Post-Game Quotes: Mizzou vs. South Dakota State

Aug. 30, 2014

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Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel
On opening the season with a win:
“First of all, you’re exactly right. It’s hard to win, and you always enjoy winning. I don’t care. You go back and you say how you can make yourself better. You don’t sit around and mope about winning, you don’t do that. I think (South Dakota State) played really well. The backup quarterback came in and did a good job. I think they did some really good things, and I was impressed with how they battled. They could’ve kind of backed off a little bit a bunch of times. On the same token, a couple of big plays on defense, offensively we had trouble converting on third downs. On defense we had trouble getting off the field. A combination of both, that’s not very good. We had to battle back and forth, and certainly hopeful we can learn and become a better football team.”

On big plays by Mizzou:
“We did hit some big plays. That (touchdown) return was really something we needed. We had the ball for five minutes in the third quarter. We got the ball with four minutes left, and we had a three and out. The defense will be on the field plus the kickoff return going right back on the field again, it was just an unusual quarter how that thing came out. We did make some big plays on both sides of the ball, but we also hurt ourselves.”

On the play of Maty Mauk:
“I think he was right on the line out there with some protection issues that he had. Like I said, there’s a lot of things to look at as a quarterback when he’s throwing and we’ll go back and analyze that. If anything, I told the quarterback and the entire team first of all great win, secondly we have to feel the urgency if we want to do the things that we want to do, we have to feel the urgency to get better. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

On facing Toledo next week:
“They’re a really good football team. In personnel, they’re a really good team. They have a history of big wins in that stadium, upset wins. I know,I’ve been a part of them too. But again, it’s going to be about us. There are only two ways you get better - you practice better and you learn how to prepare better. I thought we worked hard on both, but I think the one thing we have to do certainly is practice better. Get the continuity on the practice field, play like you practice, and carry that over to the games.”

Coach Pinkel | SDSU Coach John Stiegelmeier | SDSU Players

MU Player Quotes
Sophomore QB Maty Mauk
Opening Statement:
“I thought we did pretty well. We came out fast and that showed. We scored in a minute and came down and scored again after that. We had a lot of inconsistency we have to clean up and that is stuff we can fix. That’s a good thing and we’re going to come in tomorrow and we’re going to get a head start on Toledo. We’re going to come out ready to play.”

On improving from Week One to Week Two:
“Especially when you look at what we did, there are so many little mental errors that are easy to clean up and that’s just stuff we have to do. We’ll come out ready to go.”

On Russell Hansbrough’s day:
“He looked good. That was the first time I’ve seen him healthy since he has been here really, so it’s good to see him back. (Marcus) Murphy also came in and was tremendous. I know they have a load on their shoulders and they are ready to accept that and they are ready to get better.”
On being on the road for the first time this season next week:
“I’m really excited. I’m ready to get back to Ohio and play a game. I know we’re ready. We’re going to have a great week of practice and we will not be taking anybody lightly and we’ll be ready to play. I’m pretty sure my whole hometown has bought tickets. I’m excited to get back and play for them, but at the same time, I know what I have to do and I will come out ready to go.”

Junior RB Russell Hansbrough
Opening Statement:
“We did pretty well today. We have a lot of work to do, but it was a pretty good game. We had some little mental errors here and there, but we will get better.”

On Toledo:
“It’s going to be intense. Every game is going to be intense this season and we are just going to have to come out and play Mizzou football.”

Senior DT Lucas Vincent
On today’s victory:
“It’s always good to go out there and get a win. As coach Pinkel says, it’s always hard to win. But I saw a lot out there that we can improve on before the next game.”

On South Dakota State’s first touchdown:
“I think that caught us off guard, we thought he dropped it. We were going after the ball and we didn’t execute our assignments that play.”

On getting past week one:
“The first game is always good to shake off the rust we’ve had. We’re not used to going against other teams other than ourselves. It was a good game to shake off the rust. ”

On the defensive line:
“Yeah the defensive line is going to be good. We couldn’t get a lot of pressure out there, there were a lot of three step (drops), a lot of outside runs and swing passes, but during the course of the season and in SEC play, there will be a lot more tough nosed football down the middle.”

On playing Toledo next week:
“We played Toledo last year so we’re pretty familiar with them. Obviously our coaching staff is all from there so it’s going to be a serious game. We know that they can go in and beat good teams.”

Senior WR Darius White
On today’s victory:
“It felt great, getting back into rhythm, getting back into the endzone. Out there with my team, just playing, it felt great. It kind of felt like high school for a minute there.”

On his two-touchdown performance:
“It felt real good. I was happy to get into the endzone. Thanks to Maty (Mauk) for just trusting me and putting the ball up there and letting me go make a play. I’m really thankful for him and having him on my side.”

On his first touchdown of the year, a 44-yard score:
“I saw them go Cover 2 and open wide up straight down the middle, it was money.”

On looking ahead to Toledo:
“We have a lot of work to do. Today was a great win, but we still need to get back in the books and go from day one, start from scratch. Toledo’s a great team so we’re going to have to go out and put out a big effort.”

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | SDSU Players

South Dakota State Coach John Stiegelmeier
Opening Statement:
“I congratulate Mizzou on the victory. I think that’s the assumption of what was going to happen. That’s not what we came down here thinking. I think they’ve got some really good athletes. I think other than big plays, we played some really good football today. We’ll come back and be a better team next Saturday.”

On Quarterback, Austin Sumner’s injury:
“He’s out 6-8 weeks. It’s a foot injury. His spikes got stuck in the turf.”

On how Sumner responded to his injury...
“He’s crushed inside and I’m crushed inside for him. He’s a leader. He’s had so much success. He’s a guy on our team that anybody on our team would do anything for more than anybody else.”

On Mizzou’s Marcus Murphy’s kickoff return...
“We kicked it perfect. I think we’re going to look at it and be able to say that there are some guys on that film that didn’t play that play like it was their last. Not that that kickoff lifted Missouri, but it sure didn’t help everybody.”

On South Dakota State making six defensive stops in a row at one point:
“I think our coverage was really good. I was disappointed in how much time he (Mizzou’s Maty Mauk) had. It’s a no-brainer. Don’t let him break. Contain him. We only pass-rushed with three guys at times. Make him step up where your help is. We didn’t do that today.”

Coach Pinkel | Mizzou Players | SDSU Coach John Stiegelmeier

SDSU Players
Sophomore QB Zach Lujan
On being called into the game so early:
“We have meetings all week and I’m in there just as much as Austin (Sumner) is so my game plan was pretty solid. I was a little too excited, so I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. In the second half it really calmed down and the game slowed down for me. This was my first game at SDSU so I psyched myself out. The more reps I got the more I felt like I belonged out there.”

On having someone like Zach Zenner backing him up on offense:
“He’s a two-time All-American and a great running back. He stands out at practice because he will not be out-worked. He’s one of the first guys in and one of the last guys out every day. He’s such a humble person and if you’re around him for even a minute, you can see that. He’s a great influence on the entire offense.”

Junior LB T.J. Lally
On the impact Austin Sumner’s injury had on the team today:
“It was heartbreaking. A lot of the guys didn’t know whether it was serious or not until halftime. He’s such a core part of our team and a good friend to a lot of our guys. That spurred us on and I think we all rallied to pick up the slack in the transition period of going to a new quarterback.”

On making changes on defense in order to get multiple stops in a row
“It was just big plays. The first drive was a little jittery which of course isn’t good, and we weren’t finishing on some big plays. We calmed down and really started doing our assignments. Our game plan was awesome, I thought. I was really excited about it going in and I think it showed for most of the game through the way we were able to pull them off.”



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