Missorui vs. Florida Football Quotes



Nov. 3, 2012

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Missouri Players and Coaches Quotes

Redshirt Senior LB Will Ebner

On keeping Missouri in the game:
"We kept getting the ball back but we gave up too many big plays. We gave up a first down on a long screen and one touchdown on a long run. We put those losses on our backs because we allowed them to score more points than our offense score. That's our rule of thumb."

On taking the blame:
"It's the game. It's what you have to do if you want to win. We are never going to blame someone else. That's what makes a team a team. You have to have each others backs. We know it was our job. We shut them out in the first half, why couldn't we do it in the second half?"

Junior DB E.J. Gaines

On keeping up the effort when offense production was lacking:
"We played defense, that's what we do. We can't really control anything the offense does. All we can do is have faith in what they do and what Coach (David) Yost has planned for them."

On being frustrated with the offense not getting points:
"It's frustrating but we have to keep our poise. We can't control what they do. Anytime you lose it's tough on the whole team, not just the offense or the defense.

Redshirt Senior OL Elvis Fisher

On offensive struggles:
"It's just not finishing. I felt like we drove the ball well today and that our offensive line showed up to play. We put in good plays but good teams are going to get you a couple times. You have to capitalize on times that they don't get you. They capitalized, and we threw a couple picks. I thought we played a pretty good game but they are a good team though. We can't give up any more mistakes against a good team."

Junior QB James Franklin

On what led to offensive breakdowns:
"We just couldn't get any completions, and that's about it."

On defense taking the blame:
"I know they are trying to have my back, but we can't turn the ball over four times."

Florida Players and Coaches Quotes

Sophomore QB Jeff Driskel

On not seeing a lot of evidence of an explosive offense:
"We haven't taken many shots this year because we haven't had to. When you have a defense that plays like our defense does you just focus on not turning the ball over. We turned the ball over a lot against Georgia and ended up losing. We've held the ball for the rest of the games, and we've won them. It comes down to taking care of the ball and taking shots when they come. We had one today, the one over the top to Frankie (Hammond, Jr.), but unfortunately we had a holding call that brought it back. When you've got a defense like that, just don't force it."

On any panic on the sideline at the end:
"I knew that we have a good enough offense to hold the ball, if it comes down to us with three minutes to go. Or I know that our defense is going to stop them, so we didn't have any panic on the sideline or any second guessing."

RS-Junior OL Jonotthan Harrison

On offense frustrations:
"It gets frustrating but the key is to not let it overrun me, and just to keep fighting through it because not everything is going to go your way not everything is going to go as planned. You just have to realize that not everything is going to be perfect and you just have to keep fighting through."

On the importance of protecting the ball this week after six turnovers against Georgia :
"It was really important. It was emphasized at every practice and every meeting that we had, the coaches made note of it."

On the first half:
"I can't really make excuses for that, I just feel like there were key mistakes here and there, I can't really point out any position until I watch film. We didn't come out as fast as we wanted to, but we're just going to have to keep working hard. "

RS-Senior DL Omar Hunter

On the attitude of wanting the game on their shoulders:
"It's fun. I told (Dominique) Easley and Sharrif (Floyd) that I enjoy being their teammate because they bring so much excitement and fun to the game and they keep everyone going. Matt Elam, too. Those guys are special. They make you want to play and want to be in those situations."

Will Muschamp, Florida Head Coach

Opening statement:
"Four turnovers were obviously critical in the game and the four-man rush was working when we pressured early through rush lanes to the quarterback. He (James Franklin) is a fantastic quarterback and a guy that can do a lot of things as far as running, throwing and keeping a lot of plays alive so that was disappointing, but the effort, attitude and resolve of this football team is a good as I have been around. They are guys who accept the challenge and accept the opportunity and go after it and it is not always pretty, but that credit goes to them. Just a lot of resolve on the football team with guys who continue to fight, continue to show their effort, their heart, their togetherness and that was a real question when I came in. I want to credit our staff for hanging together and understanding it is a team win and that we win together and we lose together. I know one thing; no one is questioning the character in that locker room right now."

On being the 12th Florida team to finish a season 7-1 in the SEC:
"At the end of the day, I took this job fully understanding the expectation is to go to Atlanta and win a championship. I have made my comment about that and your season if that is not accomplished. We made strides and we are not where we want to be, but we won the close games this year. Last year we were in games and had opportunities to win games and didn't get it done."

On coming from behind to win:
"I just don't think that they ever blink. They understand the circumstances and understand what we have to do because there is a very calm demeanor with our staff and our guys understand what it takes to win the game and what we need to do. Something we talk about is game time situations and practice it constantly even during game weeks whether it be situations before the half or end of game."

On the defense leading the way:
"I think that is something you drill into your player's heads 365 days a year and in all my years as defensive coordinator, regardless of the circumstances our job was to make stops. I always tell them that they are the firemen and they have to go put the fire out no matter how bad it is blazing, go put it out. When you go onto the field your job is to stop them and that is something that is not just talked about during the week of a game, we talk about that in January. It is an opportunity for greatness when you have to make a stop on the goal line. If you want to be great, be put in that situation and do it."

On everyone doing their respective jobs:
"We have to do what we have to do to win the game. Our guys don't panic, our guys don't get flustered, and they just go out and play the game. They do what they are supposed to do to play within the scheme and the system and they play for each other. They have a very strong bond within the locker room, they really do."

Opening statement:
"Florida did a great job and did what was necessary to win. I'm proud of our team - we battled. It was just one of those games where we had the chance to drive and tie the game at the end and we made probably too many mistakes. A lot of things happened in that game. We missed a field goal on the seven-yard line, in a position to score. We threw an interception, and those were two scoring opportunities that came with no points, against a great team like that, you're going to suffer for it. There were a lot of good things, but it was obviously very frustrating."

On the consistency of the offense: "First of all, (offensive lineman) Justin Britt is out. With the offensive line issues we have, it's absolutely staggering and it affects absolutely every single thing that we do and I thought our guys battled against a great defensive line. We had opportunities. James [Franklin] threw a few picks - the first two picks were just from throwing and a few just sailed on him, and that's just a guy that has not practiced consistently enough over the last two months. The last one at the end, he tried to make a play at the end, and the only poor decision was that he threw it to the linebacker. I thought he did a lot of things, great things, moved the ball against a really, really good defense and with huge offensive line issues. I'm very disappointed about the blocked field goal."

On the moving the ball down the field:
"I thought we did a great job of calling plays. We had all these plays in the red zone where we just didn't convert on them. That team is one of the best defenses in the nation and we've been struggling so much, and even with Justin [Britt] out we're still battling. That was one of the best we've moved the ball this year, for sure. Hopefully we build on it."

On the defense keeping them in the game:
"Good defenses do that, and that's what their defense did, too. That's what good defenses do: they give your offense the opportunity to get back in it, and that's what we did. Our defense is good and they played well."



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