Mizzou Media Day Quotes



Head Coach Gary Pinkel
On the injuries from Saturday's game...
"Jack Meiners is still questionable for this game and Elvis Fisher will be out indefinitely. We really aren't projecting when he'll be back. Zaviar Gooden is out this week. "

On the movement of Justin Britt during the game...
"Justin Britt was moved during the game from right tackle to left tackle and this was all planned.  These decisions were made a week ago and we practiced a little bit, just in case the worst case scenario came up, and it happened to come up so at least we practiced it."

On the upcoming Arizona State game...
"Arizona State is a really good football team. They started out great and they're playing really well. It's a new coaching staff and it's a whole new attitude there and generally if you get a couple wins under your belt, there's a whole new confidence level that goes with that too. They're playing exceptionally well, they're playing good defense... Kelly their quarterback is very impressive... We're expecting a very good team to come in here."

On our fans and debut in the SEC...
"I'd also like to thank our fans. I've had many phone calls from friends all over the country and text messages about The Zou and what that message sent around the country about Mizzou football and Columbia, Missouri and the state of Missouri. It was apparently a remarkable presentation our fans put on and I'm very, very appreciative of that."

On the large amount of younger players who saw the field alongside some of the more experienced players this past Saturday...
"They'll work together, we'll get better. I think it's also that you're asking a lot of young players to be thrown into the fires a lot quicker than what they ever thought they would be. But you know, duty calls. I was really proud of how they competed. They went against a very good defensive line and really held up pretty good for the most part. They battled, and they'll continue to get better and better. "

Senior LT Elvis Fisher
On how the offensive line did after his injury...
"Yea, I mean we did pretty good. We had a little communication errors, a little bit of just technique errors, things like that, but we knew we were going to play against a good team, a tough defense going into the game. So we knew it was going to be a battle, but I thought we played hard, I don't think the score represented how hard we fought, I think it kind of got out of hand there at the end, but you win some you lose some, we watched film, we learned from and you move on to this week's game."

On how it felt to get hurt again after working so hard to come back from injury...
"I was just kind of like, no not again. But I knew it wasn't as bad as my other one because that one was a little more painful than this, but it was still pretty painful going over to the sideline. I was hoping it wasn't nothing too serious, went in there, it is serious, but it's not as serious as I thought it was, so I'm thankful for that. Just kind of like oh man I'm hoping I'm not out for the season. So I'm doing rehab three times a day just like I used to be doing, I got to get back out there as soon as I can."

On helping the new guys get adjusted...
"The only thing I can do is just keep doing what I have been doing. Just kind of talking to them and helping them out with anything they need. I mean they can come to me if they need any, any kind of help or anything like that. I'll be out there helping out with the line, kind of working on technique and all that stuff and kind of helping out whenever I can, when I'm not doing rehab."

Junior LB Donovan Bonner
On the depth of the linebackers here at Mizzou...
"I mean just got to be ready at all times, Zaviar Gooden went down, he's obviously a weak side linebacker and I'm a middle, but I know the position more than the other guys so I have to go in. Coach Steckel put me in, that's how it works around here. I'll be playing will (weak side linebacker) right now."

On the differences between playing Mike (MLB) versus Will (WLB)...
"I mean just the Mike is more inside and the Will is more outside, covering guys and things of that nature, so you just got to watch film and get in the groove of covering receivers."

Junior QB James Franklin
On how he feels after the Georgia game...
"I feel pretty good, surprising I'm not as sore as I thought I'd be, but I feel pretty good physically."

On things he can improve on after watching the game film from Saturday...
"I was kind of letting, whenever in the beginning kind of how they were getting through easily and they were getting to me, I was letting that affect some of my passing game later on, because I would start to feel pressure that wasn't even there and so I was trying to anticipate the throw so it was way off and incomplete, something like that. I think that was the biggest thing that I saw, was that, I made myself feel pressure that wasn't there. So that was one thing that I definitely want to work on and just staying in there more and trusting a lot better."

On the offensive line play after Elvis Fisher went out with an injury...
"I thought they did great. They stepped in and to be honest, I didn't, besides the personality when I was calling the plays I didn't really notice a huge difference, they were blocking really well, obviously there were a couple of miscommunications, I thought they did a great job and they gave me the time to make some throws."

On how effective the running game was in the Georgia game...
"I think it was. Like he said, there were a couple plays, I think coach said we had maybe negative 82 yards or something the other day, so that was a little disappointing, but I thought the running game was pretty good. I definitely want to get the running backs the ball a little bit more, and that had a lot to do with even me giving it or me pulling it on some of the reads. I thought the running game was pretty good, especially for the circumstances and I'm just looking to get better."

On getting revenge against Arizona St after losing to them last season and being 2-1 instead of 1-2...
"Oh definitely, yes sir and that is one thing too, I don't think, I guess some people think of it as revenge, but we kind of take it as another game, definitely want to come back strong, especially after a tough loss this last week and we are going to go out there and execute and get a win."



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