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Aug 31, 2013

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Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Opening statement:
"In any game, there are things you need to improve on. I saw a Lot of things we need to get better at. I thought we had some adversity, which I think we created a bit. We want to give them credit, they did a good job early in the end of the first quarter and start of the second quarter. Momentum stayed on their side a bit then we settled down and I think we played a good rest of the game. I think we had some adversity, some of which we created. We handled it which was good, we kept our poise, made some plays and started executing on both sides of the football. A lot of good things out of the game. We are playing a very good Toledo team next week, it is going to be huge, every game is huge. We came out fairly healthy, Dorial bruised his hand and it was X-rayed and he is fine. We are healthy and that means we have a chance to get better, when you are healthy all the guys come out and work hard and improve at practice."

On appearance of first quarter jitters:
"You want everything to go perfectly, I know I do. I do not want any stress, by the way there wasn't any, was there? They made plays too, their quarterback was really good, he ran some draws, was quick and athletic and we hardly knew anything about the guy. So we had to make some adjustments on that and I think we did that. But also we drove down and turned the ball over, we missed a field goal that was makeable. Had an extra point that was low, it was not bad protection just a low kick. So there are four points we gave away. We intercept a pass and score a touchdown, then, oh wait, we have a holding penalty called on us. They get the ball back and also those six points are taken off the board and they had good field position on top of that. So you had that stuff happening, which wasn't very good and you have to maintain your poise and mental toughness and battle through it. I thought we did a good job of that, a good test for that. We want everything to go perfectly, but in my business that does not happen very often."

On Henry Josey Playing:
"Just for Henry, it was awesome. I have been around 23 years as a head coach, been coaching 35 years and never have been involved in giving a ball to a player because it is a team sport. After talking with the entire team, coaches, everybody we brought him in and got him a ball and presented it to him. The team ball was for his courage, determination, his guts, his heart, his will for him to come back when there were a lot of people who said he couldn't. It was neat to see him do those things. When we scored that touchdown, I said there is nobody who is going to catch him, which nobody did. The whole football team went down there, you don't think this kid is important to this team? It was a really cool thing to see. They embraced him to honor him on all of the work he has done to get back here."

On Russell Hansbrough's performance:
"I have been talking all through practice and camp about Russell Hansbrough and I have seen some glimpses, he is going to be real good. He is a different type of runner which is okay because every runner is a little different, and that style certainly presents itself. We have a lot of guys on offense that can make plays, most we have had in some time. And it is all about making plays. You can have a nice team a nice, "Rah-Rah" type team but you have to have guys go out there and make plays. We have some play makers; I thought James (Franklin) played really well tonight, thought he was very poised and really executed well, he is the distributor. We still have to execute better, and get the consistency better. There are so many things we can get better at, not only on offense but on both sides of the ball."

On Mauk playing a little in the first half and in the game:
"We told the guys that we were going to play him a little bit in the first half. We thought that was the right time but then we just got the momentum back and with a key third down, we wanted to play the more experienced player (Franklin). Fortunately he got to play a lot in the second half. It is our call, my call, Coach Hill, just to make sure we do the right thing and make the right decision."

Coach Pinkel | Murray State Head Coach Chris Hatcher | Murray State Players

MU Player Quotes
QB James Franklin
On how many receivers he had the opportunity to throw to:
"We had a lot of receivers catch the ball. I remember throwing to a couple of different guys. After I threw the ball, I kind of looked to see who I had thrown to. We had a lot of receptions from a lot of different guys and that's pretty exciting from my standpoint, just getting to see those guys get the ball."

On how important it is to allow that many guys to play during actual games:
"It gets them experience – especially some of the guys who didn't get as much playing time last year - they get to go out there and get stronger."

On how great it is to have Hansbrough and Josey out there able to play:
"It's really good because after they have a long run or have taken a hit, the next guy can come in and do just as well."

TB Henry Josey
On how his teammates made him feel during his first game back:
"We're a family – it's a true family here. I don't think any team around the country is as close as we are. It's just a great bond we have. We all love each other so much. Getting to see all of those guys has made it an even better run, just to be doing it with these guys."

On knowing he has Marcus (Murphy) and Russell (Hansbrough) to back him up if he needs it:
"It definitely takes off the pressure. You saw today how they're great running backs. I started off with these guys and I tried to get it going and they're coming behind me even better. It makes it so much easier for me and it makes it easier to keep feeding off of each other."

On if he was thinking anything specific during his long run:
"Nah. I'm just running. Just have to keep going with it."

TB Russell Hansbrough
On how they decide which running back goes in:
"It really doesn't matter. Sometimes we'll be on the sideline fighting about who's about to go in. All of the running backs want to see each other succeed and go out there and make big plays."

On Henry Josey's big play:
"It was amazing. He just came and broke out. I didn't realize he had that much speed. I was just really happy to see him do that."

DB E.J. Gaines
On how they prepared without having a lot of film on Murray State's quarterback:
"We watched a little bit of the spring game at Ole Miss and other things like that, but we really had no clue what he could do. We didn't know he could run as well as he could so in the second quarter coach switched things up a bit."

On how they're going to prepare for this upcoming weekend:
"Toledo is a good team. They've been good for the past couple of years; you can tell just from watching them on TV that they can play football. We're going to come in like we're playing the number one team in the country."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Murray State Players

Murray State Head Coach Chris Hatcher
Opening statement:
"I was really proud of the way we fought and competed all night long. That was something I was interested to see when you get on a stage like this- how the guys would compete. I know this year is a whole different team and we had a much different atmosphere about us than when we played Florida State. We didn't have the big eyes and for a quarter and a half we went toe-to-toe with a good SEC team. It was hot. It was hot for both teams and you could tell about midway through the second that we just ran out of gas. I don't think it was much about conditioning, more just us pushing on those big boys that Missouri had. I thought we fought well and we didn't quit. We missed a few tackles and turned the ball over a couple times, but special teams-wise I thought we played very well and that's an area in a game like this where the game can really get out of hand. I thought that we held our own in that area of the game. The first half I felt offensively we were able to do just about whatever we wanted to do. Maikhail Miller made some great plays for us with his legs and that's one reason why he got the nod during summer camp, but we made a lot of mistakes. 58-14. You are not happy about the outcome of the game, but I am happy with the way our guys competed throughout the course of the ballgame."

On whether this was a great performance against a FBS-level team:
"We were very good. We had Carson kicking the opening kick in the end zone. That's something we get excited about. We haven't had that since I've been here. We forced a turnover; we went down and moved the ball well, moved some good quick gains and then Walter (Powell) is Walter and made a great move and scored. Then they came back and scored, then we missed a field goal and they scored. We held our composure and went down and converted a fourth down. Ended up throwing a little special on their Maikhail made a great move and all of a sudden, we are up 14-13. From that point, we shot ourselves in the foot a little bit and you can really tell their athleticism and their size started taking its toll on us. It's like pushing on that brick wall over there for four quarters. Then at the end of the game, I thought we did a nice a job in the fourth quarter of milking the clock and getting out of there 58-14."

On the performance of Walter Powell:
"He is a really good player, and we were trying to get him the football. I thought our offensive line did well. Brady and Berry ran the ball well. Anything we called, we were getting positive yardage on it and then it just kind of stopped. The hardest thing going into a game like this is that you cannot throw the ball down the field very much cause you just don't have the time. So they figured that out, they were sitting on all of our short routes and then they batted a few balls down that we had some opportunities to continue some drives and that hurt us. They figured out what we were doing and they were able to stop it. We just couldn't hold them out long enough to counteract it."

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | Murray State Head Coach Chris Hatcher

Murray State Players
WR Walter Powell
On after the opening portion of the game and maintaining momentum:
"The opening we came out really strong, but we couldn't maintain by halftime. We were kind of fatigued."

On playing in the heat and its impact:
"The heat really got us tired quickly. I think I shed about three gallons of water out of me. But all in all, we've got to play in the heat."

On playing against a team like Missouri:
"We came out fast, we need to finish fast too."

On applauding Missouri's efforts:
"I applaud them. They came out fast, we were tired, our front line was tired. I mean, all in all, I guess they had more energy than us."

On playing in the state of Missouri, near his hometown of St. Louis, and seeing family:
"Not yet, I will after this. But it was real exciting the first half, got to come out, make a few plays and it was good to be back home."

QB Maikhali Miller
On how the beginning of the game opened for Murray State:
"I think we came out good, of course they are bigger than us, faster than us, and we got tired, but I'm not taking anything away from them. They are a great team."

On the experience of playing an SEC team:
"It was very good. I didn't get a lot of game time, but in practice, I've seen the whole other side of everything. It was good. I got my feet wet in this offense and we did a lot of good things."

On takeaways from playing Missouri:
"We probably won't see another team like that. They're big, they're fast and they're strong. We've seen what we can do with a team like that and I think we can take a lot from it, certain plays, certain situations.

On how Powell played against a team the caliber of Missouri:
"He did everything we practiced on. At the end of the day, we just got kind of tired. They are bigger and faster and they kind of changed it up on us, after maybe the second quarter or third quarter, ran a few different defensive schemes."



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