84-92)
Bennie Smith, DTWashington Federals (83-84), San Antonio Gunslingers (85), St. Louis Cardinals (85)
Gordon Smith, EMinnesota Vikings (61-65)
Justin Smith, DECincinnati Bengals (01-03)
Otis Smith, DBPhiladelphia Eagles (90-94), New York Jets (95-96), New England Patriots (96, 01-03), New York Jets (97-00)
Roy Smith, CPhiladelphia Eagles (33)
Jon Staggers, WRPittsburgh Steelers (70-73), G. Bay Packers (73-75), Detroit Lions (75)
Bob Steuber, RBChicago Bears (43), Cleveland Browns (46), Los Angeles Dons (47), Buffalo (48)
Norris Stevenson, RBEdmonton Eskimos (62-63), British Columbia Lions (63)
Joe Stewart, WROakland Raiders (78-81), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (81)
Ralph Stewart, CNew York Yankees (47-48), Baltimore Colts (48)
Tommie Stowers, TEOrlando Thunder (91-92), New Orleans Saints (92-93), Houston Oilers (94), Kansas City Chiefs (94)
Henry Stuckey, DBMiami Dolphins (72-74), New York Giants (75-76)
James Taylor, OTNew Orleans Saints (78-82), Oklahoma Outlaws (84)
Curtland Thomas, WRNew Orleans Saints (87)
Bill Tobin, BHouston Oilers (63), Edmonton Eskimos (64-65)
Morris Towns, OTHouston Oilers (78-83), Washington Redskins (84-86)
J. Edward Travis, TRock Island (21), St. Louis (23)
Rick Trumbull, OTCincinnati Bengals (91), Cleveland Browns (92), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (93)
Vince Turner, HBNew York Jets, Baltimore Colts
Bruce Van Dyke, OTPhiladelphia Eagles (66), Pittsburgh Steelers (67-73), GreenBay Packers (75-76)
Charles Van Dyne, TBuffalo (25)
Wilbur Volz, BBuffalo (49)
Darrell Wallace, RBBritish Columbia Lions (89-90), Calgary Stampeders (90), Detroit Lions (91-92), Saskatchewan Rough Riders (93-94), Birmingham Barracudas (95-96)
Jay Wallace, DTSt. Louis Cardinals (71-72)
Tyrone Walls, TEEdmonton Eskimos (72-76), British Columbia Lions (77-78)
Russ Washington, OTSan Diego Chargers (68-83)
Bill Wegener, THouston Oilers (62-64)
Roger Wehrli, DBSt. Louis Cardinals (69-82)
Mel West, RBBoston Patriots (61), New York Titans (61-62)
Tom Whelihan, KFrankfort Galaxy (91), Houston Oilers (92)
Bill Whitaker, DBGreen Bay Packers (81-83), St. Louis Cardinals (83-85)
Bill White, RBBirmingham Stallions (83-85)
Craig White, WRBuffalo Bills (84)
Daryl Whittington, DLPhiladelphia Eagles (03)
James Wilder, RBTampa Bay Buccaneers (81-89), Washington Redskins (90), Detroit Lions (90-91)
Curtis Wilson, CN. England Patriots (89), Sacramento Surge (91), Ohio Glory (92)
Kellen Winslow, TESan Diego Chargers (79-88)
Pete Woods, QBK.C. Chiefs (78-79), S.F. 49ers (79), Denver Broncos (80), Cincinnati Bengals (80), Miami Dolphins (80-81)
Junior Wren, BPittsburgh Steelers (59-60)
Eric Wright, DBSan Francisco 49ers (81-90)
Keith Wright, DLHouston Texans (03)
Bill Ziegler, RBCalgary Stampeders (75-76)

Tigers In The Draft

200358143Justin GageBearsWR
641214Keith WrightTexansDT
2001144Justin SmithBengalsDE
2000532161Jeff MarriottPatriotsDT
1999530163Craig HeimburgerPackersC
1998735224Ernest BlackwellChiefsRB
744233Ron JanesCardinalsRB
1996519151Steve MartinColtsDT
1994527158A.J. OfodileBillsTE
199322150Victor BaileyEaglesWR
19921014266Mario JohnsonJetsDT
199181196Harry ColonPatriotsDB
813208Tim BrutonColtsTE
912235Damon MaysCowboysWR
1210316Linzy CollinsPackersWR
1990117283Tommie StowersChargersTE
198985200Carl BaxBuccaneersG
924247Curtis WilsonPatriotsC
19883863Erik McMillanJetsDT
58117Robert DelpinoRamsRB
918239Jeff CrossDolphinsDE
198711515John ClayRaidersT
1026277Dick ChapuraBearsDT
19861011260Warren SeitzSteelersWR
1985425109Tony DavisSeahawksTE
65145George ShorthoseDolphinsWR
1120300Terry MatichakSteelersDB
19844387Conrad GoodeGiantsT
4791Bobby BellJetsLB
827223Jeff SmithRedskinsDB
1116296Craig WhiteBillsWR
1227335Curtland ThomasRedskinsWR
198353115Demetrious JohnsonLionsDB
92226Kevin PotterOilersDB
1219326Andy EkernPatriotsT
19822330Brad EdelmanSaintsC
4588Jeff GaylordRamsLB
198112626Howard RichardsCowboysT
2634James WilderBuccaneersRB
21240Eric Wright49ersDB
512123Wendell RayVikingsDE
66144Johnnie PoeSaintsDB
76172Bill WhitakerPackersDB
77173Ron FellowsCowboysDB
1980422105Kurt PetersenCowboysDE
727192Gerry EllisRamsRB
197911313Kellen WinslowChargersTE
52112Earl GantChiefsRB
91221Steve Hamilton49ersDT
113278Ken BungardaBengalsDE
19782533James TaylorSaintsT
420104Pete WoodsChiefsQB
424108Joe StewartRaidersWR
197711111Morris TownsOilersT
11919Steve PisarkiewiczCardinalsQB
3359Curtis BrownBillsRB
719186Randy FrischSteelersDT
1220327Curtis KirklandRedskinsDE
19762432Tony GalbreathSaintsRB
31979Henry MarshallChiefsWR
133350Kenny DowningSaintsDB
19751219305Mark JohnsonBillsDE
1621411Mark MillerCardinalsWR
197432577Scott AndersonVikingsC
522126John KelseyCowboysT
89191Jim Schnietz49ersG
915223Tom ReamonSteelersRB
177423John MoseleyCardinalsDB
197392210Mike FinkSaintsDB
19724280Lorenzo BrinkleySteelersDB
815197Henry StuckeyLionsDB
197111111Joe MooreBearsRB
2228James HarrisonBearsRB
4381Larron JacksonOilersT
517121Rocky WallaceCardinalsLB
617147Mel GrayCardinalsWR
83185Tyrone WallsBillsRB
197051105Jon StaggersSteelersDB
825207Mike CarrollVikingsG
105239Henry BrownPatriotsK
121287Butch DavisBearsDB
196953107Jim AndersonEaglesG
823205Elmer BenhardtCowboysLB
165395Bill SchmidtBengalsLB
1968144Russ WashingtonChargersT
41497John DoughlasCowboysLB
520131Mike WempeBrownsT
1222322Barry LischnerOilersRB
19673861Earl DennyVikingsWR
725184Bill PowellPackersLB
101238Charlie BrownSaintsWR
125295Jim WhitakerDolphinsDB
1326341Gary GrossnickleSaintsDB
142343Bill BatesGiantsK
196611010Francis PeayGiantsT
21531Butch AllisonColtsT
124174Bruce Van DykeEaglesG
196541254Johnny RolandCardinalsRB
913125Gary LaneBrownsQB
196441052George SealsGiantsDE
98120Vince TurnerColtsB
174228Bud AbellCowboysE
2010276Ralph KubinskiCardinalsG
196371094Paul UnderhillBearsB
105131Bill SierkerskiColtsG
147189Bill Tobin49ersB
1610220Andy RussellSteelersLB
196221428Ed BlainePackersG
165215Bill WegenerCardinalsG
19612923Danny LaRoseLionsE
112142Norris StevensonCowboysB
158204Mel WestCardinalsB
19602416Mike Magac49ersG
181205Bob HaasCardinalsHB
19592410286Charley JamesGiantsB
19582911348Frank CzaplaBrownsT
19576768Jim Hunter49ersB
1110131Carl OsterichLionsC
213244Chuck MehrerPackersT
1956168189Al PortneyGiantsT
198225Ray DettringGiantsB
2211264Dick FoutsRamsE
1955115126Vic EatonSteelersB
127140Hank BurnineGiantsE
255294Charlie BullSteelersG
264305Jim JenningsPackersE
1954103112Bob SchoonmakerColtsB
19535251Nick CarrasRedskinsB
1952206235Roger KinsonRedskinsC
2411288Junior WrenBrownsB
1951133150Ed StephensPackersB
194223Gene AckermanCardinalsE
207238John GloriosoEaglesB
282329John KadlecRedskinsG
195021125Bob FuchsRamsC
6571Gene PepperRedskinsG
71291Win CarterBrownsB
99114Dick BraznellBearsB
19497768Chet FritzRedskinsG
2010201Lloyd BrinkmanEaglesB
1948129104Mel SheehanBearsE
144119Hal (Bus) EntsmingerYanksB
153128Eddie QuirkRedskinsB
236211Fred KlingPackersB
263238Roland OakesRedskinsE
19473114Jim KekerisLionsT
1946188Bill DellastatiousLionsB
321296Joervin HendersonPackersC
19452314Paul CollinsCardinalsB
3319Bill DellastatiousSteelersB
8166Tom HughesSteelersT
179173Jim AustinEaglesB
19449884Jack MortonBearsE
151143Jack CarpenterCardinalsT
1711175Marshall ShurnasYanksE
273277Fred BouldinLionsB
308315Bernie PepperBearsT
1943199Bob SteuberBearsRB
176156Jack ListerGiantsE
223203Don (Bull) ReeceDodgersB
231211Mike FitzgeraldLionsG
245225Hal AdamsRamsB
275255Jeff DavisRamsC
281261Bert EkernLionsE
194271060Bob JeffriesBearsG
9171Rayburn ChaseSteelersB
133113Bob BrentonEaglesT
204184Norvell WallachCardinalsT
19412313Paul ChristmanCardinalsQB
172152Ray SchultzCardinalsG
19408868Roland (Bud) OrfRedskinsE
9676Bob HaasLionsT
156136Stillman RouseLionsE
213193Mel WetzelRedskinsT
221196Bob OrfLionsE
19395535Jack KinnisonDodgersC
19375545Jack FryeSteelersB
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