Mizzou Media Day Quotes



Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Injury Report...
"Braylon Webb, who has been starting at free safety and doing an excellent job, came out in the second half of the game last week with a torn meniscus. He will be scoped tomorrow morning. We'll get him back in a couple of weeks depending on how his rehab goes. It's not serious but, obviously, has to be fixed. Grant Ressel is still going to be out this week. Travis Ruth, who did not play last week, is questionable, and Jerrell Jackson played a little bit but is still a little bit gimpy on his hamstring."

Opening Statement...
"We're working hard to become a better football team. We had good meetings with our team yesterday and we're preparing for a very good Texas football team. I think this is a team that has gotten better over the last four or five weeks as I've seen in the film. They are running the ball really well, playing very good defense and it will be exciting to have them up here at the Zou. We're looking forward to it.

In reference to the move to the Southeastern Conference, our administration has made a decision based on what's best for the future of the University of Missouri and the state of Missouri. I fully support it. It was certainly based on a longterm decision and, as it sorts itself out, we expect it to be a tremendous plus for this university and the state. I'm excited about that, but more excited about the opportunity to play Texas this week and the month of November."

On overcoming Texas for the first time...
"I don't really look at personal things much until the season is over. I'm certainly aware of [being winless against Texas]. I think right now for us, as we've been up and down and very inconsistent this year, with three games left, some goals we want to accomplish are still there. My immediate concern is winning the game. The rest of that stuff you reflect on later."

On the impressive running game of both MU and Texas...
"They are first in the league in rushing; we are second in the league. In the past it's been how many yards are you going to throw for or how many touchdowns you are going to throw for. So it's changed quite a bit. I think we throw a little bit more with James [Franklin]. We have first year starters. Their freshman is a first year starter. Everybody has to do what they think is best to move the football. Our concern from our standpoint is the lack of consistency. You work to overcome that, and I would like to say we've solved that, but we haven't. At the end of the day our numbers look pretty good, but bottom line is, we aren't playing consistent enough and that's why we are playing catch-up in the fourth quarter. We'll continue to work hard to try and fix that."

On the lack of scoring in the third quarter...
"I have a sense of what's going on, but if I had the answer, I would have fixed it four weeks ago. You do things in practice to simulate it, you talk about it. It gets to a point where you place so much emphasis on it that you almost put a barrier up in front. There is a fine line in how you handle that. But, without question, it has hurt us. It's put us in catch-up mode in the fourth quarter often this year. We lose a game by three, two games by seven, one game by ten, so it's a problem. We'll continue to work hard on it and go from there.

I've never experienced anything like this. Usually you are concerned because you aren't any good in the fourth quarter. That's not our problem. Our problem is the third quarter. I've never been here before, but from a coaching standpoint, I haven't fixed it so I really haven't done my job."

On L'Damian Washington...
"He is really coming around, and he's been doing that in practice, so it's nice to see that happen. One of the things we talked about with L'Damian during two-a-days was him using his body to catch the ball a lot. When you are in the corner of the end zone, he had to go up to make a play and struggled a bit. He worked real hard at it and now he is catching the ball with his hands up high. He's a real lean guy, but he is also very tall, has a great motor and is a great kid, so it's nice to see him make some plays. He appears to get open a lot. He just does. We've had him open some times and missed him, too. He's doing a lot of good things."

On Sheldon Richardson...
"He's getting better and better. The more he gets coached, the more he practices, the better work habits he develops, the fundamental work that he does, those things carry over into the games. Also utilizing the skills and pass rush moves [he possesses], he is going to get better and better. I said that at the beginning of the season. It certainly is nice to see that. Terrell Resonno didn't play last week, and I thought [Richardson] rose to the occasion and really did some good things.

Genetically, he is very gifted. He is a very explosive, strong athlete. You get that with a great work ethic, with good offseason habits, we will have him lifting in our offseason program, and along with other great players in our programs past that have developed, he will do the same thing. He starts out with a lot of good numbers because it is a gift."

On recruiting players in Texas...
"We have 34 players on our team from the state of Texas. I think when we got here, I'm going to guess, we had around 12 or 13. We came in here with the same philosophy as I had at Washington. The most important recruiting area was the state of Washington for us in the northwest, but we had to go to another populated area and evaluate people where there are a lot of players, and we went to California. So we sat down when we got here and said, Texas. It's also Big 12 area, so for us, that really fit. We put four coaches down there and we ended up with six. Our priority is certainly to stay in Missouri, but that really is philosophically how we got to where we did. There's a reason and a master plan behind it. It's really worked well and hopefully will continue to work well as we move on."

Junior WR T.J. Moe
On third quarter woes...
"I don't know what the issue is. It's been our achilles heal all year, so we've just got to come out firing. Maybe we need to stay out of the locker room. We've got to do something though. We've got to find some way to score points in the third quarter."

On Henry Josey...
"He's a pretty special kid. The thing is, at some point in the game, he breaks off a 40-yard run. He might have a couple two or three-yard gains, but he's not getting 40 carries anyway, so when he breaks off that 40 yarder, that will keep his average up there. He does that at least once a game. We kind of expect him to break one. Every time he comes out on the field I think, `I better get my block because if I do, he might be coming around the edge for a score'."

Junior DT Sheldon Richardson
On the change he has experienced at MU...
"[I've changed] a whole lot. I'm more focused on school a whole lot more now. I'm more in-tune with football, doing a whole lot of film, technique watching, getting evaluated by coaches. It's been a lot more into my craft as a defensive lineman.

On perfecting his craft as a defensive lineman...
"It's ongoing. To say you've perfected a perfect defensive lineman is not true. You always have something to work on, but it came along pretty fast for me."

On playing with an edge on the field...
"I play reckless with my body. You can't be a good defensive lineman, period, if you don't play reckless."



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