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April 20, 2013

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Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

On the scrimmage overall...
"I think overall there's a lot of mix and matched players, and I think we get a lot of work. The big thing is that you get the experience of playing in a game-type situation and for a lot of guys that'll carry over. I told a lot of them that you prepare for this like a normal game and then you evaluate afterwards, about your preparation so hopefully some players will do that. There's good things that happened and bad things but that's all part of the whole thing."

On sophomore Russel Hansbrough's performance ...
"Russell [Hansbrough] really looked good today. There's a lot of competition in that position; there's a lot of competition all over the place. Surely Russell has some great quicks; he's explosive. He's also at a position where there's depth but with the depth we have at tailback, if you can stand out, that's certainly good."

On how he evaluates this game and the spring as a whole...
"We evaluate this game, but we also include the other fourteen practices. What we do after this game is, by Monday, we set the depth going into August and then you start again and all of the competition in every position is still open. That's how we do things; that's how we've always done it and I think there's going to be a lot of competition well into the middle of August."

On how important it is for the quarterbacks to keep working through the start of fall camp...
"It'll be interesting when that sorts itself out, we'll have a one, two, three at least going into August for every position, but so much is the work ethic for not only the quarterbacks but for the entire team. There's so much to get done. I told our football team that when they get back in January, all the way until they report in August, as coaches, we coach them on the football field fifteen times. Months and months...we only get fifteen days, so the work that they have to put in on their fundamentals, at every position, not only the quarterback, the constant improvement on fundamentals is done with their work ethic and their extra work. The combination of working with the older players and so on and so forth...everybody has to do that but we'll eventually see where that goes. I think it's very competitive and I feel good about where we're at."

On quarterback Maty Mauk's performance...
"Well there are a lot of things going on out here. When we see an interception, `did the receiver stop?', `was he forced to throw the football?' You know, there are a lot of things that happen and you know obviously every quarterback is always responsible for every ball, but overall he had a really good spring without question and this experience will be good for him; he'll learn from it like everybody else does."

On James Franklin's performance...
"[He had] a couple of good drives and he engineered some things. Bottom line is, if you want to be a good offensive football team, you can't get penalties, you can't take sacks and you can't turn the ball over; these are all things that you're beating yourself doing and certainly you do the best to not make negative yards. If you do all those things, your offense has a chance to be successful. Traditionally, over the years, we've been pretty good at not beating ourselves and we have to get back to that. That's the rallying cry from my standpoint: Missouri beating Missouri a lot out there and we have to do a much better job at being a really good football team and we've got to be a good football team fast."

On the defense today...
We've been playing some really good defense. I am really pleased up front with us on defense. Michael Sam has had a great, great spring; Shane Ray has been doing outstanding; Matt Hoch...he's a different player. As you saw with Sheldon two years ago, all of a sudden you saw him a year later, you go `what the heck happened to this guy?' Well you mature and you grow, so Matt Hoch has done a really tremendous job also. We've got probably the best group of linebackers we've had. We've got a couple young corners and a young safety playing really well. When we decide the most improved, generally it's pretty easy, that guy is the most improved, but this year is one of those years that in almost every position there could've been two or three players and when that happens, that's good, that means you have a lot of players getting better and showing themselves in a good way so I'm really pleased with that."


QB Maty Mauk

On his performance...
"That was my first game since high school. Obviously I started out a lot slower than I wanted to. I had a couple bad reads but I finished strong and I'm excited about it. I know what I need to work on and going into fall camp, I'm ready to go."

On quarterback competition...
"I know we're going into summer ball and they said we're still going to be competing. They're not going to let us know until the first game, maybe. I'm excited and I know what I need to work on."

On switching units...
"That can be hard. You're out there, then you can get cold, and you're going back and forth. Keeping the momentum on your side is real tough to do. At the same time, we're competing so you have to do that."

WR Dorial Green-Beckham

On transitioning to college ball...
"The speed of the game moving from high school to college is a whole different aspect of the game. Coming in you just have to play fast, no matter what, and you have to go out there and show why you came here to play. I'm getting a lot more comfortable as each practice goes by."

On playing with different quarterbacks...
"I just see it as one pass. Once the ball is in the air, then you just have to play. It doesn't matter who is in the backfield. There are certain positive things that each quarterback did. Maty is a quarterback that's going to run. The others are going to stay in the pocket, but all of them are going to make sure they get the ball out to the receivers at the right time."

On responsibilities this off-season...
"I'm just going to keep working. I'm going to try and get better and better every day. When it's time for us to come back, I'll be better than I was. We're still going to have workouts and have ourselves in shape for whenever we do come back. We're still going to be active."

RB Henry Josey

On coming back from injury...
"I'm blessed to be back with my teammates. It's a good thing to be back here and I feel great about it. I wasn't tentative. I think about my injury a lot, but just being out here and not thinking about it was the biggest thing. I looked forward to the first contact I was able to get."

On competition in the backfield...
"It's a real big push. I got two guys in front of me that are awesome and are doing well. I got some guys behind me too that are also pushing me. All of us are motivating each other so it's bringing the best out of us."

On goals for this season...
"My main goal is to be a vocal leader. I lead by example a lot, but I need to be vocal. My teammates really look up to me and they showed a lot of respect towards me during my injury."



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