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Head Coach Gary Pinkel and players met with members of the media on Monda

Head Coach Gary Pinkel and players met with members of the media on Monda

Sept. 20, 2010

Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Injury Report:
"Aldon Smith is going to be out for this game. He's got a small fracture in his fibula, a non-weight bearing bone. Most athletes get a week or two rest and can play without any complications at all, so hopefully he'll fall into that pattern. Jasper Simmons had meniscus surgery about ten days ago and he's doing very, very well. We're looking at him. Is he doubtful, probable? Maybe, I have no idea. We'll find that out as we go the next couple days. But he's done really well in his rehab along with our medical staff. Luke Lambert had a hamstring (injury). I would say he's probable. But again with the hamstrings, Rex Sharp and our medical staff pay close attention to those. That's something we'll have to look at Tuesday and Wednesday as we get going."

On Michigan Head Coach Mark Dantonio:
"Mark Dantonio obviously is a colleague, professionally a friend and a guy who I have gotten to know a little bit more the last couple years. I certainly wish him well, it sounds like he's doing well. But prayers go out to him and his family as he gets going and gets back with his football team."

On Saturday's game with Miami (Ohio):
"They played a very good game down at Florida. I have a great respect when I watch them play. They beat Eastern Michigan and they just beat Colorado State. They're doing a very good job in building that program and we all know how good that league is. I know, I played in the league and I coached in league and how good those teams are year in and year out. We're working on our preparation for that right now."

On Blaine Gabbert's play against San Diego State:
"We had some great opportunities (against San Diego State). I looked at 10 different opportunities that were or 30 more (yards). I mean just play catch and we have 10 30-plus yard completions more. Maybe he was rushed out a little bit or maybe he missed a little bit or we had some drops. So it's a combination of all those things and just being in synch and being able to do those things. The quarterback, he's not perfect, he's not going to go out and there and everything's going to be perfect all the time. One thing that we talk to him) about is, even if you're not playing your best, Brett Favre's not playing his best or Peyton Manning's not playing his best, what you want to get to is the point where your still doing good quarterbacking. When it was time to drive and hit Jerrell Jackson for a 20-yard gain and then throw another completion to give us an opportunity to win the game, he was right on."



On DE Brad Madison stepping up:
"Brad has really got a great motor. He might not be the fastest of the five or six there (defensive ends), but you watch him, how he gets off from the snap and he is really quick off the football."

WR T.J. Moe

On plays against San Diego State that did not work:
"I was just a couple inches off and that's the part of being in sync. We didn't have a real solid Thursday practice and we came out Saturday and it showed. We were off just a little bit here and there and that's the difference between winning and losing a lot of times. There were 10 or 11 times Coach Pinkel said there were 30 yards or more, possibly touchdowns, that we either dropped or they were just not quite there for us. So we have to do a better job of that but I think we'll get better."

On deeper route plays against San Diego State:
"Last week it was because they were playing a little shallow up on me and they were playing me a little different then they were playing Michael Egnew. That's why we put him on the bubble because they were playing so shallow on me I just had to block and get him outside. So I went deep a few times and I feel like we got behind the defense a little bit we just couldn't make the plays."

On Miami (Ohio):
"I'm about to go watch film in about 30 minutes. I watched a little bit last night and obviously they have some good players just like every other team in that league. If you're a Division I football team you have some good players and some playmakers so we have to be ready."

LB Andrew Gachkar

On his injury:
On learning from the San Diego State game:
"We're all just happy we got a win. We know we had a lot of missed tackles but it was only like four or five plays that really hurt us. But we were kind of out of sync so that's what we have to improve, just bring our A-game every single week. We're going to practice that this week and starting out hot so we can come out Saturday and play a good game."

On stepping into a leadership role with other players out:
"I think I stepped into a leadership position before I came into the season. Now that Luke (Lambert) is out guys have to step up and do certain things. With Will (Ebner) coming back and Jasper (Simmons) coming back soon, things will fall into place."

CB Carl Gettis

On the focus of practice this week:
"Our focus is going to be on being physical and tackling and wrapping up because those two long runs came because we missed tackles."

On holding San Diego State to three points at the end of the game:
"It's what Coach Steckel always tells us, as a defense all we need is a place to stand. If the offense gives us a place to stand at the three-yard line then it's the three-yard line. We have to come out and do what we can and we did a good job holding them to three points."

On which defensive end will step up the most in Aldon Smith's absence:
"That's hard to say. You have Brad (Madison) making plays and Michael Sam but probably our starter Jacquies Smith will step up a lot more. Now that he won't have Aldon I think he is going to raise his game to a whole new level."

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