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Oct. 18, 2010

Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Injury Update:
"Luke Lambert is going to be out this game. Our medical staff perceives two games that he will be out, hopefully we will get him back pretty soon. That could change but for sure he's out this week. He has a knee strain, I think it happened in the third quarter (against Texas A&M) and he played through the game with it."

"Aldon Smith, we don't have him in the depth right now. As soon as he's practicing at full-speed he'll be moved up to the starting position. I don't really want to project but I think it's certainly a possibility that he could play. But we'll see where it goes."

On playing Oklahoma:
"We're excited about playing Oklahoma, a very good Oklahoma football team. They're always good. Bob Stoops does a great job there, I have great respect for Bob. We're excited about playing in "The Zou" here in Columbia. It's a great opportunity for us. Other than that we're just going to work hard to try and improve and get better this week and play our best football game."

On playing on ABC and being on College GameDay:
"Really, for us, we've had ESPN here, we've had nationally televised games here over the last few years. The big difference we'll be GameDay for us. I'm not going to be at GameDay, hopefully we'll have thousands and thousands of Mizzou fans, which I'm sure we will."

"There's going to be a lot of stuff going on and a lot of excitement on campus and a lot of different things. I told our players in the team meeting yesterday this game, you know, we've got the whole half season left here. So this game is obviously, the most important game, because it's the one that's up there. And we will focus and practice and prepare for this game like we've done in the previous games and that's all I'm looking for, to make sure that we do that."



On the improvement of the defense:
"I think the greatest asset that we have on defense is that we really play as a team together well. And that's the thing that I kind of see on th outside in just kind of looking at it. There're a lot of guys that believe in each other and play real well together. They're very realistic about the challenges that you have each and every week. We have some confidence, but, yet, a lot of preparation, to play a great game."

On WR Wes Kemp:
"Wes Kemp was struggling with catching but he never complained. He's not like that, he's a great kid, he's a great leader on our football team and a very smart guy. And what he did was he just kind of buckled down and got refocused and had some adversity and battled through. You could see clearly in practice three weeks ago that all of the sudden he was getting his confidence back. We saw it in practice and then we saw it carry over into a game then the next game and then this last game. And that just says great things about him, dealing with adversity, battling through it and obviously making a lot of plays for us now which really help us."

WR T.J. Moe

On the game with Oklahoma:
"We have a lot of things going for us. Our defense is playing really well. Our offense is starting to click and it's starting to get rolling and I think that's a good time to start doing that."

On the improvement of the defense:
"I think it has come from all last season we have a lot of experience back there. We lost Sean Weatherspoon but we've had a lot of guys step up. And really we haven't been healthy. We've had a lot of guys up on the shelf and they are starting to come back little by little. I think we're starting to play as a unit. Maybe we don't have one all-star out there but we have a lot of really good players."

On ESPN GameDay coming to town:
"I think everybody's just excited, just like we are. It's good for the university, its good for the football program. Everybody's excited and it's getting us a lot of national attention."

LB Andrew Gachkar On Oklahoma's DeMarco Murray:
"The offense kind of runs on him. They run a lot of fastball. They just get the football and they run the ball with him. The kid's a good athlete and we just got to be able to tackle him. We're going to wrap up this week and concentrate more on the run because they run the ball really well."

On fellow LB Zaviar Gooden:
"He's playing great. It's big for the linebackers because when you have a lot of guys playing great it gives other guys a chance to rest. I'm just really proud of him. He's obviously coming along really well."

CB Kevin Rutland

On Oklahoma:
"We know they're a great team. They have a really balanced attack, they have great receivers and running backs and a great defense. Oklahoma believes they are a great team so this week we have to prepare to play our best."

On which is a better feeling, a sack or interception:
"I have to go with interception. That's what I do, that's my job basically so getting an interception kind of makes your day."

On if the defense can improve its already impressive numbers:
"There is always room for improvement. We see that every Sunday when we watch film of the previous game and we learn from our mistakes. We just hope to go out there not make the same mistakes we made previously and we'll be just fine."

QB Blaine Gabbert

On he was more focused against Texas A&M:
"I think I'm focused every week. I just had to do a little extra work to get the other guys to stay focused because it was a big game, hostile environment. There were 85-90,000 people there that wanted us to lose. I just had to remind the guys that it was a big game and we had to stay focused."

On this game being an even bigger game:
The more games we win, the bigger the games are. Coach Pinkel always says if the GameDay bus is here this weekend, you keep winning, it will be around a lot more. Of course this game is a big football game but we are just going to focus and prepare like it's any other game."

On playing well last Saturday:
"Our team played awesome. Collectively as a whole we worked together. Our defense did a great job stopping them. I think they stopped them 70 percent of the time on third downs. They did a great job setting us up with good field position. Every time you win a big football game, our whole team gets the credit."

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