Mizzou Media Day Quotes



Oct. 17, 2011

Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Injury Report...
"Brayden Burnett had a hyperextended elbow in last week's game. He'll be out for this game, but the length of time, I'm not sure how long it will be. Also, Terrell Resonno has a sprained knee and will be out for this game. We really aren't projecting when they will be back. Hopefully it will be pretty soon."

Opening Statement...
"Oklahoma State is obviously a good football team. Brandon Weeden is a very impressive quarterback. His accuracy, how he manages the game, his maturity, all those things. Justin Blackmon is a great player, also. They really have a lot of good players. That's why they are undefeated and that's why they are nationally ranked where they are. It's exciting to play at Mizzou. Our place will be rocking on Saturday. I was appreciative of our fans and students last week. We are preparing at this time. Our players are excited about having a great team come in here and play. It's a chance to compete as we enter the last half of the season."

On James Franklin's running ability...
"There is nobody like [former MU QB] Brad Smith, but with his athleticism and his running ability compared to our last couple quarterbacks, he lends himself that we can do some of the things that we did with Brad. A lot of things have changed like offensive football always does. A lot of the concepts are similar, too. But it allows us to utilize him in the running game like a lot of people around the country are doing if your quarterback has the athleticism to run."

On the offensive line settling in...
"I like to think they [are settling in] but every week is going to be a test. My big thing is, and I tell my team this all the time, in order to win you are going to have to play well. That doesn't mean you are going to win either. But playing your 'A-Game,' your best is the only shot you have. What I've always wanted since the day I got here is for [my players] to play their very best football game. I think the consistency of our offense is important. The consistency of play in the structured offensive line, it goes through the receivers, it goes through the coaches, it goes through everybody. That's still what we need to do, and hopefully we can build on last week."

On undersized running backs...
"I think if you are going to get an undersized running back, there has to be something special about the guy. He's got to bring something to that position. With spread offenses now getting guys out in space rather than just lining up in the I formation, I think it's allowed smaller running backs to excel. Henry [Josey] could probably do anything because he is a tough runner, too. He is a vertical runner. Rarely ever do you see him break sideways six or seven yards. He's got pretty good vision. Once you get out in space, it doesn't matter how big you are. The other thing is, if you are a tough runner, regardless of your size, I think it all works well. Generally, we've always said if we have an undersized running back, we have to identify something that would make him special."

On Sheldon Richardson's progression...
 "Sheldon is getting better and better. I said at the beginning of the season that you would find out [as the season went on]. First of all, he wasn't here this summer, so the better shape he gets into, the coaching he gets -- most inexperienced players at this level have to start and stop, they have to be six-second players, they have to be able to finish all the time, -- and as he's learned techniques that have been taught to him, he's playing at a higher level. It will continue to go. Halfway through the season, he is a lot different player now than he was at the beginning, and in three weeks, he'll be a lot better. With Terrell Resonno out, we will see him play a lot more. I think on the learning curve and the production curve, he is exactly like I thought he would be."

On the defensive mindset against Oklahoma State's high-powered offense...
"We've seen some offenses in this league over the years that have been very explosive. We have four or five offenses in this league right now that are really explosive so this is one of many we are going to see. This is just a glimpse. But certainly they are one of the best in the country. I think you are a competitor on defense. When you play great people, you have respect for them, but you just keep battling. You play one play at a time. That's kind of your approach. When you are playing good people, they are going to make some plays, and you have to make some plays, also."

On Luke Lambert's impressive play...
"Luke is playing really, really well. I just like his maturity, his toughness. His knowledge of the position is fun to watch because he can do a lot of things back there without thinking. He's almost like a coach on the field. He had a really great game last week, and he's been playing very consistent for us. It's kind of the dream I have for Will Ebner next year. That the guy can just get healthy and he can play football. It's worked out well for Luke, and it's worked out really well for us. No question."

RS Junior CB Kip Edwards
On Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden...
"[His quick release] is something I've noticed, but he also has great timing with his receivers. It's going to be a major deal for us to be in and out of our breaks this week. [His maturity] is a huge asset for him at the position. He is older than most guys playing quarterback in the NFL right now. He is older than Blaine Gabbert. For us in the secondary, it's going to be exciting."

On slowing down the OSU offense...
"We have to be physical. This game is going to be won in the trenches and in the air. The most physical team is going to win."

On using this game as a barometer for the defensive backs...
"You will know exactly where you stand, because they are probably going to throw the ball sixty times."

Sophomore TB Henry Josey
On the I-Formation...
"That is an amazing thing we did this year. The offensive line loves it. We work on it every day in practice and we enjoy it. It was really [co-offensive line] Coach Henson's idea and it is a big thing that we got it going."

On backup tailback Jared Culver...
"I know he loves the [I-Formation]. Every time he is in there, he is getting that big block. He got a real big block last game, and he is doing a good job with that. He knows the defense and he's telling the line what to do. He's on top of it."

On his rise from backup to league leading rusher...
"It's come a long way, but I really don't pay attention to all those numbers. I think it is a good thing for me not knowing the numbers that keeps me going so much."



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