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MUTIGERS.COM Anderson and the Tigers meet Oklahoma State on Saturday.
Anderson and the Tigers meet Oklahoma State on Saturday.

Jan. 28, 2010

Columbia, Mo. -

Head Coach Mike Anderson met with the media on Thursday. Below is a transcript of his press conference before practice.


Head Coach Mike Anderson


On getting shots to start falling:

“We’ll keep playing basketball. We’ve got to get in a rhythm. I thought in the game against Kansas, Aldrich did a good job of controlling the paint. That’s when we started settling for jump starts. So with that being said we aren’t going to change, we’re still going to be an attacking team. I think we’ll play a little smarter that’s all. But I’ll take the blame for that, I didn’t make sure I had my guys in the right mindset in terms of what it was going to take to play (in that atmosphere). But that’s why were in practice now, we’re fixing that.”




On how to improve shooting:

To me it’s all about tempo and getting the rhythm, the type of shots. I think we got to get it to the guy who can put it in the hole. I think we’re an attacking team. We had some opportunities to put the ball in the hole. We hit some, and I think the whole game changed when they blocked a couple shots. Same looks as we’ve had all year, it’s just a matter of them going down. Our defense I thought was sufficient enough but eventually the defense is going to give way if you don’t score points, you’ve got to score points. We just need to get back to the style of basketball we’re capable of playing.”


On players thinking too much about shooting:

“They are still shooting so I don’t think they’re thinking, they just aren’t making them, that’s all.”


On preparing for James Anderson:

“I think we’ve got time, they are a team who has multiple guys who can shoot the basketball, especially from the perimeter. So one of the things we’ve done well at times is guard the perimeter guys. With that being said we also have to take advantage of some of the guys we have size-wise like Justin Safford maybe getting to the glass. And Keith Ramsey, making sure of forwards are a big part of what we do. When it comes to attacking the basket whether it be in transition or half court setting I think when you establish that inside of attacking the basket, it’s easier for you to spot up and knock down shots.” 


On Anderson and his skills:

Well I think right now not only does he shoot the ball well but he’s scoring. He’s getting to the free throw line. I think last night he got there around 12 times. I think he scored two points in the first half and he ends up with around 19-20 points. I think he is drawing so much attention that he is giving it up to the other guys.”


On Kim English’s shooting:

“I think eventually he’s going to knock some shots down. I think not only him but even the other guys. Sometimes it takes a free throw or lay up or mid-range shot or something to get you going. I don’t think we’re as bad a shooting team as the Big 12 stats show right now. I think we’re good.”


On the forwards picking up their offensive play:

“Well hopefully. It’s all about guys being consistent. We need our forwards to be consistent. I think Justin is getting healthier. I think Keith Ramsey continues to do things that are going to help our basketball team win. He’s become more assertive offensively, and of course he’s going to do the things defensively. It makes sense when Justin comes on that it makes us even a little stronger. Now consistency with Laurence Bowers, and again with our guards, we’ll get in a rhythm where somebody can knock some shots down. Shooting is sometimes contagious when you get one guy gets going, then other guys get going. Against Kansas it seemed like we couldn’t find anything. So we just got to keep guys coming, I think it’s a plus to have Justin he’s starting to get almost double figures in rebounds every game. That is huge for our basketball team.”


On covering a bigger guard such as James Anderson:

“We might have to have multiple guys. Hopefully we’ll play with the intensity we’ve always played with, especially at home. That means he’s probably going to make some shots but hopefully he misses more than he makes. The key to a guy like that is to make them work for it. I think the thing he is doing well is that he is trusting those other guys to make plays for them. It’s not only James Anderson but (Marshall) Moses. Moses is a guy that is making double-doubles for their basketball team.”


On the forwards playing better in Big 12 play:

“To me that’s a sign of a young team. Here one day and (down) there the next day. I guess the biggest obstacle, not necessarily an obstacle, is trying to put that all together. So now our forwards and guards can both step up and really play basketball the way they are capable of playing.”


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