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Dec. 12, 2009

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Mizzou vs. Fairleigh Dickinson

Head Coach, Mike Anderson Quotes

Opening statement:
“I thought the energy level was really good tonight. It started with our defense and when this team plays with that kind of energy and they are on the same page defensively, a lot of good things happen. Now the goal for this basketball team is to take that same kind of energy on the road. I think we have the pieces here. I tell the guys, it’s like putting together a puzzle with this team you’re trying to find the pieces that fit. And that’s why take some guys to the line just to see how they would come out and perform. A guy like Mike Dixon and Laurence Bowers, I thought they came out and they did well. There’s not a whole lot of difference in the talent level between the players. If we can keep these guys hungry and humble then I think we really got a chance to get better .”

On keeping Kim English humble:
“I think we will. As he continues to understand his role on the team, for a guy like that who can shoot the basketball, I think this is the ideal team to play for because you have to share the basketball and create opportunities not only for themselves but for everybody. When you’re playing that fast, and with that kind of energy, somebody’s going to be open. Matt Lawrence was a recipient of guys attacking the basket and he just spots up. Keith, his numbers may not show it, but he had some quality minutes tonight.”

On intensity in practice the past week:
“It was really good. I think there was some carry over. We have guys that play for us and they know hard it is when you play with the energy level on defense. It’s hard to go 4 or 5 minutes at a time. Somehow in some guys’ minds they paced themselves. For the most part tonight I saw guys really get up and get after it and then the next wave of guys came on and continued to play really good basketball. It created a really easy opportunity, but I can’t say enough about our defense. I think the first half took a lot out of Farleigh Dickinson. They had some guys playing 20 minutes where my guys were playing 10, 9, 8 minutes and were coming at them in waves.”

On the win as a 50th Birthday present from the team:
“It was good. We just got to continue to get better. We are a work in progress. I’m going to be our harshest critic. It’s one thing to play one way at home but good teams are consistent and they do it on the road. So we are searching for that consistency. So I can know what I’m going to get out of each guy. As you put the pieces together, I got to know what I’m going to get out of each guy, each night. Keith Ramsey, he may not show it in points but he’s very good. He’s very important to what we do, he’s always around the ball, loose balls, rebounds, he’s fixing things on defense. I think it’s just a matter of time before things to start taking place for him, in terms of scoring.”

On playing time for all players:
“It can’t do anything but help their confidence. The more guys that get the chance to play, the happier the team is, especially when you win. I’m not real happy yet but we’re getting better, we’re a work in progress. I want to see us really continue to improve and take that away from the confines of Mizzou Arena. “




Mizzou Player Quotes

Missouri vs. Fairleigh-Dickinson 12/12/09


Senior Guard Zaire Taylor


On not starting:

“I don’t concern myself with that stuff.  I can only play as hard as I can when I’m out there.  It wasn’t a main concern of mine. I just went out there and played hard.


On who stepped up:

“Mike [Dixon] played some real good basketball, and Kim clearly stands out with 20 points.  It was really a balanced attack and Laurence shot 6-for-8 from the field, so when you look at those three guys they really jump out at you.  Everybody shot the ball well.  Everybody, besides me was over 50 percent. We all played well as a whole. I don’t think it was any individual effort.”


Sophomore Forward Laurence Bowers


On what can be taken from this game:

“It gave us time to work on the stuff we needed to work on.  Coach always says every game is a big game.  It was good to get our freshman in, the guys that don’t get to play that much.  I think it was great for the team to get them in and get them involved.”


On how this game carries over to away games:

“We definitely don’t want to be home boys.  On the road it seems we play at the other team’s pace, we haven’t been forcing our will on the other team.  I think if we take the intensity from tonight and carry it over to these next few games, we’ll be ok.”


On the hot start by Kim English:

“Kim is always fired up, in general.  He’s an energy guy off the court.  It showed in this game, he came out and was lights out.



Fairleigh-Dickinson Head Coach Greg Vetrone Quotes:


On tonight’s game:

“Forty minutes of the fastest basketball in the world—we saw it tonight. They’re good. They’ve got a great team, and Mike Anderson’s a great coach. They’ve got a great arena and great fans. I’m hoping they win a national championship, so I can say we lost by 50 to the national champ. That’s how you’ve got to look at it.”



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