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Oct. 13, 2012

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Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Opening Statement:
"First of all, congratulations to Alabama. I felt going into the game, I was watching film last week, that they are one the best teams I've ever seen since I've been coaching. Time will tell as it goes on, but they're a team that doesn't really have any weaknesses. That being said, I'm disappointed how we played. We had the weather delay, and then I felt after that, we competed a little better. At the very end, our defense did some very good things. We moved the ball a little bit. But then again, against that defense that gives up seven points a game, we had our struggles like everybody does. We kept our defense on the field too long at the end. The lesson's learned, and it's a good time to get a break. I'm looking forward to trying to get this football team better."

On the impact of Lacy's 73-yard touchdown run:
"Well, it's a play. I don't think you pitch a tent and go home. It's like anything else. You have to make plays. They did a good job and out-executed us. It was obviously Alabama and a great play."

On the weather delay:
"We were told prior to the scenario with the SEC, and I thought they handled it very well. We had a 30-minute window and then 10-minutes when we'd be able to warm up and then go out and play. Then they asked Nick (Saban) and me to decide about halftime and how we wanted to handle it. We went out there and talked about it. We said let's treat it like an overtime with a five-minute segment and then go from there. That's what we ended up doing. I thought our team handled it okay, and it's just like anything else. You have to deal with it - those things happen."

On this loss being about what Alabama did or what Mizzou didn't do:
"Alabama's a great football team. They dominate everybody they play. That being said, I still think we should have played better. That's my feeling. With our youth up in the offensive line now against that defensive front, it's presented remarkable problems. But after this, I will not talk about injuries the rest of the year. Okay? I told our football team we've had a lot of issues. We have a backup quarterback and all this other stuff, but from this point on, I don't care. We're going to move on and try to finish the season the right way."

On Berkstresser's performance:
"I thought he did a lot of good things. He had three third-downs throws that were dropped. When he had the play in the when we got that break to L'Damian (Washington), we got the ball down inside the 10. And then there, an experienced quarterback sees the defense they present to us and it wasn't complex. He just wanted to score a touchdown so bad he holds onto the football. An experienced quarterback within one second touches the ball and it's gone and you kick a field goal. And he knew it right after he did it. We lost 60 rushing yards, but anyway, it's a part of the deal. With a young quarterback in that kind of environment against those kind of people on defense, I thought he did a lot of good things. When you play somebody like this, you can't give them a short field. You can't turn the ball over. You can't get a punt blocked. You just can't do things to beat yourself, especially against a team like that. You have to do everything right and we got a kickoff return for a touchdown, which was awesome. We came back and battled back. We have to play better."

On Alabama success on the ground:
"We didn't tackle well, especially in the first half. We just missed tackles. You're not locked in enough. You're making them bigger than what they are even though they're pretty good. So, give them credit. When you watch all the film, they dominate everybody they play, and they've played some pretty good football teams, too. We played some pretty good football teams. We played three teams in the top 10, including the No. 1 team in the nation. But we have to get better."

Coach Pinkel | Alabama Coach Nick Saban | Alabama Players

MU Player Quotes
DT Sheldon Richardson
On how big of a knock down Lacy's TD was on the second play from scrimmage:
"It wasn't a punch for us really, we just tried to bounce back and stay grounded as a defense as best as we could."

On team coming out and playing better after play was suspended for lightening:
"Nothing really changed effort wise. We just came out and executed our plays better. That was that."

WR T.J. Moe
On how the team came out and played much better after the delay:
"I don't know what exactly it is. But that is a really good football team. I wouldn't say we weren't trying. We came out and didn't really play our very best, but we certainly played better halfway through the second quarter and on. Sometimes it just happens like that."

On how big momentum is in a football game, especially versus big-time opponents:
"It happens a lot. I mean look at what (Marcus) Murphy did. He put us back into it and gave us a fighting chance. It was 28-10 for a little while and that play made it a little more respectable of a game. That play changed the game in our favor a little bit to the point where our defense started playing better and the momentum was kind of on our side. So yeah, momentum is a big deal, just look at them after their second play of the game."

E.J. Gaines
On if it can be frustrating that the defense is out on the field for so much of the game:
"It can be a little frustrating at times, but we are a team, so if that's what we have to do, then that's what we have to do. As a defense, we just need to play better as a whole when we are on the field."

On whether or not Alabama was the toughest team he's ever seen:
"I mean they're definitely at the top of the list. My freshman year we played Oklahoma, and they were good too. The No. 1 teams play like they are the No. 1 teams in the nation. That's just how it is."

QB Corbin Berkstresser
On sack/fumble at the end of the 2nd quarter down in the Red Zone:
"We definitely had some missed opportunities in the game, and as far as the fumble, that was my fault. I just didn't see the backside blitz coming. I'll take that blame on myself right there."

On Alabama being a great team but Mizzou not coming out with enough fire to start game:
"They were definitely a great team out there. Obviously they are the No. 1 team in the nation, but we needed to come out better (in the 1st Quarter). As a team, but mostly myself, I need to come out and play better early."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Alabama Players

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban
On team's overall performance and expectations:
"You know we had a pretty straight-forward message to our team: How important is the season to you? It's not what you can do, it's not the potential that you have. It's what you do. What you do with your effort, your toughness ... we had good intensity, good sense of urgency, right mental energy. We have been a very good team and this game was, in some ways, the epitome of that."

On group effort:
"Everybody has a responsibility to be all that they can be and play to their full potential - that's what we're trying to get this group to do on a consistent basis."

On how Alabama handled Missouri's defensive penetration:
"I think they did a great job. I really think we executed extremely well in the beginning of this game, and they were doing those things then. We ran the ball effectively on the perimeter - probably didn't do quite as well when we came back out, but I think we got control of the game and I was really happy with the way we executed. And for the conditions, I thought we caught the ball really well."

On how weather conditions affected the offense's run game:
"I think that for the conditions, I was pleased with the balance that we had. Especially once we got ahead in the game, it was kind of crazy to go out there and toss the ball around when it's pouring down rain; ball's wet, difficult to handle. At that point in the game, 28-0, we got a little more conservative and ran a little bit more."

On defensive performance:
"The one thing that I think helped us was the pressure on the quarterback and getting some sacks at critical times in the game. The couple turnovers were very helpful."

On whether Missouri can compete in SEC play:
"I think Missouri is ready for this league. I think they have a lot of guys injured... their quarterback is a very, very good player. Certainly has a lot of experience running an offense and he wasn't able to play today. Although I think the backup guy's done a really good job for him, they have several guys hurt on the offensive line. They're very well coached, Gary's done a great job here. They certainly can compete in our league. I don't think we could compete very well if we lost key players in key positions, we're fortunate that we're able to overcome the guys that we lost."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Alabama Players
LB Jonathan Atchison
On being disappointed with the team performance after halftime:
"We shouldn't have had any letdowns. We just try to come out like we did but we really didn't. We just tried to finish up stronger than we did when we come back out."

On initial thoughts when quarterback AJ McCarron went down:
"First I thought of the worse thing, but then I saw him moving around. He came back, so I think he was fine. But when he first came down I was like 'Aw man, another person is down.' I saw him grab his knee, so I was hoping it wasn't his ACL."

On what it means to the team after the 73-yard touchdown run on the second play:
"It's a lot of momentum when a guy does things like that. It could change the game. It really pumped us up and got us going. They had their crowd behind them so when that happened, it got us going and he made a great play for us."

WR Kenny Bell
On the stormy conditions at Memorial Stadium:
"In the offseason we had a chance to practice in some horrible weather, worse than that. Coach [Nick] Saban prepared us for that, so it wasn't that bad for us."

On the performance of Alabama's Special Teams:
"We always say special teams [are] one of the main weapons we have on this team and we have to use that weapon. Special teams came up big for us today. [Christion Jones] and Cyrus Jones stepped up big for us today."

On being scared when quarterback AJ McCarron went down with an apparent injury:
"It kind of did but AJ is tough so I knew he was going to come back. We were ready for Blake Simms and the others to step up for us, too."

On his initial thought seeing McCarron injured:
"We got a lot of running plays [about] to come up. But we have confidence in our other quarterbacks to come out and throw the ball."

LB Adrian Hubbard
On playing conditions effecting team play:
"The defense, we're always playing the way we want to. The offense as well so the conditions don't really matter."

On how the Alabama defense attacked Missouri's offensive line:
"I wouldn't say 'out quick', we were able to get angles on them [though]. They're a very good team at what they do."



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