Mizzou Media Day Quotes



Oct. 22, 2012

Mizzou Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Introduction and Injury Update:
"Good afternoon everyone, thank you all for being here -- Injury Update real fast: Not a lot has changed from a week ago. We'll get Mitch Morris back, so we're all excited about that. He had a strained MCL, so we'll get him back and we'll put him at center. James Franklin: We don't have him on the depth yet, but he moved over from out to doubtful. After our last meeting with our trainers they thought that he would not play, so we'll see how it progresses, but we anticipate him not playing. We'll go with Corbin Berkstresseragain as we go in to this game against Kentucky."

On this week's opponent, the Kentucky Wildcats:
"They've also had their problems throughout the season. I think they are a very good football program, especially as they build. But then again, as I look at this whole thing, it's all about us, and how we play and how we go out there and compete for this win. We're going to work real hard to do that and we're excited about the opportunity to get back to work. Against Georgia they did very, very well. I thought they did an outstanding job and their overall game plan worked exceptionally well. They have talent and they are a good football team. They played a really good Georgia team tough, but what we need to do is get back to us, and to get ourselves playing better."

On the bye-week:
"I think the bye week is always good. You're going to look at the advantages of it regardless of where it's at, but especially where it fell in our schedule - we needed it. We got of a lot of things done. It's what we call a bye-week schedule so it's no different than any other bye we've had before. We've settled in on this format. Basically what it is, is that we get game planning done on Sunday and Monday morning for Kentucky, coordinators stay and then on Tuesday's and Thursday's we have meetings and walk through's and put in the game plan or at least a portion of the game plan. The coaches are out recruiting all week long, and our players have some time off, which I think is really good for them. Then we have practice Saturday morning and Sunday evening. It's very typical of what we do and what we believe in and I think it accomplishes a lot of goals. I feel good, and am excited about being back in game week."

On Quarterback James Franklin's status:
"Our medical staff will make that decision on Thursday. First of all he has to be released. Secondly he has to be functional and that means that he can move and do the things necessary with a strained MCL. He hasn't run at all yet. So the medical staff will make that decision and we'll have a better idea as the week goes on."

On Marcus Murphy's playmaking abilities and performance thus far:
"As a running back Marcus is exceptional, and as a punt returner he's also done some great things. It's great to have a player like that back there -- a guy who can change the game. He's a sophomore, and a great kid and we have a lot of confidence in him. Another part of it is when you're on the kickoff return team, or punt return team and you have a guy back there who can do what he can, you end up blocking a little harder, sustaining a little longer and you give a greater effort. I think that's positive for both those units and it's certainly nice to have him. He's a guy with great explosiveness and quickness, and give him some space and he can make people miss and do what he does naturally - I don't think you can coach that."

On Eric Waters' status:
"Yeah, he's doing pretty good. On Saturday morning he did not look good at all, but last night he was a different guy and we expect him to be back 100%."

On the teams approach going forward and Mizzou's history of finishing the season strong:
"I think the most important thing for our football team to understand is that every bit of our attention should be on this football game, every bit, and beyond that it just doesn't really matter. These guys are smart, they know what's going on and they understand what our goals are. I think one thing we do, is that we're real consistent around here. We don't come in here and change things. Our bye week schedule is our bye week schedule, we don't put in brand new offenses, we don't change the way we lift weights, we don't change the way we practice - we're very consistent. What we do works. If we coach better and if we play better, then we'll win more and that's just the way it is. The system doesn't change. We just have to coach our players to do a better job and then we'll win more. That's what we've done since I got here and that will never change. The system we have in place works. "

On Quarterback Corbin Berkstresser:
"I think that playing quarterback is all about experience, and the way you get experience is by playing. Certainly it's difficult, but I think he's done some good things - we're just looking for a little bit more consistency. The other side of that is when you have an inexperienced quarterback you want your offensive line, your running backs and your receivers playing well. When those guys are playing well, it's a whole lot easier to play quarterback. If you play better, he'll play better. We have some of those same issues within the interior of our offensive line as well, but with that being said, the better that people play around him, the easier it is for a young quarterback to get in there and improve. He's working hard and we'll see where it goes."

On the injuries plaguing the Tigers this season
"I just don't want to talk about it anymore, it just doesn't matter. I don't talk to player s about injuries at all. It's all out there, and it is the way it is. I just give an injury report to let you know where we're at. But to come out and say it's difficult or that it's a tough situation - we all know that, ok. We're not going to talk about it anymore. We don't have excuses for anything around here. Whether you have 1 injury or 30 injuries, I'm still responsible for us winning and being successful."



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