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Sep 7, 2013

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#14 Mizzou 35, Kansas 7
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Bass Drum
  1 2 3 4 F
Kansas 0 0 7 0 7
#11 Mizzou 14 7 7 7 35
Quick Stats
First Downs 12 21
Plays-Total Yards 60-141 72-397
Passing Yards 45 179
Rushing Yards 96 218
Penalties-Yards 2-15 9-117
3rd Down Conv. 4-15 9-16
4th Down Conv. 1-3 1-1
Kick Return Yards 6-87 2-40
Punt Return Yards 2-11 2-11
Punts-Avg. 5-41.4 4-42.0
Turnovers 3 2
Time of Possession 26:53 33:07
Stat Leaders
Passing Comp-Att Yds TD Int
Kansas - Webb 7-20 45 0 2
Mizzou - Gabbert 16-26 179 0 2
Rushing Rush Yds TD Long
Kansas - Sims 21 82 1 25
Mizzou - Lawrence 10 75 1 31
Receiving Rec Yds TD Long
Kansas - Wilson 1 11 0 11
Mizzou - Moe 5 83 0 37

Mizzou Players | Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell | Toledo Players

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Opening statement:
"I think it's a great victory. We're 2-0. They're a good football team, we said that coming in. They win a lot of games. Obviously, there are a lot of things that happened in the game, kicking-wise, and we had a turnover early that gave them great field position. They also had a couple good kick returns. Obviously, some good things and some things that we need to work on."

On putting the game away:
"I think we scored twice in a row there. You have to understand too though, that they got the ball at half.  We kind of had a scenario where with about 4:30 left in the third quarter, we had only had the ball for three plays. We scored on an interception for a touchdown. They got the ball back and had great field position out of that. There were a lot of little things that happened in the game that were unusual and you have to bounce your way through it. At the very end of the game, we just sat on the ball. We went for it on 4th-and-3 at a place where I usually don't do it. We ended up scoring on the drive and probably, momentum-wise, sealed the game at that point."

On ending the first half:
"We did a great job scoring at the end of the half. Then they get the ball and make a couple plays. Before you know it, they have to ball at the two-yard line. Then we get a great play and they get no points at all, which was huge."

On play of James Franklin:
"They were really overloading on the run and we said you have to throw the ball. He made some plays. The one interception he threw it to the right guy and it slipped out of his hands. Other than that he made a lot of plays. And he's a senior, he should make plays. He's got that kind of ability. He ran a little too hard sometimes and didn't go down.  We'll look at those things and hopefully improve."

On looking forward to Indiana in two weeks:
"It's going to be a huge football game for us. We'll get the whole game plan in this week with our players. We'll get double the work and preparation.  It's going to be obviously a very, very big game. Every game's a big game. It's not like baseball or the NBA. We have 12 games and have to take advantage of each and every one. We're 2-0, but we have to get better."

Coach Pinkel | Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell | Toledo Players

MU Player Quotes
QB James Franklin
On leading with his shoulders on runs:
"I like to throw a shoulder every now and then. It's always a last minute decision, but it's pretty cool."

On any momentum gained from leveling hits against defenders:
"I think it helps out a lot I mean obviously any time there's a big gain the team gets amped up so I thought it helped out a little bit I just need to be a little smarter."

On how he feels about the offense's progress through two games:
"We haven't been making bad decisions. We've been obviously running the ball, catching it, handing off, throwing it - things like that. We're making good decisions, as a whole, and that's something we want to keep doing." 

Sophomore WR Dorial Green-Beckham
On the receivers' size and athleticism helping the offense:
"That's a big part of our offense, having our big bodies go up against those smaller defensive backs. Just running up there and reacting to the ball and just making those plays and putting our body in front of the ball. Just making sure the defense is not going to be able to knock that ball down. We have to make those plays."

On picking up the offense from a receiver standpoint:
"I mean not necessarily. Not everything is going to go right the first two plays of the game, so we just have got to get our momentum back and really got to go out there and push a lot harder each. We just have something we have to go out and fight for every time no matter where, every down."

DL Markus Golden
On his experience playing running back in high school helping on his interception return:
"Just cut back. I don't do all the wiggling. I leave that to the little guys. So my move is just run and cut back if I have to."

On how the interception worked out:
"I just got off the line pretty quick to tackle. He had slid down so he was in the free lane, and I really was thinking that I was going to get a sack on the quarterback. The ball popped up, and just fell in my hands and I just took off running."

DB E.J. Gaines
On starting the season 2-0:
"Obviously playing in the SEC, you know every game is important so we need to win including the SEC football games. These games are just as important as conference wins."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Toledo Players

Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell
Opening statement:
"I'll just start off and say this. First and foremost, I'll give credit to Coach Pinkel and his football team. You know, I think their kids executed very well in some critical situations and, you know, at times I felt like today the ball didn't bounce our way. But what I saw from our Rockets is that I saw our kids continuing to fight. It's not been an easy two weeks and some of it has been self-inflicted. But the one thing I am proud of this football team is that we continue to fight, we continue to battle, and as long as we continue to do that we're going to be a darn good football team."

On whether he's worried about the team's confidence after starting season 0-2:
"Not this team, not this team.

"Well I just think the make up of this football team, I think it's been witnessed the last two weeks. You know you go down to the Swamp and your backs against the wall and our kids fight for four quarters and you go out today and there is no question a couple things don't go our way, you know the fluke ordeal with the ball slipping out of TO's (QB Terrance Owens) hands and pick six. But you never saw that kid quit, and you never saw any of our kids quit playing and so, I really think the culture of our football program right now here is our kids believe in what we're doing. Our kids believe in the coaches, our coaches believe in the players, and we continue to grow and continue to learn and it's a football game the last two weeks where there is no question you can't make mistakes and beat these kind of teams and we made some mistakes. I saw us grow tremendously from week one to week two, which is what I asked our football team to do. And at the end of the day, we have to continue to learn and continue to grow, but from a confidence in this football team, I believe in this football team."

On the performance of running back David Fluellen:
"Geez man, he's special isn't he? I mean No. 22 is a darn good football player and I think he's been the guy, probably most consistent player we've had of all our football players the last two weeks. And you know, it looks like there's no question he's a darn good back and he's got a chance to have a really special year. I am really proud of him. He's a guy that wants the ball, he wants to play on this stage consistently and I think he continues to show why he's such a special running back."

On the interception before halftime and the pick-six later in the game:
"The one before the half, it's kind of like one of those deals where we drive all the way down there and we have a chance to put some points up on the board and that was just a tough deal. I don't think TO meant to do it, I think he was trying to hit somebody in the back of the end zone and it was just kind of one of those freak incidents, but again, we come back and we are right there, right in the thick of things. We get the fluke turnover and now we are down, I think at that point, 15 points and we come right back, you know what I am saying? So yeah, those are big plays and you don't want them to happen and it's hard to overcome those things, but we did. We gave our selves a chance to win the football game after both of those incidents and that, I guess that's what I want to see more than anything. I want to see the mentality of this football team, and the mentality of this football team is to fight. I thought at that point, from a physicality standpoint and from a fight standpoint, boy, you can't question that of this football team."

On whether or not Toledo came away healthy from this game:
"Well, as it looks right now, it looks like we did. We didn't have anybody come out of the game and we didn't have any issues we had to deal with. You know, we are going to have to be really smart right now, we have played two games in 105 degree weather. It was really hot out their today, 93-94 degrees, and you know, now we have to do a great job of getting our kids back for next week. That's probably the biggest thing from a weather standpoint, but from a physicality standpoint a lot of credit goes to Rudy Wade, goes to John Waters, and goes to our training staff because they do a great job preparing our kids to be ready to play."

On controlling the line of scrimmage against two SEC schools back to back:
"We like it. I think that it was huge the last two weeks, I think that's two areas that have stacked up really well. One against a darn good Florida offensive and defensive line, and I would say that Missouri has got a darn good offensive and defensive line. Missouri has two great defensive ends, they get after the quarterback extremely well and then, you know, their offensive front, at least last week, looked like they certainly controlled the line of scrimmage. I think those are the two strong holds that you come out of the first two weeks of the season and you say 'you know, what? We are who we thought we were on the offensive and defensive front.'"

On whether the 59-yard kickoff return following the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was a jump-start:
"You need it after you have that fluke play, you know I think that was right after the interception, we are driving down to go score a touchdown, so yeah, you need it, you take it. I am just glad we took advantage of the opportunity, you know, and again it goes back to our kids and the fight. Bernard (WR Bernard Reedy) had a great return. We had some great blocks on that return, and it gave us a chance to put points right back on the board and it's great to see us fight back and score a touchdown."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell

Toledo Players
Senior RB David Fluellen
On Toledo's usage of screen passes:
"That's just something we saw on film that we were going to take advantage early. We just tried to go out there and execute it early."

On the performances against SEC teams Florida and Missouri:
"There are just some mistakes we're making on our part that can easily be fixed. (Missouri) is in the SEC, one of the best conferences in the country. They're two great teams. We've got to take our hats off to them, they're doing a great job. But we're taking a step forward week-to-week. We're getting better. We'll just take it for what it is and move on."

On the second half offensive surge:
"We made some adjustments during the second half and our offensive coordinator did a great job of putting us in good situations."

On the reading Missouri's second half defense:
"Like I said, it was more our mistakes that we were making. We jumped offsides a couple of times and we don't need that. We need to score with the ball in our hands."

On opening the season 0-2:
"Honestly, I think we're right where we need to be. Two years ago, we started off 1-3. Our goal is still in sight: a MAC Championship. We're still focused and we're going to get ready for next week."

Senior QB Terrance Owens
On lack of production in the red zone:
"There were a lot of missed opportunities today. You just can't turn the ball over in red zone situations. I feel like that cost us the game. We've got to correct those mistakes."

On the interceptions to Missouri's Markus Golden and Ian Simon:
"On the first one, the ball slipped out of my hand. The second one, I was just trying to hit a hole shot. It was just a physical mistake. We've got to get better."

On the turnover at the end of the first half:
"I was trying to throw the ball out of bounds in the back of the end zone. I threw it off the back of my foot so it was a tough throw."

On the team's thoughts at halftime:
"We felt like we had a good game going on, but obviously we didn't execute. You just have to score in the red zone. We need to work on that in practice: red zone situations."

On settling for field goals:
"Our defense did a pretty good job making plays out there. On the offensive side, we've got to take advantage of those situations. We got to take advantage of what they do."

On starting the season 0-2:
"Every opponent we play is going to bring us their best. Each week, we just have to do a good job of getting better and focusing on the situations we have ahead of us."

Junior LB Junior Sylvestre
On the defensive performance against Missouri:
"I think our defense played pretty good. We just have to execute a lot better on a few more plays. On a few plays, we lost contain on the quarterback. We have to do our job better."

On Missouri QB James Franklin:
"He's a good player. He made a couple of plays for their offense that we could've handled better."

On the 4th-and-3 conversion by Franklin in the 4th quarter:
"We just played the ball. They were doing a good job of pitching it to the running back, but we could've done a better job."

On the second half successes on defense:
"We made a couple of adjustments. We honed in on the blitzes and we got to the quarterback a couple of times."

On the lack of serious injuries through the first two games:
"A lot of players get injured in football. We are lucky and fortunate to have no injuries these last two games."

Comparing Florida's offensive style to Missouri's:
"They both have good offenses. Missouri runs a little more up tempo, but we were prepared for it."



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