Mizzou 30 For 30: Fan Experience Improvements

August 2014

30 For 30

Each day in August, Mizzou Athletics will be releasing the results of last year's pre- and post-season survey results and will announce 30 improvements addressing the game day experience at Memorial Stadium.

As Mizzou transitioned to the Southeastern Conference, the passion of our fans became even more evident. We believe we have the best fans in the country and we want to return the favor by making sure that YOUR experience at all of our athletic events is top-notch. "The feedback received from Mizzou fans has given us valuable information to improve what is already one of the best game day experiences in college football," said Director of External Engagement Ashley Moore.

After taking time to listen to our fans through multiple surveys and feedback forums, the department of athletics is implementing a variety of improvements at Memorial Stadium for the upcoming 2014 football season. The 30 For 30 improvement plan is a unique way to educate our fans on current new initiatives as a response to the 2013 season-end surveys that were completed by Tiger Scholarship Fund members and season ticket holders.

As a lead-up to the Tigers' August 30 opener vs. South Dakota State, MUTigers.com will unveil one of the improvements and fans can also expect to see them on Twitter via @mutigersdotcom, @MizzouTSF and @MizzouGameday.

August 29: More TV's

Where were you when Henry Josey broke through the Texas A&M line for his 57-yard TD scamper to beat the Aggies and claim the SEC East Championship? If you were in line at the restroom or Guest Services, you may have missed it. This year, Mizzou is taking an initiative to ensure that you never miss a big Murphy punt return, a Mauk touchdown pass or a Golden sack; there will be more televisions scattered around the concourse at Memorial Stadium. There will also be an increased amount of TV's specifically by restrooms and Guest Services. We know you want to be in your seat during the entire game, but we understand that things come up, so if you have to leave your seat, we've got you covered!

August 28: Ribbon Board

Have you ever been sitting inside Mizzou Arena, looking at the fancy ribbon board above the lower bowl and wondered to yourself, "Why don’t we have one of those at Faurot?" Well, we do now. New ribbon boards installed on the fascia of both the press box and the Tiger Deck will display all sorts of new graphics and information for our fans.

August 27: Gameday App

Remember how we said to visit MizzouGameday.com and follow @MizzouGameday on Twitter? Well there will also be another way to follow Mizzou Gameday as a brand new app is now available for iPhone users. It's another way for fans to get up-to-date information about the happenings at Memorial Stadium. The Gameday App is available through this link. And remember, if you're glued to the App to the point your battery is dying, then use one of those charging stations we already told you about!

August 26: Upgrading Tickets

Last season, Mizzou Basketball fans had the opportunity to enhance their game experience by upgrading their tickets. The same service will now be available this year at Mizzou Football. It's made possible through a partnership between Mizzou Athletics and Experience, a company which offers similar services to several college partners as well as MLB, NFL, NBA and other teams. Sign up now to receive offers to upgrade your tickets for Mizzou Football. Once you are signed up, upgrade and experience offers will be sent to you prior to the start of the game. You must already have purchased tickets to this event in order to receive the offer. Visit mizzou.expapp.com to get started.

August 25: Student Tickets

Beginning this fall, student ticket holders will not need to wait in line to pick up their football or men's basketball tickets. Instead, tickets will be available electronically through their account, which will allow them to print at their convenience and bring to the game. In addition to keeping students from waiting in line to pick-up tickets, it also prevents possible issues of students losing a physical ticket.

August 24: More Top 25/SEC Scores on the Video Board

Remember last year's three-team race in the SEC East? All we wanted to know was what South Carolina and Georgia were doing (and figure out what would happen with every possible scenario). Fans won’t need to constantly pull out their phones and refresh Twitter to find out those scores anymore, since SEC and Top 25 games will have a significant presence on the video boards inside the stadium. We all agree that Mizzou Network has been a pretty cool addition to Mizzou Athletics, right? Well this year should feature an even larger presence from the growing network. Expect to see more highlights from previous games on the board. They will even offer looks at some of the great moments in Mizzou football history and enhance the fan experience.

August 23: Charging Stations

Your phone is constantly vibrating with texts and calls from people who want to see you or who want to comment on Mizzou's most recent touchdown! Or, let's say Russell Hansbrough is celebrating a touchdown right in front of you in the endzone, your good-looking mug is all over ESPN and all of your friends are calling you to let you know. All of these elements contribute to your football memories – until that 5% battery indicator comes on, that is – and there's nowhere to plug in your phone. Never fear! This year, Mizzou Athletics has put charging stations throughout the stadium.

August 22: Grab 'n' Go Stations

We know concessions are an important part of your experience at Memorial Stadium. We're also constantly looking for ways you can avoid long lines, because the less time you are waiting in line, the more time you have to enjoy the game while in your seat. This year, Mizzou Athletics and Levy Restaurants have added 'Grab-And-Go' stations throughout the stadium so fans can grab a quick snack. These stations will be similar to those that have popped up at airports as their popularity has increased. So if you want a quick bite, or a just need something to quench you thirst, head to the concourse level and look for one of the 'Grab-And-Go' stations!

August 21: New Wayfinding Signage Within the Stadium

This year, during that mad dash to your seat to catch kickoff, things will be a little easier as there will be increased wayfarer signage within Memorial Stadium. Increased and new signage to direct fans to restrooms, concessions and ticket windows will also be on display. We want you to get where you are going quickly and efficiently to ensure that you don't miss a second of the action.

August 20: Increased Concourse Space & Concession Stands

As Mizzou football has grown under the direction of Head Coach Gary Pinkel, so have the crowds, and as a result, so has Memorial Stadium. Obviously a big part of the renovations to the stadium have been the East Side expansion, but football fans can also expect a few more amenities this season, including increased concourse space and more concession stands. The increased space on the east side concourse will aid the flow of fans before and after the game, and the additional concession stands should cut down on lines so that fans can return to their seats quickly, ensuring they don’t miss any more action in the game!

August 19: Fan Council

Ever wish you could have the direct ear of Mizzou Athletics employees in order to improve your gameday experience at Mizzou sporting events? Well, 25 lucky Mizzou fans will have this chance as part of the inaugural Tiger Fan Council, a new initiative started this season. The council will consist of fans from all walks of life. This group will meet four times a year with Athletic Department employees to talk about their experience at Mizzou events and give important feedback. The diverse and unique group of Mizzou supporters will have the ability to communicate with Athletics staff in regards to their Mizzou experience as well as have the opportunity to preview the upcoming season's gameday experience.

August 18: Going Green

Mizzou is increasing its sustainability and recycling efforts this year at Memorial Stadium in an effort to Go Green. After making an effort with "Zero Waste Weekend" during the baseball and softball seasons, the Department of Athletics has carried that effort over into football season. Fans can expect to see more recycling bins to dispose of their tailgate essentials around the parking lots, and there will be more throughout Memorial Stadium. Don't forget to protect our planet by recycling this season!

August 17: Family Restrooms

There is not a better activity to bring the entire family to than Mizzou football games. This year, we've added three family restrooms to the Memorial Stadium concourse to make sure that you spend more time enjoying the game with your family, rather than waiting in line at the restrooms. We want to make sure that both you and your little ones are taken care of during the game. Women have been and will continue to be some of our biggest Tiger supporters, but there was one specific group that was neglected over the years: new mothers. That changes this season, as three new lactation rooms have been installed throughout the stadium to give new mothers the privacy that they need to take care of their children.

August 16: Fan Primer

We realize that the best place to have information about services provided in and around Memorial Stadium isn’t always inside the stadium. This year, we will place guest service information at parking lot tents and emailed prior to the games. This is to ensure that everyone is informed and ready to enjoy their experience at Memorial Stadium.

August 15: MizzouGameday.com and @MizzouGameday

Tiger fans expressed the importance of technology and accessible game day information. As a result, we have a spot for you to get all of your Mizzou Gameday questions answered: MizzouGameday.com and @MizzouGameday on Twitter will be essential to the game day experience. Follow both of those sites for up-to-date information or any special or breaking announcements regarding your experience at Memorial Stadium. This will be especially helpful with weather updates and traffic updates. Following @MizzouGameday on Twitter will be the best method to get the most up-to-date information about what’s going on at Memorial Stadium.

August 14: The SEC Network

As the SEC Network launches today as the most successful in the history of television, you can expect to see an increased SEC Network on the Memorial Stadium video boards this year. It will be hard to not keep up with all the happenings around the league on game days this year with the SEC Network's presence in the stadium.

August 13: Additional First-Aid Stations

It's Oct. 11 and the Tigers are in tight, SEC-East battle with Georgia in a rematch of a memorable game in Athens last season. With time winding down in the fourth quarter, Maty Mauk finds a wide-open Bud Sasser in the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown. As you are jumping with joy, you slip and fall and scrape your knee. Don't fret – we've got you covered. This year, there will be increased first aid stations around the Memorial Stadium concourse.

August 12: Taxi Stand

It's Homecoming. You and all of your college friends have returned to Columbia to relive some of your glory days and watch the Tigers take on Vanderbilt. After the game, you want to continue reliving your college years by attending one of the many establishments in The District, but you don't want to walk. Don't worry! This year, there will be a taxi stand located at Memorial Stadium. So after that big Homecoming win, take that short taxi ride downtown and celebrate! The taxi stand will ensure that any of our fans can safely get a ride home or to any other destination at any point throughout the day or night. You will find the taxi stand at the entrance to our Lot G parking lot.

August 11: Secret Shoppers

As we continue to identify ways in which to improve, Mizzou Athletics will implement a secret shopper system that will be utilized to obtain information on the performance of service workers, concourse flow, concessions, and guest services.

August 10: Recalibration of Stadium Sound System

Have you ever been sitting in the stands and thought the music was too high, or too low? Have you ever had a hard time understanding what Randy Moehlman was saying on the P.A. mic because maybe sound didn't drift into your pocket of the stadium? Well, we're working on that. As part of the East Side Renovation, we have recalibrated our sound system at Memorial Stadium to ensure that the volume is just right in every area of the stadium. We'll continue to evaluate this system in relationship to the current structures already in place.

August 9: And Now, A Word Fewer Words From Our Sponsors…

Our fans are focused on the game! They identified a preference for fewer commercials on the video board and in partnership with our great sponsors, Mizzou Athletics will seek to limit commercials and create content that both engages and energizes the fans… we will, we will, rock you!

August 8: Festive Dining

Buying food and drinks from the Concession stand is a big part of fans' gameday experience. This year Levy Concessions will help increase our Mizzou spirit and serve all food in Black & Gold containers. Heck, you may even be able to wave around a French fry tray if you left your pom-poms at home!

August 7: More Parking Lot Signage

It's 2 p.m. on Saturday and you are trying to go to your friend's tailgate in Lot P. Only one problem: you have no idea where Lot P is. Well you won't have that problem this season, as we plan to have more signage for all of our lots around the stadium. So go ahead, feel free to enjoy your friend's tailgate without the hassle of getting lost around the Mizzou Sports Park!

August 6: New Paint

Nothing can freshen up an area like a fresh coat of paint, so in order to make some of our restrooms more aesthetically pleasing for our fans, fresh epoxy paint has been put on the floors and walls to freshen things up a bit. We're no Martha Stewart, but the fresh paint along with new fixtures should make the restrooms a much better experience for our fans.

August 5: Parking Pass Will-Call

In an effort to alleviate customer identified traffic flow issues into the parking lots, Mizzou will offer a will-call system for parking passes. If you are coming from out of town and need to pick up a pass at your lot, you will be able to in one centralized location, Walsworth Plaza at Mizzou Arena. That should save some major headaches for fans and ensure that they can get into their lots without an issue.

August 4: Fireworks!

You might remember when MU showcased pyrotechnics at the SEC football opener vs. Georgia in 2012, and last year at Homecoming. We received feedback from our fans that you wanted more fireworks, and we listened. Based on your feedback, we'll showcase fireworks at every home game this year! Mizzou will continue to create these memorable experiences and energize the crowd … so be sure to catch the fireworks at every game this year!

August 3: Improved Restroom Fixtures

Did you just drink the jumbo soda from one of the Levy Catering concession stands? Based on overwhelming feedback, we understand that cleanliness and functionality of the restrooms are important to the overall gameday experience. As a result, we have installed brand new fixtures in the Memorial Stadium restrooms, including new toilet lids. We want to make sure that every facet of your gameday experience at Memorial Stadium is top-notch.

August 2: Tiger Deck

It is widely known know that Tiger fans enhance the game day atmosphere at The Zou on a Saturday. With the addition of the Tiger Deck seating, it will give The Zou an even more intimidating feel. Fans who have tickets to the seats on the Tiger Deck will also have access to a new concourse with additional concessions and restrooms, which was identified as a strong need in the survey results. For more information on how to purchase Tiger Deck tickets and take advantage of these new amenities, please call 1-800-CAT-PAWS (884-PAWS in Mid-Missouri).

August 1: East-Side Seating

The massive construction project on the East Side of Memorial Stadium is changing the landscape of Columbia and the way Tiger Fans watch Mizzou Football. A brand-new club level has been built, featuring several premium seating options. State-of-the-art luxury loge boxes and club seats have been installed, much like the ones in the West-Side Tower and at Mizzou Arena, giving fans an exclusive and unforgettable game day experience. For more information on purchasing options and availability, please contact tsfpremiumseating@missouri.edu.

July 31: Truman's Terrace

A newly-created tailgating area named Truman's Terrace has been added as part of the new East Side construction of Mizzou's Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field. This location will give MU fans a unique game day experience where all of fans' tailgating needs are taken care of in the one of the most prime tailgating spots. The new area is located beyond the southeast corner of Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field, in the space formally known as the Amphitheater at Mizzou. This area is being converted into a tiered hillside that will allow individuals and groups to hold fully catered pre-game and post-game tailgate parties, making this Saturday tradition easy, convenient and fun. Truman's Terrace will be a specially-ticketed, secured site within the confines of the Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field footprint, meaning that only those with a ticket to the game and to Truman's Terrace will be allowed into the area. Patrons will have access to Truman's Terrace two hours prior to kickoff, as well as for one hour after the end of the game. Special features of Truman's Terrace include a TV viewing area and live musical entertainment, as well as a social lounge space with tables and chairs. A catered buffet is included as part of membership to Truman's Terrace, and an a la carte cash bar will also be available on site. An individual season membership is being sold for $200 per person. For more information on purchasing options and availability, please contact Brittani Price.



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