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Nov. 1, 2010

Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Injury update:
"Luke Lambert will not play this week. Hoping he might get a chance to but he's not. Hopefully we can get him back for next week."

On giving up big plays to Nebraska:
"Those few plays were obviously, devastating maybe isn't the right word, but maybe it is the right word to us. Obviously you can't give up big plays and be a good defensive team. When we look at that it was just execution. We run the same defenses against the same looks all the time and the execution wasn't what it needs to be. So it's up to the coaches and players together to make sure we execute. Obviously it was very disappointing but what we try to do is correct them and move on."

On the slow start against Nebraska:
"Two things. One is, (Nebraska) came out and played exceptionally well. I mean, they were on fire. I think you give them credit for that, they're a great football team. We were not playing our best offensively or defensively. Defensively when you give up a big play and something happens like that, the offense has got to respond and come back and the momentum kind of slows down a little bit. But we didn't, we were three-and-out, three-and-out several times and it just multiplied. It wasn't a very a good situation."

De'Vion Moore, TB

On the team's mode after the loss:
"It was difficult. It was emotional but that's a good thing. When you have a team full of people who hate to lose, you have a great team. I feel like that's what we have. We came in and it hurt us to have a loss but we're just taking it and learning from it. We just have to capitalize on our opportunities a lot better."

On still a lot of season left to go:
"We realize that. We're not putting ourselves out of anything. We're going to practice and we're going to come back and compete."



Andrew Gachkar, LB

On the outlook of the season:
"We just have to win out. We want to win out, that's our goal. It's pretty hard to turn down a one-loss team at the end of the season. I'm not sure what we can still do. But we still have only one loss in a season, so that's still a really good season. That's our goal."

On the difference of coming off a loss rather than a win:
"Obviously you have to forget about the last game. Really we have to forget about every game. So really the only real difference is we have one more practice, we had Sunday practice. But like we said, we take every single game as only that game so we're not taking this week any differently. We're doing the same thing we did for Nebraska, and the same thing we did for Oklahoma."

T.J. Moe, WR

On the first quarter against Nebraska:
"They jumped on us, they were ready to play and we obviously weren't. They came out on fire on both offense and defense and by the time we recovered it was a little bit too late for us. We made it a 10-point game but we never really could get it going. They are a good football team."

On the character of the team:
"When you face adversity you have to find some way to come back and fight. We were down 24 points before we could blink and we came back and we thought we could win. We were all talking at halftime about how we were going to do the same thing they did to us last year, we were going to do them this year. We couldn't quite pull it off but we sure never gave up."

On difference after the loss opposed to a win:
"I think it's the same thing, you just have to refocus. Coming off a high beating Oklahoma is a tough thing and I think coming off a loss to Nebraska is a tough thing, too. You just have to go back to the basics, refocus and get the game plan down. Study your opponent, know exactly what you need to be doing and come out and execute."

Kip Edwards, CB

On the difference between Texas Tech's quarterback:
"It really doesn't matter who we face. Really, we're just trying to get back on the winning side."

On Texas Tech's spread offense:
"Saturday is going to be a lot of fun. There are going to be about 100 balls thrown on each side of the ball. The game is going to be won in the secondary and I believe we are going to play hard and come out with the win."

On what he learned from the loss:
"I just learned you can't be on that high horse. For some reason we didn't look like the same defense. So really, I just feel like we're going to come out and play a lot harder, play for each other, have a lot more fun and play for the coaches to come out with a win."

Blaine Gabbert, QB

On Texas Tech's defense:
"They do a bunch of different things. They pretty much do a week-to-week thing, they kind of change it up for each team they face so we just have to go out there and make adjustments."

On the first quarter against Nebraska:
"Nebraska got off to a fast start. They came out flying and we just have to cool teams down. We can't start off slow on offense and our defense needs to play better in the initial parts of the game. We just have to get started faster in the first quarter."

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