Mizzou Football Media Day Quotes - Aug. 26



Aug 26, 2013

Head coach Gary Pinkel

Opening statement...
"We are going to start the way we were expected too. So that is positive. We are really excited to get going. I know I am. Coming off of a difficult year, I think your enthusiasm level and the want to get back at it again is heightened. Our players and staff have worked tremendously hard. Our players have put so much of their personal time and effort into their preparation because they are so committed. I am very pleased with that. I know they are excited about getting going also. Murray State is a football team with a lot of good players and good athletes and they are very well coached. We understand the wealth of the team coming in to compete against. As always, it is going to be about us and our preparation. We always get an early start in our first game. We do the same thing every year. We really start the preparation for the game on Saturday. Pads practice on Saturday and then we also had Sunday night under the lights. Just so we will have experience and preparation under the lights. Keep the punters and kick returners back. Get the balls kicked up high so they have a comfort zone prepared when it comes to Saturday night. We have today off except for the media. Some guys came in and watched video and they can do that different ways. Tomorrow, we have pass practice. Wednesday - shoulder pads and Thursday, just like we have done in the past. Tweaked a few things in practice little bit differently. For the most part what to leave in and that is a hugely important part of preparation. Staying healthy allowed us to have a good camp since we stayed healthy most of the time and allowed us to get the practice in. We cannot practice as a unit if we have three to four players on each side of the ball and to get better is very difficult. But we had a really good camp and are ready to go".

On Henry Josey and where he is with his recovery...
"All as he does is commitment. All our fans have been so uplifting and encouraging for him. It really is a great story. He looks as good as he did. He always looks his best when you go tell him to play football where he can explode and use his running style and how he reads and so forth. The first time he runs the ball, it will certainly be a moment we all have been waiting for. Here is a guy that was fifth in the nation rushing and All-Big 12 as a sophomore with a tremendous future ahead of him and it is exciting to see him play.



On the offensive line compared to last year...
"They have all played. Connor McGovern, the redshirt sophomore, was the only one that wasn't ready last year maturity wise. Evan (Boehm) being in the center, I think has been a good move for us. They are healthy. You usually get better and better the more you practice."

Senior quarterback, James Franklin

On staying healthy during practices this year and the changes that were made...
"It doesn't matter as much for me. Quarterbacks don't necessarily get hit as much in practice. The only thing that it is better for is our arms. We have fewer practices. We didn't have any two-a-days this year. I think that helped out the guys a lot, just not having to go twice a day, even if the second practice was not in full pads. It gives them the ability to rest their bodies so they're not running out there fatigued, leaving that to some injuries. I think that was a huge factor as to why we didn't have as many injuries this year."

On the wide receiver group...
"We do have a lot of talent in that wide receiver group. We want to get them the ball because they can all do something with the ball. We are going to try and get the ball to them as much as we can."

Senior defensive back, E.J. Gaines

On Andrew Wilson's influence on the defense...
"He inspires the defense. Just the physical presence that he brings to the football game, it is great. He is the captain of our football team, so that just makes it so much better. We are definitely ready to get out there and see Wilson hit some guys."

On being the de-facto name on the defense...
"It feels good. I feel like that is because there a lot of young guys that people don't know about. Like I said, (Harold) Brantley and Kentrell Brothers at linebacker. There are a lot of guys that are definitely going to prove people wrong this year. You guys just haven't seen them yet."

On seeing the potential in the younger players...
"It feels good. After last season, we kind of had a sour taste in our mouths. We definitely still have a chip on our shoulder to prove people wrong."

Sophomore center, Evan Boehm

On the upcoming season...
"We are ready to hit somebody else. We have been working hard and pushing each other really hard. At the same time, it is time to go out and hit somebody else."

On Henry Josey carrying the ball for the first time this season...
"Watching Henry out there, when I was getting recruited and seeing him run all over the field. I am excited to be blocking for him this year. I am excited to be opening up the holes for him this year and seeing what he can do with the ball."

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