Mizzou Football Media Day Quotes - Sept. 16



Sept. 16, 2013

Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Opening statement
"Good afternoon everybody. I appreciate you being here. We just came off a bye week, and I think we got our goals accomplished, in a combination of getting the players a jump on class. They actually have a lot of midterms this week. Getting a jump on academics and a little rest. Some preparation for this Indiana game, some of the advance preparation, which they normally do not have. Coaches game plan, we got some of it done prior to this week. Which, again, is additionally an advantage to having bye weeks, and our players got a little bit of rest. We had a good week. We are preparing for this game. It is obviously a big game for us. Playing a Big Ten team and they will be a challenge for us. We are excited about it, and we will work really hard and hopefully play our best."

On determining a schedule and non-conference games factoring in to the beginning of the season...
"Last year was a little bit different because we had new teams, and it was our first year in this league. I do not know. I see a lot of different strategies as I look through this week. The Big 12 was almost set like that. I think there are advantages to that too. It allows you to play several games before you get into conference play. I think what happens a little bit, that I see in the SEC, that people who have been in it with their schedules and maybe look at their bye weeks and look for strategic areas and put their non-conference games in the strategic area. I kind of see it philosophically done a lot of different ways. I am sure TV comes in there too with the non-conference games. The strategy on scheduling, I have always called intelligent scheduling, is so important and we will see where it goes. The league will decide on an eight to 10-game schedule down the road here."

On defensive scheming for a passing attack like Indiana's...
"When you play nickel and dimes and things like that, they have good offensive scheme. There are a lot of different things they play. Fastball, they play fast. They certainly get their reps in, and they are very, very potent. Their quarterback, Sudfeld, is really good, and I am really impressed with him. They play a couple of the other guys too. The way he has been playing, I suggest that he might play more or the whole game, but we've got to be ready for all three of them. We understand that. We played a lot of nickels thus far this year as it is, and that is part of our strategy and our personnel-making decisions."



On creating pressure on the opposing quarterbacks...
"We would like to have more sacks. I think people have been pretty good about getting rid of the football, and the only issue has been the Toledo guy. He played really well. He did not put him in the position to stand back there very long. That ball was gone. I think he did a good job on getting rid of it. I think we created some poor throws and that lead to two interceptions. So, I think we are doing some good things but we certainly would like to get more sacks."

On rotating defensive tackles against up-tempo teams...
"Yeah, we are a little bit. We are playing those fastball teams. So everyone in the country should know that all the speed going on the field, you'll be playing more people because you have to keep things fresh. That is one of the challenges you have going against these tough offensives. You have to play more people, and I think that has a lot to do with it also."

Senior Quarterback, James Franklin

On being forced to run the ball based on the defense...
"It just depends on the success and failures that we (the offense) have. If teams continue to do it to us, we'll adjust accordingly. We are just going to have to wait and see."

On scouting Indiana's defense...
"Predominately, on second down they bring pressure. For the most part they play a 4-3 scheme, but if it is second down, from what I have seen it is 70-80 percent pressure. They are always going to bring someone. They seem to have basic corner coverage, and we just have to outplay them."

On determining plays during the game...
"It is 80 percent dependent on what the defense does. Rarely do we force it to this guy no matter what. It is 50-50 one-on-one matchups. I don't know that it is a force or not, but it is predetermined because I know I want to throw it to them. For the most part, it is what the defense shows."

Senior Defensive Back, E.J. Gaines

On having a bye week last week...
"It was good to have the week off. We got a full week to watch film on them and watch the game they just played. We definitely got a head start on preparation."

On Indiana's fast paced offense...
"I love it as a cornerback. It really takes me back to playing in the Big 12 and the way they like to throw the ball."

On telling the younger players about playing on the road...
"I just tell them to stay level headed. A lot of stuff is going to be different playing away from Columbia. You have to be ready and prepared for anything."

On Coach Pinkel approaching a wins milestone...
"Coach Pinkel is a great coach and that honestly doesn't surprise me at all."

Junior Defensive Lineman, Kony Ealy

On being versatile...
"It is very important. I remember Florida's offense last year, and they did a lot of different formations. I think overall defensively in that game, we adjusted pretty well. They are going to come at us with different formations and schemes, but we just need to go out there, play football, do what we always do and have fun."

On Harold Brantley's bigger role...
"He brings energy, strength, and excitement to the field. Personally, I am just waiting for him to produce an A-plus game. I know he is going to contribute this weekend at Indiana."

On not having many sacks...
"That just means they are getting the ball out quicker and respecting our defensive pass rush. Also, we have gotten a lot of third downs and three and outs. We are bringing a lot more attention to our defense than just getting sacks. It would be nice to get sacks, but if we don't get many and we are still forcing turnovers and getting the ball back to our offense, then we are doing our jobs."

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