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Nov. 17, 2012

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Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Opening statement:
"First of all, Syracuse did the things necessary to win at the end, and I think anytime you come off a game like this you can go back to a lot of different plays throughout the entire game . We got the lead back late at the end. Their quarterback is a great player and we knew that coming in. They made the throws and did the right things to drive down the field. We had them in a 4thand 10 and they got that throw down the middle and scored after that with a mix up in coverage."

On James Franklin's status:
"I just got the word that he was dinged. Our trainers pulled him out. We'll see where it goes from here. I don't know which play it happened on. He's had a remarkable year. I've been doing this a long time and I've never seen a quarterback have all the things happen to him physically that he has had happen to him. It's certainly frustrating and we really for bad for him."

On the missed opportunities:
"It's frustrating but you can't do anything about it. You don't analyze it like that. We had our opportunities. They had two drives the first half, one touchdown and one field goal. We had negative yardage throughout at the day at different times and that's hurt us for a while now and we're trying to fix that the best we can. We have issues there and I know it. The kids are battling. We have to do better and I have to do a better job coaching."

On Senior Night:
"That's the hardest thing for me. The fan turn out tonight was awesome for them. That stings and it's real difficult, but that's part of my job."

On Corbin Berkstresser's play:
"I thought he did some good things. He made some throws and put us in position to score. We changed a little bit of what we do, but he still did a good job. He drove us down for a touchdown and drove us down for a field goal after we got that interception."

On Kendial Lawerence's play:
"Kendial's been like that all year. He had several times where guys would dive at his feet. If he could have gotten just one crease he could take it. He had some great runs and that's the kind of year he's had. He's battled."

On looking forward to Texas A&M:
"This is a difficult loss, but we have to wake up and get going. It's always difficult, but we have to get up and go back and battle. Obviously we're playing a very good football team that's on a roll and has had a great year."

Coach Pinkel | Syracuse Coach Doug Marrone | Syracuse Players

MU Player Quotes
WR Dorial Green-Beckham
On if the Syracuse defense readjusted after how well the Mizzou offense played the first few drives of the game:
"They did a lot of different things. Man (coverage) and all that but we still had the opportunity for receivers to get open."

On not being able to convert on short third down in the second half:
"We just have to get those. Third and one and third and three, we have to make those plays We have to fight through that and get those yards to get a first down."

On if the team has enough in the tank to win at Texas A&M:
I feel like we still have a lot in the tank for us to go out and get this one (win) against Texas A&M."

WR Jimmie Hunt
On the loss:
"Right now we are just going to reflect on this and get ready for next week."

On not converting key short yardage third downs in the second half:
"That's extremely frustrating. We always want to score. First and second quarter we converted on our third downs. Then you get to the second half and we can't finish. It's real disappointing."

LT Elvis Fisher
On losing on senior night:
"I'm sad this was my last game at Mizzou but I have been a part of some great wins here."

On the impact of Mizzou's penalties:
"I think penalties killed us, mistakes killed us. We got a lot of dumb penalties."

DT Jimmy Burge
On the play of his teammates:
"I couldn't ask anymore from my teammates, they gave it all they had."

On the team's mood after the loss:
"A little bit of sadness. Over the years I have gotten really close with the guys on the D-Line and I know they wanted to get that one for me."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Syracuse Players

Syracuse Head Coach Doug Marrone
On his team's early struggles:
"Coming in I knew we were going to have to withstand all the emotion, especially early on. It was a very, very, physical game out there and both teams really went after each other. Early on, some critical things went on. They made a good call to go up seven. Then we dropped the ball and went down 7-3. Then they come back down and scored again to make it 14-3. Now all of a sudden it's first and goal at the four in a 14-3 game and we were just trying to hang in there as best we could."

On getting better as the game went on:
"They went up 17-3. The next possession, we came back and made it 17-10. At that point, it becomes a battle. At the end of the second quarter, I just wanted to get back in so we could get some adjustments done knowing we were going to get the ball first. We worked our butts off - and that's really what this team is all about. There was some adversity late with the turnover, the same kind of stuff that hurt us early in the season, but our defense came in and held them to a field goal."

On playing Mizzou:
"Credit to Missouri, they did a nice job. They made some plays in the B gap offensively and hit some plays on the perimeter against our pressure. They were working early on some good match-ups that they had, especially on our underneath coverage. They did a nice job."

On trusting his offense late in games:
"When we have time on the clock, with the way Ryan's playing (QB Ryan Nassib), and the connection with Alex Lemon and the rest of the receivers, we have a chance. I like our offense, I like what we're doing."

On his team's performance:
"I can't tell you how proud I am of these kids and their leadership. When you look in their eyes, you can see the confidence building in them and right now we're a very happy football team."

On becoming bowl eligible:
"We're happy in that this game made us bowl eligible. We're really not talking about the bowl games and all the other stuff that go with a sixth win. We're excited about this win, and we're going to celebrate this win. Then we'll put our minds together and go about the next game because that's what the formula we've been trying to instill in this football team is - focus on the next play."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Syracuse Coach Doug Marrone

Syracuse Players
LT Justin Pugh
On the magnitude of the win:
"It was a huge win, coming out to a hostile environment, against a very good Missouri team. We just wanted to stick together, all 11 guys and play together. And in the second half we wanted to win this game."

On how his team doesn't give up:
"That has to do with our coach, he's always pushing us and it is rubbing off on us, giving us that fighting mentality, we do not give up."

His reaction after the go-ahead score:
"To be honest I did not even see it, I just heard the crowd go silent. The whole fourth quarter it was like a church in there. I didn't hear anything, I would look around and wonder, 'are there 70,000 people in here? I can't here anything.' Hats off to our defense and our front line for keeping the crowd out of it. Great team win."

On not letting up a sack:
"It's just everyone doing their job like always. Running backs running hard allowed us to have some play action, and Ryan got the ball out so quick. We made great decisions with the wide receivers getting open and making big plays. I can't wait to go out and play with them next week."

On getting the fourth down:
"We play 'One Play at a Time,' it is our motto. That's a sign we have hanging around our complex. And we cannot let the last play affect us, do your job every play and you will have success."

QB Ryan Nassib
On the fourth quarter heroics:
"It was fun; we have fun silencing crowds like this. We have been there before and fortunate enough to make the plays to put us ahead."

On Lemon's fourth quarter touchdown:
"Actually no, the play we had called with the defense they ran, it was like a sign from god. That was exactly what we wanted against that defense, so we got lucky and coach made a great call."

On his targets to Lemon:
"My reads took me to there; he is a playmaker, you go to him if you are in need of a big play.  He has been like that all year and has not proved me wrong all year."

On what this game means to him:
"It was big, coming into an away stadium. Our sixth win, bowl clinching win, that we won in the last 2 minutes is definitely something special. The past two weeks have been special wins."



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